Brenda Song is a Twilight Fanatic

Brenda Song is a Twilight Fanatic

Brenda Song flashes a huge violet ring at the cameras as she attends the red carpet premiere of Twilight at Mann Villages’ Bruin Theater on Monday night in Westwood, Calif.

The 20-year-old Suite Life on Deck starlet recently admitted she’s a Twi-hard! She shared, “So I’ve been like an avid reader and I’m literally obsessed, like we were having t-shirts mad, I kid you not, and it says, Who needs Prince Charming when we have Edward Cullen! I’m not kidding! It’s sad that I’m in love with fictional book character!”

10+ pictures inside of Brenda Song at the Twilight premiere…

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Photos: Vince Bucci/Getty Images, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/FamePictures
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  • Jessica

    Aww Brenda is gorgeous!

  • bern

    brenda song rocks! some people even say that i look like her o_O

    the ring is a little weird though.


  • ryan

    yes bern her ring is weird but this girl is very pretty thanks jared for post new of brenda song =)

  • Mel

    ooh! i think she’s the first celebrity in that reads the book besides the cast of the movie.

  • brenda lover song**

    I LOVE BRENDA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM SO OBSESSED WITH BRENDA AND TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • brenda lover song**

    AND cute Dress, B!!!


    Brenda is very cute and i love her and her sense of style. So cute. She is my fashion icon.

  • gossip girl

    OMG!!!! I love Brenda’s sense of style. She always had such a great sense of style i loooooooove the black dress and the ring is cute and vintage. I totally want her closet.

  • vanessa

    omfg i love the dress this brenda has a great sense of style, and she very pretty i hope she will be more famous she seems very sweet!

  • Hales

    I love and i mean so admire Brenda, she is an amazing role model to young kids, a wonderful and so talented actress and performer and she is by far the most intelligent celebrity i have seen. I am proud to say that Brenda Song is my role model. I love her very much and admire everything she does. Thank you very much Jared for posting lovely pictures of Brenda at the Twilight Premiere and continueing to post lovely news about Brenda.

  • just dance

    She is gorgeous and beautiful!! P.s. i love her to death!!!! =) =) =)

  • nikky

    thanks i love brenda =)

  • kt

    Omg i love brenda! shes gorgeous and such an amazing role model!!

  • vanessa

    OMFG i love her dress this girl has a good sense of style i hope to see more news about this brenda song =)

  • Hatch

    LOVE BRENDA SONG. She looks amazing!!

  • Halo

    Brenda rox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is cute
    She is hot
    She is talented
    She is foxy
    She is smart
    She is a disney star
    And last but not least she is amazingly pure.

    thank u just jared so much for posting news about my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kt

    I love her style !

  • jonasbrosma

    She is too cool for my shoes, really great really great, fabolous i mean FABULOUS. FunnY London/Sharpay/Tesse mix up about the Brenda

  • gimme more

    Gimme more of Brenda, Jared. I love you, Brenda. You are amazing, gorgeous, pretty and all of that. When i meet u in heaven i wiill scream and jump on and down for hours showing my shock.

  • gimme more

    Just say’in! Plz ppl dont call me weird. I just love brenda.

  • 2

    Love Brenda! She rox!

  • June Waldorf


  • c

    Brenda Song rocks i luv her thanx jared so much

  • hart

    hi is joe cheating on camilla with brenda or is the media just fooled by thinking that that UGLY camilla belle is joe’s girl friend. brenda and joe are so a couple. the media are dumber than i thought.

  • kt


  • radar

    very cute i love her clothes as usual she looks perfect the girl is a fashion guru.

  • Dalal

    She dresses like a high fashion model. Always channeling high fashion and she always pulls it off. I admire her for that.

  • team brenda song

    Team brenda all the way.

  • jennifer

    Shes attractive pretty and is destined to follow the disney channel legacy. yay brenda

  • jennifer

    She is attractive, prettty and destined to follow the disney channel legacy. Miley did that alot earlier. Yay Brenda. I bet she has picked the rehab centre by now.

  • love

    i love brenda=)

  • cass

    SO Brenda is legal. Un believable she can drink, party and get boozed and she still decides to stay with the tweeny boppers. Am i missing something. She is like that blondie whatever her name is. Anyway she is darn hot.

  • wannabewitu

    Adorable girl.

  • mrsjonasbros

    She is in love with a fictional character. She is so sweet i am sure Rob wants her. I like the the fictional dude better than the movie dude. And yeah it seems like she is the only celeb outside the movie who reads the books.

  • mel

    BRENDA ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kewi

    brenda is gorgeous and 2 cute i love her dress and shoes and ring

  • hellen

    She seriously is the reason im gay i am in love with her and then turned my gay. not kidding

  • yaya

    I love her shows, movies, style, style, movies and everything on Brenda!!!!!!!! Beautiful and talented actress.

  • prada

    Fascinating. Cute and everything else combined.

  • aliana

    she look so pretty ! dude.. she can look pretty in any kind of clothes.

    Her hair look nice

  • cyndi

    so stylish! so FETCH from mean girls hh

  • princess

    brenda looks amazingo_O

  • leyton

    I love Brenda Song!!!!!!

  • bfan

    i love her dress she is always so fashionable. brenda fan forever

  • whatev

    stunning beauty

  • life

    She lost weight? Or gained or stayed the same?

  • kiki


  • kiki

    she is ………………………………………….

  • Kate

    life. she has always been tiny, but i think in her mid-teen she gained a bit of weight. then she lost them. and here she is tiny:S LOL. During the Emmy’s she went to, people thought she gained weight, but it was the dress. sometimes her dresses make her look pudgy than she really is.

  • elizabeth marinas

    brenda looks really cute in that dress and i love her shoes