Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz: LaCrosse Lovers

Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz: LaCrosse Lovers

Twilight siblings Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz just can’t seem to let each other go — they’re teaming up for another movie called Warrior!

At the HFPA Salutes Young Hollywood event on Wednesday, Ashley, 21, revealed to MTV that she and Kellan, 23, would be playing lovers in the upcoming film. Lovers!!!

In Warrior, Ashley will play Brooke, the coach’s daughter while Kellan will take on the role of Connor, lacrosse player and Brooke’s love interest. The duo is currently filming on the movie right now and will reunite to play Alice and Emmett Cullen in the sequel to their blockbuster hit, New Moon.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Ashley and Kellan playing lovers?

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  • michelle

    Hahaha weird! But I can’t wait to see the movie and they’re so cute together!

  • kessiahhh

    i find it very cutee :D

  • zanessa_luver

    kool! i like them. and I CANNOT WAIT till New Moon!!! :)

  • amanda


  • BELL

    hacen re linda pareja! ♥

  • savannah

    He looks better with Nikki Reed! ;)

  • liz

    omg. i love kellan and ashley <3 they rock! kellan is soo hot, and ashley is gorgoeus ♥ can’t wait to see them in new moon! =]

  • margarita


  • ana

    awwwwwww thats cute

  • bri

    omigawd!!!! im gonna see it!!… although id rather have her and jackson doing anohter movie together, they are so cuuuttteeee!!!!!

  • vanessajonas


  • Shannon

    its cute u can cleary tell there good friends but i’d rather her do a movie with jackson becasue there 2 cute together!

  • Ashley

    They should hook up! HAHAH

  • joss

    love them both! <3


    awwwww!!! how cute they look together, i can’t wait ’til the movie, think it’s gonna be awesome

    she should date jackson rathbone!

  • ariana

    that sounds like a good movie! i’ll probably see it
    ashley greene is so pretty and kellan lutz is pretty hot. they could work together

  • tiff

    the sexiest man alive, the most beautiful girl.
    LOVE IT!

  • twilight luver

    they look cute together, but i think ashley and jackson should date instead cuz they’re really cute together

  • liz

    i love kellan!! he is such a cutie!!
    i cant wait to see him in new moon! i cant think of anyone else to play emmet!

  • b chick

    yey . they are my favorite from the cullen family (not considering bella, edward or renesmee)

    cant wait to watch the movie <3

  • julie

    they make a great couple !

  • natalie

    that’s awesome! they’re so adorable!

    wow, after they finish this movie, they’re going to film NM and Eclipse together.. hope they don’t get sick of each other lol

  • twilight0holic

    awww (: cutie pies!

  • me

    awesome that they are working together again :)
    They do have chemistry & they have said they’ve been friends for so long so only natural they’d have chemistry for a role that requires them to be love interest. Ashley is gorgeous & a great Alice & kellan is amazing, love his dimples<3

    Can’t wait for this film & anything else they or any of the cast is in :)

  • Destiny

    i am soo excited to see them together in warrior they make such a cute couple

  • Sarah

    WOW! COOL!
    I love them both! Can’t wait!!!!

  • leighton


  • Clara

    Ashley is so cute!

  • allseeingtransparenteyeball

    Incest? Hmmm … an interesting twist to the ongoing associative social engineering surrounding the sport of lacrosse.

    I’m glad I play.

  • -MrsJp

    awwwwwwwwww sweet they make a adorable couple!!!!!!!!!!!! -MrsJP

  • Rebecca

    haha, i think it’s kind of ironic how its ashley greene (alice) and kellan lutz (emmett), when most people would expect/want it to be alice/jasper or emmett/rosalie

    idk if it’ll be good or not, have to wait for trailers and such

  • ana

    ashley is so sweet and kellan is so handsome and cute.Can’t wait for the movie.They’re adorable!

  • brandi

    So cute! Oh man, seriously I loved them in Twilight… and I am so happy they are going to be ‘lovers’ in a movie! I always thought they would be a cute couple but it’s weird to think of Alice and Emmett together hahaha.
    Yay Ashley and Kellan!!

  • pat

    naww i want him to do something with nikki … that would be hot ;-)

    still curious to see the outcome kellan is one sexy mofo

  • twilighter


    they could be together <3

  • Nada$

    PERFECT onscreen couple :D

  • -kara

    … i totally think them as loverz is soo cute – i mean just look at them.
    i totally aprove of them being loverz and all even though their like siblings in Twilight.
    i kinda want to know if there’s a kissin’ scene – well probably, but i really want to know – how intensive it will be.
    and i know the intimacy between Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz – but in real life as a lover, i totally vote for it. i can’t wait till it comes out.
    and of course i shall endure my patient for the sequel of Twilight, New Moon, and can’t wait for it to come out too. also i really wish they don’t replace Taylor Lautner for playing Jacob Black. i truely think he’s perfect for the role, not because he’s totaly dreamy – and oh breath taking – but because he’s mostly perfect for the description of Jacob Black in the book.
    New Moon is totally as hard as Twilight to Film, especially for the Volturi and the hunk of wolves – lol – and i truely think that Chris Weitz – the director who will take New Moon to the big screen – will do an amazing JOB. Hope everyone have patient for New Moon and i also hope for no critical judgement(s) of how New Moon will be directed.

    i know i’m saying a lot but yea…

    2 thumps up for the movie Warrior, and the up coming film of Summer’s Blood that Ashley Greene will be playing – as the main character.
    i love the story by the way.


  • -kara



  • clary

    i reckon its AWSM! but are they 2gether for real????

  • EClaire

    i love kellan and ashley.. they’re great actors.. :D

  • Connie

    i love them both!

  • Kim

    It’s acting, it’s not like they’re related in real life. Even in Twilight they’re not biologically related so zero weirdness.

  • Minh Thu

    Kinda weird. But I can’t wait to see it! ^.^

  • hawtmuch?

    that’s hot!!! lol they are really cute together!!

  • camille

    ahh. I can’t wait for this one to come out. =)
    It’s so weird though, the transition from siblings
    to lovers..haha :] and I agree with some of you
    who said that Ashley and Jackson should do a
    movie together.

  • Metanoi

    i CaN’t wait 2 c this movie..tHey R cute 2gether..!!

  • Metanoi

    I think they should b 2gether,they r perfect 4 each other..

  • Pavlovaberry

    Awww!! they look so good together!! I think they suit each other and would go perfectly well together as a couple in Warrior!!!

  • liliana

    hi, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m happy for both of you, that you can work together again, I saw the movie “twilight”, and I have to say to you I’m very happy, all of you in Twilight are cute, I love you guys, all of you, see you soon in “New Moon”. kisses for all of you.!!!!

  • team jashley

    i would rather her do a movie with jackson cuz there SO SO SO cute together