Nikki Reed is GQ Glamourous

Nikki Reed is GQ Glamourous

Nikki Reed steps out in a strapless blueberry dress at the GQ Men of the Year party at the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Tuesday evening in L.A.

The 20-year-old actress attended the Twilight premiere on Monday night with her fellow cast-mates. Nikki recently spoke about most of the fans of Twilight not loving the fact that she was cast as vampiress Rosalie Hale. She shared, “I honestly was expecting people to be very excited that I was playing Rosalie. And that was kind of [not the case]. There’s a lot of people and they’re very vocal. And I think, with negativity, you only hear about the plane that crashes. I am that character now and I really don’t think anybody has an issue with it.”

DID YOU KNOW that Nikki wrote the screenplay for Thirteen – that starred Evan Rachel Wood and Vanessa Hudgens – in six days?

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  • michelle

    vanessa hudgens was NOT in thirteen, it was nikki reed.

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    she looks gorgeous i love her dress!

  • em

    Um, Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t in that movie… Nikki Reed was.

  • amanda

    love herr! and love her as rosalie. she has that spunk that rosalie has.

  • Just Jill

    Vanessa Hudgens WAS in Thirteen everyone. It wasn’t a big role but she was in it as Noel.

  • lj

    yea vanessa was in the movie with a very MINOR part

  • Sara

    I think she will make a wonderful Rosalie! She’s gorgeous and in all of the promos she seems to just nail the fury behind Rosalie. She also just… fits. This movie was perfectly cast, I can’t wait to see it I think they will all do wonderfully!
    Her dress in these pictures is gorgeous!!
    Oh and as other posters said guys…Vanessa was in Thirteen, it just wasn’t one of the two lead girls. :-)

  • mina

    it can’t be too easy to cast the mostly beautiful woman called “rosalie”. so, as long as she can act her part, i’ll take it. can’t wait to see the movie!

  • kara

    i hope you people saying vanessa wasn’t in thirteen aren’t the ones who comment her posts saying OMG SHE’S SOOOO PRETTY ZANESSA 4 EVER because i can’t stand her and even i knew she was in the movie

  • suzy


    Also clips of Vanessa in Thirteen

  • kenny

    i hate her. ugly, she’s seeking flame

  • (:

    vanessa was in thirteen.. i’ve seen it many times and she plays noel or something…

  • Miss Cullen

    i´m a Vanessa`s fan and I knew she was in 13, period.
    btw, Nikki looks great… but i used to imagine AnnaLynne McCord (90210) for the rol of Rosalie Harper :/ she is even more gorgeous and has a fierce glance. But now it´s done, right? :)
    hope the movie do well ^^

  • Maria

    I’m still “iffy” about the casting of Nikki Reed as Rosalie…I don’t want to make my mind up before I even watch the movie,but I don’t know…I’m not feeling her as that charater. Can’t freaking wait to see the movieeeeeeee!!!!!


  • michelle

    NIKKI ROCKS!!! My mom took my sister and I to see 13 in theaters and it scared me for days. We were young and to see other kids doing this kind of stuff was scary.

  • Amy the lovely


  • sarahbarah

    yes, vanessa hudgens was in the movie
    she played evan rachels wood’s friends before she was friends with nikki reed

  • rachell.

    yeahh i lovve nikki shes so pretty
    im meeting her on sunday >.<


    vanessa WAS in the movie
    she wasnt a main role
    but she was in there

  • Lovrob!

    They were both in that moviie actually! haha just that Niikki had one of the principal roles and Vanessa was just one of the girls in the school.

  • Kamo

    Vanessa Hudgens WAS in Thirteen and so was Nikki Reed, Vanessa played the Evan Racheal Wood’s friend in the beginning of the movie who gets ditched for Nikki’s character…it is kind of a blink and you’ll miss it role, but check the credits.


  • Talitha


    vanessa hudgens was in thirteen but just a small part ya know