The Jonas Brothers Put NYPD On Alert

The Jonas Brothers Put NYPD On Alert

The Jonas Brothers are ready to rock out Times Square on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on Wednesday night and the New York Police Department is on high alert.

According to a source, police officials have concerns after a meeting with producers of the annual show. The source shares with People, “So they’re now planning on using extra [security] men for support. It’s going to be crazy because everyone will be in Times Square to watch them perform on the show.”

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the JoBros will perform alongside Jesse McCartney, Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler and more on NBC.

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN
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  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    OMG NICK IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT I LOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • maria luiza

    NICK’S SO CUTE !!! I LUV HEM.. “”!!!!


  • Amanda

    hahahah yeahh they are soo “famous” now, at least among like 10 year old little screaming girls, haha that this is probably a wise idea, just guessing haha. i mean they dont want to be trampled to death like that Walmart employee was on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving, biggest shopping day of the year and it jump-starts holiday shopping..) in Long Island, NY!!!! haha tragic story though really, how sad and pathetic is that people were charging into a Wal-Mart to get the best deals they could at like 4:00 am on Black Friday. quite pathetic. it’s walmart i mean come on!!!! hahaha and the fact that the worker died is the worst part of it. :( but anyway on a lighter note, i cant wait to watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest!!!! the performers/performances are gonna rock!!!!!!hahah

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)






  • ruby

    Thats great

  • joeil4u

    of course they need them, I guess taylor will beat joe down!!!!! poor my love:(:(

  • Jennie

    thats kind of stupidd
    but ehh who cares

  • Jason

    I find it a bit unusual that the oldest jonas brother has a purity ring yet he is around 21.

  • what the french toast

    Haha..seriously?!?! That’s just sad….they’re not even that cute.
    Jesse McCartney & Taylor Swift would be entertaining though! =D

  • nathalia

    i looooove them so much!
    they’re sooo hot!

  • lexxi

    girl who wrote **** for dick? what? why? dick is a short form of richard. they don’t call dick clark, dick because he sucks. it’s his name. and the jobros are making everyone crazy!they closed down an extremely popular street in T.O (toronto) for them so…

  • nah

    thank god joe shaved haha

  • Luis

    jajajaja I think that the only security deal they should care about, is avoid that Taylor Swift get too close to Joe Jonas jajajaja I mean…. She is the only one that hates the Jonas Brothers but specially to Joe.

    I think that the event is going to be great, the Jonas Brothers always rock the house, and are you kidding me? THIS IS A GREAT START OF THE 2009 AND A GREAT BYE OF THE 2008!! The police should relax and enjoy the show jajaja and avoid to Taylor gets too close to Joe jajaja

  • Karina

    OMG I love theem

    Joe is so hooooooooott !

  • Krissy

    i don’t blame them for having
    security to round up the place
    most girls are pretty tight around the jonas brothers at every event
    and always want there hands on them
    which i don’t blame them for, one bit ;)
    AND how the F is it stupid?
    would you want people tackling you, at a HUGE party on new years eve?
    i wouldn’t think so.
    THE fact that these guys deserve every aspect – of songs, movies, and shows all through the year— the least they can do/ have is protection and fun w/o too much drama :S
    any one can wear a purity ring
    towards every age.
    if you don’t wear one
    it’s none of your business to question why others can/can’t have one.
    strictly for ” promises to yourself and GOD” is amazing.
    NO one should hate these boys
    just cuz there different and make wise choices for themselves :S

    hate them.
    might as well hate yourselfes for wasting your time
    honestly making no point
    and doing nothing, but cause attention and make fools outta yourself

    thank GOD
    protection is gonna be there
    POOR GUYS :(
    cuz i know taylor hates joe
    after one breakup
    that’s not gonna be remembered for the rest of her life
    she should give it a break
    stop focusing on one bad mistake
    and move on with her life!
    it’s not like every guy she dates is gonna do the same move joe just did:S
    BUT if she keeps up the behavior..she pretty much is gonna be alone :P

    THE event
    IS GONNA ROCK UP 2008 and bring 2009 for sure! =)
    I can’t wait
    cuz almost all my fav celebs are gonna be there :D


  • ohyeah

    they are more famous around 18 year olds then 10 year olds? haven’t you seen their stats of which age likes them the most. sure ten year olds like them but older teens are their most obsessed fans!

    I love these boys! they are so sweet. they deserve everything. just hope they stay grounded.

