Joe Jonas: Camilla Belle is a Wonderful Girl

Joe Jonas: Camilla Belle is a Wonderful Girl

After a whirlwind weekend full of wins, Joe Jonas opened up to E! about his relationship with 10,000 B.C. actress Camilla Belle.

The 19-year-old musician neither confirmed nor denied that he was dating 22-year-old Camilla, but instead, complimented her like any gentleman would. He said, “She’s a wonderful girl.”

Nick, Joe and Kevin all celebrated their AMA Breakthrough Artist Award win on Sunday with a free concert at the House of Blues later that night (Camilla was there too).

The Jonas Brothers were also out today at Disneyland’s California World of Adventures to sign copies of their book, “Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers.” Pictures below!

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  • Kris

    aw well whatever makes joe happy :)
    i’m glad that he was the bigger person in the whole break up situation with taylor..
    Unlike Taylor he wasn’t going around every single interview or talk show saying how hurt she was and how he dumped her blah blah … && we all know it was because she needed more publicity with her album..
    But i’m happy to see that Joe is a classy man who handled the situation well..
    If he wants to go out with Camille then good for him.

  • Karina

    She is good for him if he loves she, but she isn’t wonderful !

    Joee, I love you !

  • dallasJONAS

    ugh i guess if he is happy

    i still think he can do better
    but like i said if he is happy, then its all good:)


  • Carol

    Well, i don’t know who was right and who was wrong, i just hope they be happy, don’t matter with who they are ! :D
    LOVE JOE !

  • Squee

    that’s what E! calls “opening up” o_O

  • zena

    I think that the only reason Taylor went around discussing the breakup was to gain major publicity just by bringing the topic of ‘relationship’ in. Let’s face it, relationship woes and drama always catch attention first. And I’d say she was smart in doing so, because she wound up with a number 1 album, selling more than the JB themselves.

    And if Joe had a problem with how Taylor reacted, he should have thought of that before he decided to go out with a girl he probably wasn’t really that interested in, and who had already publicly stated that she uses breakups as song material. At the end of the day, I’m definitely happier for Taylor because of her massive success with Fearless and that she’s a genuinely cool person who doesn’t put up a front for how she wants the public to perceive her. She’s real and straightforward, and I admire that much more than a contrived boy band.

  • candy

    # 5 you made me laugh

  • rii

    dood, taylor swift doesnt need the publicity, dont get all butthurt because she sold more than the jbs album. the thing is, her first album sold over 3 million. she wasnt even associated with the jb when her first one came out. the jb have like 3 albums right, do those even add up to 3 million? and even if they do they have 3 out while she only has 2.

    and of course joe wouldnt talk about the break up in interviews. do you really think he’ll make himself look bad? he broke up with a girl on the phone. HE BROKE UP WITH A GIRL ON THE PHONE. and in 27 seconds too. no matter what, breaking up with someone over the phone/text/online is a unclassy and douchey thing to do.

  • rii

    oh and dont bother saying anything about how was he supposed to break up with her while he was in europe. in all honesty, if had any feelings or honor then he would wait a couple days to eventually break up with her face to face. were the jb in europe for weeks, months? NO

  • Angelica

    Uhh she looks so much older then him….whatever it’s his choice.I just don’t think it’s right with what he did to Taylor.

  • mima

    i’m SO glad joe isn’t being all trashy and public like taylor!!! i don’t think anyone but them will ever know what really happened and i think it was wrong of taylor to verbally bash joe when she knew how much of his private life he likes to keep.. well, private!! obviously he wasn’t going to spin around and start attacking taylor!

    anyway it was a cheap shot on her part and a publicity stunt to the extreme but i still think she’s awesome and talented and all of that!

    LOVE joe and camilla together ps. they are just so beautiful!!

  • Whoo!

    I am just tired of everyone bringing up Taylor and Joe 24/7! Thats all the teenie gossip world talks about now.

    There are always to sides to a breakup. Taylor shared hers to the public and Joe is keeping his somewhat private(not counting the JB blog he posted).

