Danielle Rose Russell Teases Just Who Hope Takes Out Her Anger On in 'The Originals'

Danielle Rose Russell Teases Just Who Hope Takes Out Her Anger On in 'The Originals'

Danielle Rose Russell‘s Hope is blaming Elijah for her mom’s death on The Originals in tonight’s episode.

“She’s definitely in the anger stage right now,” the actress shared with TV Guide. “Her anger obviously manifests itself in very explosive ways.”

And Elijah is in direct view of those explosive ways.

Danielle continues, “When she sees Elijah for the first time, really this entire season, she does end up taking out a lot of how she’s dealing with herself, with her mom and with him too. He didn’t mean to really kill her, but he ultimately ended up being kind of the nail in the coffin.”

She also opened up about how heavy her scene with Daniel Gillies, truly is.

“The scene itself is definitely emotional. There’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of hurt, there’s a lot of betrayal and sadness, on both parts — at each other and within themselves,” she says. “And you see that in the preview, Hope kind of explodes. But it’s very deep-rooted emotion.”

The Originals airs TONIGHT, June 20th @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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Ashleigh Murray & Madelaine Petsch Tease 'Riverdale' Season 3

Ashleigh Murray & Madelaine Petsch Tease 'Riverdale' Season 3

Riverdale season three is in the very early stages of production and we’re already getting a tiny taste of what’s to come.

Ashleigh Murray and Madelaine Petsch talked all things season three last weekend at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, where Madelaine picked up the award for Choice Scene Stealer.

“Our show is ever evolving, so sometimes when we have these really great ideas and we have these great plans, they don’t always come to fruition, because maybe something else might come along that works better. We do have some really great things in the works. We’re very, very lucky,” Ashleigh told MTV on the red carpet.

Roberto is so open to conversations about what we would like to see for our characters, which is very rare,” she added. “We have talked more about Josie and the Pussycats, and it’s one of those things where it hasn’t been an easy answer and we’re constantly working on a way to bring it back. It’s definitely something that our eye is on, that we want to try and revive. It’s just a question of how. I feel like there’s some really great things in store for season three. I have all kind of secrets that I can’t share.”

When asked about the chemistry between Choni and why they resonate so well with fans, Madelaine dished, “I think maybe because we’re best friends, our chemistry on screen is really good and dynamic. I’m not entirely positive.”

Madelaine‘s boyfriend Travis Mills also chimed in on what he would like for seasons three. “My whole thing with season three is if they could shoot in LA so I didn’t have to be away from her for so long. That’s it. Everything else can resume as possible.” Awwwww!

Laura & Vanessa Marano Open Up On The Importance of 'Saving Zoe' & It's Difficult Subject

Laura & Vanessa Marano Open Up On The Importance of 'Saving Zoe' & It's Difficult Subject

Laura and Vanessa Marano starred in, and produced, their upcoming film adaption of Saving Zoe.

If you don’t know, the movie is based on the book of the same name by Alyson Noel, which centers on Echo, who gets a very different picture of her murdered sister Zoe after reading her diary. Zoe’s secret world, forces Echo to uncover the truth behind her secret life so that she can start to rebuild her own.

“It was really important for us to paint a picture about how sex trafficking can happen to anyone, because it’s not something that’s talked about,” Vanessa shared in a new interview with Equality Now. “We want to inspire a young audience to make a difference and to do something about these issues.”

She also opened up about why they wanted their next project to be focused on teens and young adults.

“We wanted to gear it towards a younger audience, because it seems that it’s them who are paying attention,” Vanessa added. “They want to hear about the hard subjects…this is a generation right now that is screaming for information, that is screaming for change.”

The sisters’ mom Ellen, who co-produced the film with them, continued, “People do not want to talk about things like sex trafficking – they are very fearful about it. Denial is very powerful, so one reason to do this film was for us to stop denying what’s going on. That’s why telling these stories is so important.”

Ashleigh Murray Opens Up About Why She Isn't a Huge Fan of a 'Riverdale' & 'Sabrina' Crossover

Ashleigh Murray Opens Up About Why She Isn't a Huge Fan of a 'Riverdale' & 'Sabrina' Crossover

There’s been a lot of talk about a potential crossover between Riverdale and it’s “spinoff” series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

While some stars of Riverdale would love to see the shows crossover somewhere down the line, Ashleigh Murray is not one of those people.

“I’m going to say no. And I say no because Sabrina is a very different world,” Ashleigh recently shared, during the POPSUGAR Playground Scream Queens panel. “And I don’t know how, if they’re going to play into her magical-ness, and if it’s not just her that has that situation.”

She adds, “Riverdale is so based in this type of reality that I’m not sure that bringing the two together… is something that you could walk away from. If it would be a one-off thing, then [it might be] fine if they’re able to separate the two.”

But, Vanessa Morgan, is a bit more open to it.

“I would love it if it does take place in Greendale,” she shared. “I was obsessed with Sabrina growing up. I love magic, I love all that stuff. I would love it if we went over.”

Joey King Spills On How She Knew She Wanted To Be An Actress

Joey King Spills On How She Knew She Wanted To Be An Actress

Joey King peeks out behind a bubble in a photo from her spread in Rogue Magazine!

The 18-year-old actress opened up about boyfriend Jacob Elordi, growing up in the entertainment industry and her inspirations. Check it:

On when she realized she had IRL chemistry with Jacob: “I think after spending two months in the beautiful land of South Africa with both Joel and Jacob, it just was so clear how important they both were to me. They became my best friends and I would go to them for anything. But yes, Jacob is such a special person and being the Elle to his Noah was unforgettable. There was no ‘moment’ even though people keep asking us that, it was just so refreshingly natural.”

On how she knew she wanted to be an actress: “I’ve always loved playing pretend and I guess that was something I just never lost. Getting to professionally play pretend?! Doesn’t get much better than that. When I was in Kindergarten though, I wanted to be a chef….I know nothing about cooking.”

On how she navigates the cut throat entertainment industry: “I have such a good family around me who always remind me what was most important in life. I’m really thankful for that. Whether you are in your teens, adulthood, or whatever age group, there are always going to be challenges no matter what. Hard work, positivity, and Capri Sun are the 3 ingredients to having a good attitude towards it all.”

On who are her biggest inspirations: “My mom, my sisters, and my grandmother are the most inspiring people in my life. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. I have so many inspirations both male and female in this business. Just to name a few, Catherine Hardwicke, Emma Stone, Roland Emmerich, Jessica Chastain, and Octavia Spencer. I could sit here and list names of people I look up to all day.”

For more from Joey, visit theroguemag.com.

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