Vanessa Hudgens Shops Live At Sunset

Vanessa Hudgens Shops Live At Sunset

Vanessa Hudgens takes a big bite out of her lunch on the set of filming a Marc Ecko commercial on Saturday afternoon in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 20-year-old “Hook It Up” hottie was also seen with a Live! At Sunset shopping bag. Wonder if she did some last minute Christmas shopping like her BFF Ashley Tisdale did yesterday too.

Vanessa‘s Ecko Red commercial will air sometime next year.

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    I wouldn’t want to be pictured eating with full mouth..but she still looks good… bit weird on the angle but cute…. :-)

  • vanessafan

    i love her top! she still looks gorgeous
    even she is eating!! :)

  • zacefronlovee

    i love her outfit…and her. :)
    shes looks gorgeous! as usual.


    Vanessa Hudgens is so amazing! I love her top and other clothes she wears! But I have to say she does look cute eating in a squirrel/chimpmunk way!

  • Disney Lover. No hater.

    fabulous <3
    perfection <3
    Bay V looks amazing as always :)
    never disappoints :)
    her hair- wow. already got it ;)
    im stunned.
    her outfit- i so want it ! :P
    the bag- :O love love love love love! it’s adorable :D

    aww she got some christmas shopping going on there just like Ash.
    They shoulda shopped together :D
    I hope she got Zac’s christmas gift ready.
    wonder what’s the surprise

    that’s rough!
    they caught her eating.. her lunch..her mouth full of food :S
    i feel bad for her :(

    AND haters
    think first before you even write a bad comment about vanessa
    not everyone can change or suit your jealousy, just to be like her.

  • zaccyyy

    haha she has a mouth full!! she must be hungry!! haha!! cute!!

  • kanna

    cute face hahaha

  • vanessa 1st fans

    Vanessa looks so cute on a big bit at her food !!!! can’t wait to watch the new vanessa new Marc Ecko commercial !!! hope she will celebrate her christmas happyily with bf [zac efron] !!!!

    LOve ZANESSA !!! !!! !!!!

  • ilovezac

    aaww thats funny she got a mouth full!! funny.. go vanessa

  • Anythingzanessa

    hahaha! she’s so cute!!! i love her!!

  • rom

    she looks gorgeous anyway

  • eheh

    first ur aswome

  • bern.

    lmao get it in you’re mouth why dont you nessa.
    but still she looks gorgeous. <3

  • cc27

    I admire her so much xD shes really pretty :D she even looks pretty with her mouth full :D

  • Bluey

    i know its beautifull but does she alway have to wear the same bag everyday?????

  • http://http/ daniel

    vanessa is so beautyful when she eats she looks hot

  • ashley

    Vanessa you are so pritty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah

    she’s cute when she’s mouthfull!!
    she’s eating too much to have energy on her cemmercial.. :)

    hey dont blame her she’s hungry…

    oh, and to start wd. if u haters, are gonna come here
    and bash her wd her looks here why dont u think first of what
    ur going to say, maybe ur gonna say bad things about her because of the picture that she is eating . WHATEVER!! why dont u look at urself while ur eating maybe ur more than that!!!
    so now why dont u back off!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    lol, i agree with #13, in whatever way she looks, even if she’s eating, she still looks absolutely GORGEOUS. She can look bad, but look really really good. I love her. And I cannot wait to see her commercial !! Marc Ecko <3

  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    she’s so adorable ..
    she looks really cute even when eating with full mouth ^_^

    GO V ..

  • zanessa_luver

    haha love her hair! lol cute with food in her mouth lol

  • vanessajonas

    aw i loveher:) gorgeus as always

  • vanessajonas

    she used her bag for the commercial? woow ..gotta love the balenciaga

  • zanessafan

    she looks so beautiful as always. love the outfit.

  • aw

    She’s looks gorgeous, I lovee the outfit & that shirt she’s worn before I think. & adorable mouthful shot.

  • live in love zanessa

    Hahaha! She looks so cute with her mouthful !!!! And just regurly eating with her mouthful like me and cuzins!

  • daze

    she so beautiful on the pix…i love what she is wearing how come she back on jjjr

  • Annonymous

    So cute!!!

  • k

    So Pretty!!!

  • hsmfanatic

    omg she is soo pretty she always is!
    i love her!

  • Alexia

    Seriously, everything she does amuses me.
    She’s such a kid at heart.

  • mhay

    im so excited to see her new commercial.

  • sma

    Vanessa you are BEST

  • Truth

    I hate her for looking good even when her mouth is stuffed with food. Like seriously, it’s not fair that she looks good ALL the time. No one is supposed to look that good all the time! I think she should have to share some of her prettiness with the rest of the girls in the world, just to even things out.

  • bruce

    i love you vanessa!!!

  • .

    i love her sooo much i think we would be best friends if i met her :)

  • anne

    beautiful! gorgeous!

  • yets

    i love our vanessa.

  • Alexia

    Vanessa really amuses me.
    She’ll always be a kid at heart and i think that won me over.

  • sweetnessa

    awww so cute <3333
    love nessa

  • misty

    she looks always beautiful

  • bee

    lol Van, i love you..

    thanks Jared.

  • ayen

    ahahaha. Cute!! Can’t wait to see the commercial.


    awww .. she’s soo cute .. love her outfit .. soo cute ..

  • brenda song fan 4 eva

    WOw cool. I LOVE VANESSA!¬
    But she looks weird, like seriously.

  • vanessafan01

    haha i love her!!!

  • Naomi

    I wish I looked half as cute eating, lol.

    I love her top and she looks gorgeous, as always.

    Can’t wait to see the commercial.

    What a great way to start the day, seeing her lovely pics!

  • 1

    aww sweet, love the outfit, hair and face expressions!!!

    she’s my role model >.<

  • Valentino

    She is super!!!
    I totaly agree with ‘Disney Lover. No hater.’, she said it all lol

  • Natha

    She is hott