    Overall, I am happy for both of them. It didn’t work out with the two of them oh well. Life goes on. I hope they both find that special one even if it isn’t each other. But i am not gonna lie, they were a very cute couple! :D

  • .

    same as #7 lol

  • sara

    and what else joe?! anyone would be lucky to date her?!

  • maye


  • fabulous

    aww I’m so happy for him. they aren’t going to announce who they’re dating because they want their privacy. you would too if you were in their shoes. He’s such a sweetheart.. this just proves that taylor is a freaking liar >:D

  • Yvonne

    I am SO sick of everything being about Joe in this band.. Also, he aint the sh1t anymore

    BTW–Kevin looks gorgeous

  • jen

    i dont think taylor made a big deal the media did. She said the whole 27 sec phone call thing on ellen and it was repeated all over the place i think she said something about him on ryan seacrest too but still that was 2 interviews and every celebrity mag/tv show were talking about it. I dont think she ever told OK! mag anything either cuz they changed her quote about camilla. Either way though i think Joe kinda used Taylor for publicity too over the summer to promote a little bit longer. Idk im not a jb hater but im not really that big of a fan anymore.

  • michelle

    I LOVE JOE<333

  • Mhmm

    I love both taylor and joe. I’m not judging either one. But I do know that there’s always two sides to every story. Whatever happened between them brought out an amazing song by Taylor.

    And I saw them at the book signing! =]] I didn’t get to meet them though… next time. haha

  • Kris

    Okay so i’ll admit my wording was a bit off .. Maybe she didn’t need the publicity for her album but in all honesty Taylor was hardly on any of the media shows until before Joe broke up with her .. And no one knows what happened in their relationship .. Taylor claims that he broke up with her in a phone call.. but from Joes blog that he wrote to his fans he said that Taylor hung up on him .. She should just get over it.. I get that she is hurt but come on!.. Stop talking about it.. She needs to learn to keep her private life more private.. Not flaunt a break up to make Joe look bad .. it makes her look even worse for trying to blame everything on Joe.. Maybe Taylor was doing something to have made Joe break up with her .. Yet you don’t see him telling the media all the details of their relationship..

    I used to love Taylor swift but after she said all of those things about Joe and after she made herself look like a mean person that was attacking on her ex it made me look at her in a different way .. She didn’t need to reveal all of that .. She should have kept it to herself .. that would have been the better route to take .. now i just see her as a mean girl that can’t ever get over a break up ..

    It happens to everyone yet not everyone is trying to gain sympathy points like she is .. She wants people to feel bad for her but i don’t .. I think it’s good that Joe is no longer with a girl like taylor .. After all she’s said and done she seems like a mean person .. && it’s better that Joe broke up with her instead of leading her on .

  • Kriscott / kach

    beautifully said (L)

    I agree with you 100%
    everything you said , makes sense :)
    AND everyone should listen to that, instead of assuming more crap to jaylor..cuz you know what? there old news! and it should be fast warded and forgotten already.
    let taylor move on.
    let joe moveon.
    end of story.
    KEEP supporting them, not taking in, what they did.
    YES- they both did, mistakes to out win each other.
    right or wrong- it’s none of our business, cuz we have no idea what happened.
    And clearly to me, the story doesn’t add up.
    IF joe said, he didn’t cheat on Taylor..then that means, he’s not with Camilla.
    CUZ he was a gentle men, to not write about taylor, not mention the relationship, and keep a he’s saying ” camilla is a wonderful girl”
    I’m confused. =/
    I think he just, what he felt..
    After all- she does look beautiful and wonderful ;)
    EVEN if they are dating..i hope this one lasts long – TO be a good girl and not turn out like A TAYLOR classic scheme.
    my oh my! they do make a cute couple :D

    PLUS- leave him alone. IF he doesn’t want to say , his private life to everyone..that’s his business, not yours. WE have no control over what they do. AND i bet you would do the same thing, if it was you!
    give them a break >.>
    AS fans- let him be happy, and do w/e he wants.
    THE whole world, doesn’t need to revolve around THE jonas brothers,247 knowing every specific detail to their life’s- even girls who they date or think is amazing or wonderful -.-
    IF he’s happy..
    be happy for him:S

