Zac Efron is the Best Boyfriend

Zac Efron is the Best Boyfriend
  • Zac Efron is the best celeb boyfriend
  • Remember when Kristen Stewart was in Panic Room?
  • Wizards of Waverly Place starlet Selena Gomez tops Teen Vogue‘s Best Dressed of the Year.
  • No New Moon for Taylor Lautner?
  • Sabrina Bryan will be signing copies of her book, “The Princess of Gossip”, at Borders Books on 12/18 Glendale, AZ @ 6PM MT.
  • Rumors are flying around that Kevin Jonas is ready to pop the question to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa after he was seen shopping at David Yurman jewelers in recent weeks. He even brought along mom Denise!
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  • Sina

    of course, zac is :D

  • love-nessa

    Cool :d

  • love-nessa

    I love u zac

  • Katie

    i’m so proud of zac! he totally should receive this!

  • brenda song’s NUMBER ONE FAN

    AWW very cute

  • i

    wooop go zac loveee youuu :D:D:D (L)(K) :P =P

  • Valentine

    Yeaah !! ZACYYYYYYYYY =D

  • vanessajonas

    yeaaah zac of course! and keep voting for him like bet boyfriend on poll.

    i dont think the rumor f kevin is true because that will mean a slighlty separation of the group and i dont think that will happen.

    i want taylor lautner for jacob! :( i dont think thats true either

  • Jenna

    I don’t see why Kevin getting married would cause any separation in the group. They’re brothers, nothings gonna change that, especially not a girl who’s been around for ages.

    Saying that, I do think he’s still a bit young.

  • Stacey

    Kevin is WAY too young to marry anyone. Danielle is cooll and all. But way too young, and Joe and Brenda are over, because of Taylor and Camilla. Taylor is a attention seeker and is only using Joe for fame, which worked. Camilla is a player, she is cheating on him with Rob Pattinson, eww i now. Jorenda 4 ever. Nelena rock and Kanielle rock too.

    maybe Devin, a super cople name for Danielle and Kevin hasnt been made yet…. umm

  • Bárbara

    Oh zac! So cute!

  • Stacey

    besides, Brenda doesnt need Joe, although they are the IT perfect couple. I am still rooting for Jorenda. Screw Camilla.

  • julia


  • bbgood2me

    OK Joe didnt cheat on Taylor. And Brenda and Joe are over get over it ppl. Like stop dreaming and drooling about the past. Jorenda arent 2gether any more. I wish that they are still together but its past history. Joe has moved on, Brenda moved on even before that, and Brenda moved on with dignity and shes still close with JB, unlike Taylor who only wants revenge and press. Hate Taylor Love Brenda.

  • vanessajonas

    excuse me.. when does joe and brenda existed togehter?????

  • VfanForever

    guys look at this picture

    this thing on V’s legs, looks like cigarettes.. does somebody know that V or Zac smoke??
    it’s very weird… and kind of sad..=(

  • iSElDA

    heyyy who’s/which brenda?
    lol im very confused!

    yay zac!

  • VfanForever

    sorry guys!! I saw your comments on the other Zac Efron/Vanessa part..
    yay.. I think they’re right. this malboro pack is not on vanessas legs.. I think they are from a passenger who drives with zac or maybe a photomontage?! just something like that.. I mean look at Vanessa’s skin and her Hair and teeths.. and at zac too. they can’t smoke..

    yaaay zac!!! you do it man!! and of course you are!! I mean all the flowers and the pack for vanessa’s b-day.. just sweet.. he loves her so much.. and she loves him sooooo much!!! they’re soooo cute together!! love Zanessa¨!!! <3

  • boo

    Kanielle aww they seem ready for marriage

    screw zanessa zac jst doesnt wnna unlesh the wicked witch of the fillipines :L

  • amber

    YES i remember when kristen was in that. that’s actually when i first started being obsessed w her. lol

  • Raquel -BRAZIL-

    SO CUTEEE!!!


    Yay, Zac totally deserves this!
    Him and Vanessa make a very cute couple. And he treats her like a princess (lucky girl…lol).
    Love Zac and Vanessa. (Hope you had an amazing birthday Vanessa).

  • makaa :)


  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Of course Zac is the best BF! See what he did for V on her 20th birthdyay?
    So Sweet ♥

  • Kirsten

    Zac and Vanessa, celebrating her 20th Sweeet<3

  • Lisa

    Selena Gomez didn’t win, its just to vote she is number 1.

  • Raquel -BRAZIL-

    It´s true that sometime, zac gave to vanessa one purse Louise Vuitton
    that the price it was US$ 50.000 ??
    I can´t belive in this!
    bye bye

  • Lonn’eke
  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    i might be the only one, but this whole kevin proposing thing just seem like some way to quit that sex before marriage, if he does get married, then i doubt it will last long.

  • zanessa/jashley

    *sigh* The things Zachary does that make me want him !! :D But Zanessa is the couple out there :D Zanessa is FOREVER !!

  • Jessie

    yay! zaccy is the best boyfriend in the world!
    but i’m totally not jealous of vanessa!
    haha. love zac <3
    zac gave flowers =))) and i think is a LV to vanessa.
    LV is soooo expensive lol
    that LV cause 50000 lol

  • mhay

    I Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Zanessa
    Be strong together
    God Bless.

  • to vfanforeva

    thats not a cigareet packet its entertainers spary thingy i dont know what its called excatly but vanessa did this thing in a magazine and its say weirdest thing you carry in you purse and she said entertainers secret throught relief

  • abigail

    zac is always the best!!1

  • zanessafan4ever18

    he’s the best!!!!!!!!

  • babyG

    ofcourse! ;)

  • zacefronlovee


  • Martina

    of course, is the perfect man, is the perfect boyfriend, congratulation my lovely (L) i lov u so much
    my name is martina and im from argentina. im your best fan.

  • Sona

    How cool that Sabrina Bryan had a book Singing for Princess of Gossip in AZ. Hope we get some great pictures of her at that with her fan’s. Sabrina Bryan rocks and love her!!!

  • Cindy

    I hope Sabrina Bryan does a book signing for Princess of Gossip in CA soon. I soooooo want to meet her. She’s my idol. I hope that rumor is true that she will be in the remake movie of Footloose with Zac Efron. That would be a dream since those two can dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • polvopaw

    LOVE Sabrina Bryan, hope you can get ore information about her book signing today with som egreat pictures of course!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!!!!!

  • zac-vanessa-zanessa-fan

    i love zac and vanessa’s relationship,he makes her so happy and she makes him so happy to.