  • Unknown

    I hope Taylor dosen’t jump off of a guitar amp and vicously attacks Joe.
    That won’t be good. :P

    But it is kinda understandable for the NYPD to have their “concerns”…us Jonas fans can be pretty brutal if not held behind huge barricades. ;)

  • call me j

    I’m sure they’re good kids and all that and they might be nice people in general, but that teeny-bopper music they play is NOT rock, and it will NEVER be anywhere close to it. You could not send a spaceship to a planet and look through a telescope and even see rock. That’s how far away it is.

    As for the whole Joe-Taylor thing, I don’t blame her for being pissed. If someone I had been dating for several months called me and broke up with me instead of doing it to my face, would make me real mad. I do realize he was on tour at the time of said phone call, but what would it hurt to wait a few weeks and just do it to her face.

    I do agree that they BOTH should just leave each other alone and stop talking about it. But for that to happen, YOU have to stop talking about it, and by you I mean every fan in the world. Just forget it. It’s not a big deal. I broke up with a girl before…there was no earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, and/or any other massive, life-altering event. It’s not a big deal.

    I also think that people should stop bringing up the damn purity rings. We get it. They’re good kids. Awesome. Good. A+. Way to go Jonas parents. You raise ‘em right. But seriously, I’m tired of hearing it.

    Hate me if you want, but these are my honest opinions. If you hate Taylor Swift, don’t post it on every forum or chatroom or whatever. If you hate the Jonas Brothers, don’t post it on every forum or chatroom or whatever. What these people do with their lives, is most likely not going to have a great impact on ours. They will not dictate who you marry, the job you get, the house you buy, etc. They only work because some portion of our country finds them entertaining. Key word: entertain. You shouldn’t care so much about what these people do, especially since they do seem like well-raised, all-around good human beings. They’ll do all right. Make sure you do, too.

  • Yvonne

    SHUT UP JASON! I am so tired of the Kevin hate. He looks hot and he can have a purity ring if he wants

  • Ami

    Haha tomorrow night’s gonna be awesome.
    I was thinkin about going to Times Square tomorrow night but it’s going to be extremely crowded and crazy…and cold so i’m probably just gonna watch it from tv
    plus the only people i like that are gonna be performing there are the jonas bros anyway
    I wish Demi Lovato was going to be performing too or with them then i would definitely go

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    #13 sad to say but thats an
    old pic from a while ago
    so sadly Joe didnt shave
    but i soooooooo wish
    he would to i miss the
    old Joe HOT,SEXY
    Joe we all know &
    L<3VE so Joe

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    #20 Yvonne YOU ROCK
    ………………… of
    Kevin LOVE
    YOU ROCK you sound like a girl that
    dosent let anyone get you down so
    once more you ROCK Yvonne

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Krissy

    # 19
    i understand where your coming from.
    really logic and thero.
    but you got it all wrong.
    if you read both sides, of the story, you would see what’s the real truth.
    no one said the jonas brothers were fully rock:S
    the fact that they play guitars..
    is indeed half rock..with a little pop.
    That’s all there music used to be & still is.

    And about the jaylor breakup
    im not trying to bring this up
    but making a point
    why should joe say it, to her face
    if she couldn’t handle the truth by phone?
    it’s pretty clear, she wants nothing to do with him ever
    and couldn’t understand, that, two relationships can’t be together, forever..when there far away..- fully busy, focusing on something, else, then each other.
    AND waiting till, he said it, face to face..
    that’s more harsh, then saying it on the phone.
    honestly, your a guy
    so you should know ..that you have your space. and busy times. and can never leave a girl hanging. so joe did the best he could, and waited till the moment was right. the fact he couldn’t live with the guilt for so long, is un believable.
    I get where taylor was coming from. Her first love..and it was taken away from her so quickly. Yet, everyone knew it wouldn’t last forever..and she made the hang up, like it was joe’s fault..not her own
    AND it was told, she put too much effort into the relationship..being too serious.. no problem at all. But as a gf, she could have seen that..and comfort him more=/
    ALSO she could have at least kept it private and not tell the whole world
    But like you said
    it’s there lifes. not ours.
    but still having to hear about it..
    is annoying.
    and that’s why people take the time to question it even more.

    the purity rings is there business.
    good guys.
    good guys.
    don’t like them?
    don’t have too.
    leave them alone to what they wanna do.
    it’s not your business to hate them/ still know what they do…and then find a reason, why they should be punished:S
    seriously gay.

    LOVe the jonas brothers <3
    can’t wait :)

  • Leo

    former mossad officer in charge.

  • http://ZacEfron Cindy

    Joe Jonas is so hot and sexy. I love the jonas brother.

  • jobro lover

    im so excited i will be watching that for sure!!
    i love the JONAS BROTHERS!!!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    Nick=HOTTIE love him :)
    Lv Nicky B :)