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Niki & Gabi & The Merrell Twins Have New Shows Coming To AwesomenessTV (Exclusive)

Niki & Gabi & The Merrell Twins Have New Shows Coming To AwesomenessTV (Exclusive)

There are new shows coming to AwesomenessTV from your favorite sets of twins!

JJJ is excited to exclusively reveal that Niki & Gabi will be debuting their brand new series Twintervention, while the Merrell Twins will premiere their show Mystery Twin Bin.

In Twintervention, Niki and Gabi‘s relationship will be put to the test and one of them will be crowned “Sister of the Year.” Coached by a panel of experts with visits from surprise guests, Niki and Gabi will have to face their problems to compete in a series of challenges that will either make or break their bond as sisters.

Mystery Twin Bin will see the Merrell Twins in for the surprise of their lives as Awesomeness sends Vanessa and Veronica a mystery bin containing clues and items for that day’s challenge. It will be twin vs. twin as they compete to win across six episodes.

Vanessa and Veronica will also be back for season three of Twin My Heart, where they will help new bachelor Nate Wyatt, from TikTok’s Hype House, find his one true love through a series of competitions and challenges.

Look out for Mystery Twin Bin premiering THIS Saturday (October 17), Twin My Heart on November 28th, and Twintervention on December 11th, all on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel!

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Vanessa Merrell Dishes On Her New Movie 'Switched' - Exclusive Interview

Vanessa Merrell Dishes On Her New Movie 'Switched' - Exclusive Interview

Vanessa Merrell‘s new movie Switched is out on digital and VOD now!!

The 24-year-old YouTuber and actress plays cheerleader Olivia in the anti-bullying film.

“I’m in a movie!!! 🥳 it’s called Switched and it’s available NOW on digital and VOD! Watch me play “Olivia”, Katie’s best friend (one of the mean girls 🤭) link in my bio to watch!! ♡ @switchedthefilm #LeadWithLove #SwitchedTheMovie,” Vanessa shared on Instagram on Friday (September 4).

Here’s a synopsis: Tired of being bullied, Cassandra Evans prays that her nemesis, Katie Sharp, the queen bee of social media, would know what it’s like to walk a day in her shoes. Her prayer is answered in an unexpected way when they get “Switched.”

JJJ spoke to Vanessa about the movie, her advice for people who are being bullied, and which Star Wars actress she would love to switch lives with.

Head to to watch the trailer and find out how you can watch!

Click inside to read our interview with Vanessa Merrell… More Here! »

Merrell Twins To Host VidCon Now's 'Night of Awesomeness' - Exclusive!

Merrell Twins To Host VidCon Now's 'Night of Awesomeness' - Exclusive!

We are so excited to exclusively announce that the Merrell Twins are taking on hosting duties for the Night of Awesomeness!

Vanessa and Veronica will host the VidCon Now event virtually on Saturday, July 25th.

The Night of Awesomeness will bring the worlds of AwesomenessTV and VidCon together as your favorite creators go head to head in a variety of iconic YouTube challenges and introduce new ones that will have audiences, laughing, dancing, and putting their pop culture trivia to the test.

“We’re excited to host VidCon Now’s Night of Awesomeness because we’ve been attending VidCon for six years and this year would have been our seventh time attending,” Veronica exclusively told JJJ. “We’ve always loved the idea of hosting and we’re truly honored that we were asked to host this year.”

“Being a part of VidCon, even if it’s virtual this year, is always a highlight of our summer. We love all the events that take place during VidCon and Night of Awesomeness is always a very fun time!” Vanessa added. “We’re so excited and looking forward to it!”

Other creators taking part in the night include Amelie Zilber, Riley Hubatka, the Coverboys, ATV’s Honey Robinson, and the Montes Twins. The evening will also feature special musical performances from JUFU, Avenue Beat, and more.

Fans will have the opportunity to donate to the NAACP, the largest and most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation, throughout the event. Attendees can also enter for a chance to be featured in the next tentpole event, “I’m A Performer”, set to air on August 22nd, by submitting a video of an original song. Submissions will open following the conclusion of Night of Awesomeness and run through August 16th.

Night of Awesomeness will air exclusively on YouTube, presented by M&Ms, on Saturday July 25th at 4pm PT / 7pm ET on VidCon’s YouTube channel.

The Dolan Twins Host Epic Twin Zoom Party With Other Sets of Twins - Watch Now!

The Dolan Twins Host Epic Twin Zoom Party With Other Sets of Twins - Watch Now!

Ethan and Grayson Dolan set out to have a really cool Zoom party!

The Dolan Twins scoured the internet for others sets of twins to have one big twin party.

Other twins featured in the video were Niki & Gabi, Brooklyn & Bailey, Chase and Alan Stokes, Lisa and Lena, Vanessa and Veronica Merrell, Lucas and Marcus Dobre, and Nick and Adam Buongiovanni, as well as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, because they look alike close enough to be mistaken as twins.

Gabi even said to the D’Amelio sisters, “Honestly, you guys look way more alike than Niki and I ever looked alike.” HA!

All of the siblings are quarantining with their twins, except for Niki & Gabi because Gabi was at Walt Disney World when the pandemic started to really affect the US, so she has been self quarantined.

During the video, the guys asked questions including which twin was older, which set of twins looked the most alike, and more. Watch the video now!

Merrell Twins Go Head-to-Head in Pop Culture Quiz - Watch!

Merrell Twins Go Head-to-Head in Pop Culture Quiz - Watch!

Vanessa and Veronica Merrell are going head-to-head!

The twin YouTube stars stopped by The Ellen Show to take part in a round of Pop Culture Dictionary, which tests contestant’s knowledge of pop culture from the past.

Veronica and Vanessa were quizzed on everything from 90s heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Punk’d to the Charleston!

READ MORE: Be sure to get the details on Veronica and Vanessa‘s new show Prom Knight!

Find out what the girls knew in the entire Pop Culture Dictionary episode here…

The Merrell Twins Try Learning Popular TikTok Dances In New Video

The Merrell Twins Try Learning Popular TikTok Dances In New Video

Vanessa and Veronica Merrell are attempting some of the TikTok dances!

The twins shared a new YouTube video where they learn a few popular dances on the app.

Among the dances they did were the “Renegade” dance, which took them about six attempts to do, “Number 1 Baby”, and “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

You can follow each of the twins on TikTok at @veronicamerrell and @vanessamerrell to see them take on more dances!

In case you missed it, Vanessa and Veronica recently revealed the poster and premiere date for their new YouTube series Prom Knight!

Vanessa & Veronica Merrell Announce New Series 'Prom Knight'

Vanessa & Veronica Merrell Announce New Series 'Prom Knight'

The Merrell Twins‘ new series Prom Knight officially has a premiere date!

Vanessa and Veronica just announced that the new show will begin airing on April 14th.

The series will follow a group of high school friends as they get ready for their prom. Find out what happens when one of the gal pals gets to attend with her YouTuber crush, Chris Knight!

“We are so excited for you guys to watch our new original series, Prom Knight! First episode airs April 14th on our channel!! #promknight,” Vanessa and Veronica wrote on their Instagram.

We can’t wait to see the series!

Earlier this year, the twins premiered season two of Twin My Heart. Watch it!