  • Jen

    in all honesty Taylor brought up the whole break up thing because she knew that ppl would know that she would right a song about it so the bought it so they could hear the song which was BLAH!!!!!!! So I guess it worked lucky her even tho she doesn’t deserve it. Honestly, obviously u can tell I love the jonas brothers, but I can’t rele see joe and camilla belle together like seriously their children would have some serious bushy eyebrows like WOAH!!!!

  • Ally

    She (taylor) is 18 years and if your boyfriend breaks up with you, yes your going to be upset and hurt. It’s a free country and she is allowed to express her feelings. I’m sure you would too. It’s only because she is famous, which is why you guys find it so annoying that she’s bagging on Joe. But if she were a nobody complaining about her ex to some friends, i’m sure you wouldn’t care so much, or if it were your friends. You wouldn’t be like shut up your annoying me with your ex boyfriend problems. It’s called venting!


  • Ruthy

    All i have 2 say is that Joe is really bad at hiding who he is going out with becasue when he went out with taylor he said the same thing she is a wonderful girl and he would never say Now when he would be asked. but if JOE wants 2 date her then he should so good for u JOE (Y)

  • overrated.

    wow…ok, how would you feel if your boyfriend broke up with you for ANOTHER girl ? And that he broke up with you over the phone ?

    ….that’s just really low.

    Taylor doesn’t need the publicity at all. She has the #1 album in the world because she’s a really good singer. Not cause all the fans feel sorry for her about the break-up…that’s just stupid.

    Like what # 22 said up there, it IS called venting, cause im sure that you girls would do that to your friends if your boyfriend broke up with you over the phone for another girl.

    Plus, im pretty sure you guys are only defending Joe because he didn’t say anything bad about Taylor…yeah, so Taylor did say some stuff that was uncalled for but it’s because what Joe did to her really hurt her. I was pretty sure that she was in love with him. But instead, he breaks her heart and he moves onto another girl. I’m pretty sure that will happen in let’s say 3 more weeks until Joe breaks up with Camilla and moves onto another girl.

  • jjnjkjboyz

    ok, I know that we are supposed to be there for the guys no matter what but I’m having a little trouble with this one. Taylor said Joe left her for Camilla and ever since then we have been seeing pictures of Camilla. I don’t believe that they are just friends and I don’t believe that Joe couldn’t go talk to Taylor to break up because nobody is supposed to break up over the phone. I don’t believe she hung up on him either since he never said that she did he only said she ended the call. Well if a guy said he didn’t love me anymore i don’t think i would want to keep talking either. I also don’t believe that Taylor used this for publicity because she didn’t need to. Her first album was so good and sold a lot of cds. More than all of JB’s together. I think Joe broke her heart and that makes me sad for her. I hope she finds someone nice and I am really mad at Joe. He cheated when he went to shoot a video and decided to date Camilla instead of Taylor. If you listen to her song called Forever and always she says how he told her he loved her and told her they’d be together forever and always. Then she says You didn’t mean it, baby. I guess he didn’t. What a womanizer. Taylor has always been up front about things with us. It’s JB who have always tried to hide stuff from us. Those of you who are saying that Joe was more private than Taylor are stupid. What was he going to say? Taylor is really mean for not letting me be a jerk and staying quiet about it. Think people!

  • anna

    Is “wonderful” a new word for “a back stabbing man stealer”?

