'Coop & Cami Ask The World' Reveals Premiere Date!

'Coop & Cami Ask The World' Reveals Premiere Date!

Disney Channel just announced the official premiere date for new series, Coop and Cami Ask the World!

Ruby Rose Turner and Dakota Lotus star in the new series as the title characters, and will hit the small screen on Friday, October 12th @ 8:30PM ET/PT!

In the premiere episode, Cooper and Cami are preparing for their school dance when they learn their mom is ready to start dating again, now that it’s been two years since their father passed away.

Much to their chagrin, her first date happens to be with their principal. Not sure what to do, they turn to the Wratherheads for advice, asking “Would you Wrather have your mom date the principal or take your mom to the school dance?”

In addition, a music video for the series called “Ask the World” will be premiering on September 21st.

Olivia Sanabia, Albert Tsai, Paxton Booth and Rebecca Metz also star in the series.

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This Picture of Lana Condor Helped Get Her The Part of Lara Jean in 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

This Picture of Lana Condor Helped Get Her The Part of Lara Jean in 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

A lot of times, pictures can tell us a thousand stories – but one picture of Lana Condor told just one to author Jenny Han – and that was Lara Jean’s story in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Jenny opened to Teen Vogue in a new interview about her love for Lana, who she was a fan of even before they met.

Turns out that one particular picture Lana posted on her Instagram helped her a lot in securing the role of Lara Jean for the Netflix film, out today.

“She posted a picture of herself at a soda fountain, a ‘50s-style soda fountain counter, and the picture was really pastel and all sherbet-y colors, and she was wearing a headband, and she just looks so sweet and charming,” Jenny says of the pic, which was taken in 2016, and you can see below.

The whole picture screamed Lara Jean to Jenny too.

“I think that she’s a throwback kind of a character,” Jenny says. “She likes vintage, she’s romantic, she likes Americana. When it came down to making the moodboard, I said that her style is like ‘60s meets ‘90s meets Asian streetwear.”

She adds that Lara Jean is “someone who goes to the vintage store to look for clothes; she’s also somebody who’s looking at Asian streetwear blogs of people just walking around Tokyo or Seoul or Hong Kong.”

Check out the pic below!

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These Shawn Mendes Fans Showed Up To His Concert A Year Early!

These Shawn Mendes Fans Showed Up To His Concert A Year Early!

We feel like this happens to everyone – you’re so excited about an event or misread the date and you arrive somewhere too early. It’s actually happened to us before, but maybe not quite this early.

For a few Shawn Mendes fans, they were so excited about his concert that they showed up A YEAR early for it!

Taking to Twitter last week, fan Bob Rice revealed that he and his family managed to get the date wrong, and ended up at the venue 12 months earlier than needed to watch the 20-year-old musician.

“So, we got tickets for the Shawn Mendes concert on August 6. However, getting here we realized it was for 2019. And we weren’t the only ones! We will be back next year!” he wrote with a selfie of the fam.

And it’s true he wasn’t the only one.

Another fan did the same thing: “sooooo @ShawnMendes I appreciate you selling your 2019 tour tickets this early, but my friends and I all just drove 6 hrs to Pittsburgh to the PPG Paints Arena to see you in concert,,, a YEAR in advance.”

TELL JJJ: Have you ever shown up for something this early?

KJ Apa Opens Up About Stepping Into 'The Hate U Give' Role

KJ Apa Opens Up About Stepping Into 'The Hate U Give' Role

Last summer, The Hate U Give re-casted the role of Chris after Kian Lawley‘s controversial past tweets were unearthed, and KJ Apa stepped in.

Now, in a new interview, KJ is opening up about taking over the part and what he learned from the upcoming movie.

“I wasn’t intimidated by it,” he shared. “I knew the circumstances when I walked into that film and I was picked for it. I knew what I had to do. I knew how to play the character, I can relate to the character.”

KJ adds, “All I was really worrying about is doing the character justice and being honest with it because it really is an important character in the film. Obviously, I was aware of the situation when I was on set, but it was pretty smooth runnings. It wasn’t as gnarly as people might think.”

He also spoke about avoiding being typecast with the role.

“It’s easy to fall into that trap, so the goal for me and my team is to always push hard for work during the hiatus,” KJ says. “Whether it’s like a small movie or a big movie. We’ve managed [to book] two amazing movies and The Hate U Give was awesome.”

Amandla Stenberg is amazing in it,” KJ gushed. “I haven’t seen the movie, but all I’ve heard about it is that it’s a really important film that I’m so happy to be a part of and I can’t wait to be able to see it.”

The Hate U Give opens in October.

Joey King Says Watching Her Instagram Follower Numbers Skyrocket Is 'Crazy'

Joey King Says Watching Her Instagram Follower Numbers Skyrocket Is 'Crazy'

It seems like just the other day that Joey King was celebrating 2 million followers on Instagram, which quickly turned into 3 million, and then 5 million.

Today, the 18-year-old Kissing Booth star sits at a cool 6.9 million followers – something she refers to as “crazy”.

Talking with W Magazine recently, Joey opened up about the sudden rise in followers on her social media account and how she’s keeping her feed authentic to herself.

“Everyone I’ve met or who follows me has been really lovely and respectful,” Joey says. “Although the number jump was so shocking, I was really, really excited.”

She adds, “I loved making this movie so, so much, and I was hoping people would love it as much as I did. I didn’t know it was going to do so well or take off. So when it did, and I saw my numbers and the boys’ numbers grow, it was so thrilling to see that people responded to it in the way that we did.”

Joey is also striving to keep her Instagram true to who she is, and not change because of the growing number.

“It’s important to me to remain true to myself on Instagram, and it’s also important to have certain things be just for me,” she shared. “My last Instagram post [at the time] is me with a face mask on in the shower, and I don’t know what I was doing [Laughs].”

“It felt like something weird and private and personal, but part of me thought it was super funny and it would be worth sharing. I try not to overthink it because I’ll just make myself crazy.”

Joey adds, “Looking at my Instagram, I’m pretty happy with how I balance my social life and work. I also don’t want to be too self-promoting; I think the reason people follow me and why I love Instagram is because I am myself.”

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