  • class

    i like the jonas brothers but i have to admit what joe did was wrong thats my believe am a shame that so many girls are making excuses for his action are girls that desperated.

    i dont know what joe thinks cheating is but let me enlighted you joe. cheating is talking to a girl while having a girlfriend with intention to date her by flirting and getting to know her even if you dont physically cheat. just so you know papa jonas should teach you this isnt he a preacher or maybe you need to talk to mama jonas about how to end things with girls. your mom seem really caring and i doubt that she approved of your behavior tours taylor. she seems like a very sensitive mom and am sure she said something to you because that the mom job to set their kids straight. am sure she gave you a talk as well as papa jonas.
    why would joe be hurt he the one that move on so fast that it made him look bad.i mean the guy was talking to this girl while he had a girlfriend those are facts of course he want to keep a quiet he not the one hurting. he the one doing the hurting and playing with girls feelings.he should not fill her head with false dream and promises.
    taylor doesnt need joe for her album to sell she a famous country singer for those little girls that dont know anything about all type of music and taylor has always been open about her break up why begin with joe he is just a regular guy that acts and sing in front of people that the only different beside the jonas brother vent their feeling on their song why cant girl do the same. dont defend her for staying true to her fans i wanted to know why not is drama and we loved it.
    actually miley and need was the best one b/i thought that they really loved each other it was a long relationship and miley is fantastic girl whats not to love about her. and they answerd each other thru songs which it was very romantic. miley and nick won my heart and they became popular because of that!!
    but taylor and joe werent dating that long eventhough when joe was with taylor that was the happiest i have ever seen him perform . he was always happy and smiling now he doesnt even smile. he looks kind of sad.maybe his parents got on his case about the whole thing not to mention disney probably had a talk with him.
    i still support their music but not their actions my favorite is i cant have you and still in love with you and sorry because they are so heart felt songs and you listen to them and it really touch your heart oh and little bit longer b/i also have diabetes and sometimes is like nick says people think they know but they really dont ,and you feel alone.
    they are quite about their relationship because they are the ones doing the heart breaking that why they want to keep quiet so they can flirt because selena said she didnt even know that nick and miley were dating why she didnt know because he was already talking to selena should she know he was with miley why was he keeping quiet. i really wish this guys would had been different and i guess their not they are a bunch of players. sorry i feel no sympathy for joe he made his bed and he has to lied in it. he should have been sensitive to her feeling and i dont buy that he try to call her because if he would have talk more about it they could have stayed friends. she didnt need to find out thru the media about joe and camille.sure hurt the girl even more by going out now in the open with a girl while he keep her in the quiet. what on holy jesus this guys are thinking.
    i think taylor is doing the right thing to call him out on his game. all bets are off when she found out it was because he was dating another girl so fast. is not that she did something wrong it was that he was fliting and liking this girl while he was still with taylor so much for keeping a clean image.

  • Liz

    Why can’t this stuff just be his business?!?!

    They are a BAND not a relationship factory,can we pay attention to what they do WELL…which is performing.

    I.DON’T.CARE.WHO.THE.JONASES.DATE!!!!!!!!!!! Until they are engaged/married and feel they want to make a public show of the commitment, it’s obviously not something they want to share – I respect that, and they aren’t obligated to, no matter what their rude “exes” try to force out of them.

    I just love them like a fan should…for their music and such. Dur!! Why not mention how AWESOME their tour book is? I was really surprised.


    even though joe is my fav
    jonas brotherr
    im happy that he is going out with camilla.
    they seem cute !

  • Jonasbrothersuck!

    “i still think he can do better” <—— THAT’S TO ALL THE OBSESSED ANNOYING FANS!

    your idea of him doing “better” is dating YOU,which isn’t going to happen so STOP dreaming.

    The Jonas Brothers are getting BORING!

  • Jonasbrothersuck!

    #21 is sooo WRONG!

    the ONLY reason Joe didn’t go publicly about his split with Taylor
    is b/c he doesn’t want himself to look bad in any way.
    He’s too caught up with himself,its RIDICULOUS!
    he’s soo conceited.

    Oh and it doesnt matter whether Taylor hung up on him or not,calling/texting/emailing someone to break up with this is
    just a ‘douchebag’ move,point blank period.

  • Rose

    I can tell you that she is JUST a friend of him. Nothing more.

    It’s very funny how people make things up and make everything look bigger and bigger that it is in reality. huh!

    Please put your facts straight.

  • i hate joe (now!)

    uhh…whatever it is..joe still suck for me now..taylor looks more pretty than this girl..

  • tia

    umm he said this exact thing about taylor swift. and we all know how that ended…

  • Shela

    hahaha #23. U r right.

  • Danielle

    Jonas Rocks! (:
    I’m happy for joe.. but, I don’t like Camilla Bell… And isn’t Wonderful.
    Is just a pretty woman {22 years old, eh man} ¬¬

    So, Joe I Support you ;)

  • wanna

    The JB’s first album is gold (but the album didnt get any promotion at all), though the album is platunum worldwide. Jb’s second album has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and there 3rd album sold more that a million copies on the first week. The 3rd one in overall has sold 7 million copies already and thats worldwide.

    Taylor’s first album sold 3.5 million worldwide. Pathetic. Brenda Song was at the concert too with Maya. WOOAH.

  • http://justjaredjr dee

    i love joe and the jonas brothers! taylor DID say all those things for publicity. she is rude and irritating!

    the jonas brothers are well brought up, well mannered gentlemen.
    they are good honest christian guys and i love that!!!!!!!!!!


    camilla is really pretty too!!! she is better than taylor!! WAY!!

  • gENNA

    joe loooks like MJ…both disgusting


    Joe Jonas is so trashy.
    And for all you Taylor Swift haters who are just bulking up Joe’s already large ego, the media did more blowing up than Taylor Swift did. She was
    heart broken and damn right she had the right to be! Oh and stop using that bullshit “He was in Europe” escuse for him. He couldn’t wait just a few more days to break up with her in person?
    And now he has his foot in a jumpstart to another relationship? Feelings and Joe Jonas should NEVER go in the same sentence unless “never” or “doesn’t have any” shall go somewhere in the middle of the two.
    For a virgin who is totally “pure”, he sure does go on a chase for pussycats!

  • lower

    Damn Camilla, you could do so much better :/

  • melaniejonas

    awwww!!thye look sooo cute i think she i much better than taylor swift!!well i didnt really like her so maybe tahts why..HA! I lovr the JB i will obviesly nuy their book!!

  • Gracie

    On looks alone, Camilla is far and away too good for Joe. He better not mess this one around if he knows where his chips are stacked.

  • Sammie

    First of all, IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! Who knows what really went on between Joe and Taylor. The majority of what we heard is just the media making the story more interesting. If Joe broke up with Taylor for Camila then yeah that was a little crappy, but it’s his life. At least he didn’t lead Taylor on. Personally, I don’t think he cheated on Taylor. But hey, I could be wrong. We can’t judge this relationship because we weren’t involved in it. Joe and Taylor both have their sides of the break up and we probably will never know what REALLY happened. I think we should all just let it go and move on. We shouldn’t dislike either person because of this break up. We shouldn’t choose sides because we don’t have any information. It’s got nothing to do with us and it’s annoying to me that some of you are saying you don’t like Joe or you don’t like Taylor because of this break up. I think the media has blown this out of proportion and us as fans are not helping by choosing sides. I, for one, am over it.

  • Anela

    if that’s your choice Joey,I’m happy for you:) I hope she treats you well,coz if she doesn’t she’ll have to mess with me&million of other girls that are keeping your back xD jk…
    She’s cute,talented& if you like her,than it’s all good :D
    but you’re still gonna marry me right? xD xD joking again…ahh I’m on a fire today xD

  • kiki

    Am i the only one that thinks that Camilla and Joe look like brother and sister? Kinda weird…I think Taylor was just venting, and what he did was low, like, over the phone! really?! there’s no excuse for that! but i love them both!
    And whoever thinks Taylor needed the JoBros for publicity is crazy, her 1st album sold more than all the Jonas Brothers Abluims COMBINED! So there! lol
    I still love them all.

  • Paige

    THANK YOU LIZ [#30] I agree with you completely.
    It’s none of our business,so stop acting like it is.

  • zashley4ever

    i hope she breaks his heart like he did to taylor.