Taylor Swift: 'White Horse' Music Video Details!

Taylor Swift: 'White Horse' Music Video Details!

Taylor Swift is excited to appear on Saturday Night Live and even more excited about her new music video for “White Horse.”

The 19-year-old “Love Story” singer revealed to CMT, “The video was directed by Trey Fanjoy. She’s done all my videos, and it’s been really fun working with her. This video’s a lot different than the other videos we’ve made because usually we’ve gone for bright colors and me looking straight into the camera and singing. But this one, it’s a little more introspective. There’s a pretty emotional scene in there where I had to cry for like three hours, like bawl my eyes out for three hours. It was really interesting and sort of a new thing for me. [Former Laguna Beach star] Stephen Colletti‘s in it, so I’m really excited about that. I saw him on One Tree Hill and thought he was really awesome on that. I thought he had the look we were going for, for the video guy. This guy in the video is supposed to look really sweet, and someone who looks like he’d never lie to you — but then he does. So I thought he’d be perfect for it and he actually does an amazing job.”

Be sure to watch Taylor perform on Saturday Night Live TONIGHT @ 11:30PM ET/PT on NBC!

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  • l.l.l.

    That’s cool can’t wait for it to come out! And I think Stephen Colletti is really cute! Wonder who the song is about!

  • shannon


  • chelsea

    any details on when the vid comes out?

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com sabreen

    OMG its so good to know that famous people watch ONE TREE HILL which is the best effing show in the world. This may sound bad but i have a girl crush on Sophia Bush and she just screams do me do me and if it wasnt religiously wrong well……….

    Sophia Bush is effing hot and I cant get over it, Chad your a dum a..s..s for cheating on her with that plastic piece of s..h..i..t of a paris hilton.

  • laso

    this video is going to be amazing she is obviosly talking about joe being all sweet and then he lied to her is so obviosl and the guy from the video has jeo eyes. its seems like joe lie to her ahh this is going to be a great version of what happen!! i cant wait to see it. we all know joe basically cheated on. since he was talking with another girl with intentions to date her and getting to know her better while having a gilfriend. so yeah he did cheat samething nick did to miley he dated sel 2 weeks after the break since the rumors stared on jan about him and sel no wonder this girls are mad they feel cheated i support 100 both girls what they did was a lousy move. am fan but that is a mess up move from them i support the girls they have every right to be mad they trusted this guys and they cheated!! and that hurts

  • vanessajonas

    she has good taste in guys in videos and in real life haha iloveher|cant wait=)

  • caitlin

    yayaya stephen is so HOT!
    love one treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • jamie

    haha…nice. the 2nd guy from OTH? sweet! altho, i have to say, stephen is sooooo much better! :)

  • anonymous

    i like how she said “video guy” and the jonas brothers have a song called “video girl”

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com Michelle

    YAY!!! Stephen is in it!!!! LOVE HIM.

    And number 4, omg I agree with everything you said about oth and sophia and chad! SOPHIA IS GORGEOUS.

  • luverofjoejonas

    LOVE HER!!!
    can’t wait to watch her tonight and to watch her new music video!!!

  • Atilla

    i cant wait 4 white horse!!!!!!
    hey guys….just 2 let u knw…
    taylors album “fearless” is DOUBLE PLATINUM!!!!
    I <3 U!!!!

  • Sam

    #5, this isn’t about Joe, the only song on the album about him is Forever&Always.

  • katiee. (:

    i love taylor (:
    can’t wait for white horse <3



  • shanon

    To LASO:

  • shanon

    TO LASO:
    How old are you 5? Your comment literally made me laugh. Joe Jonas did NOT cheat on Taylor Swift. If you knew the story, he tried to break up with her earlier, but she wouldn’t hear it and FREAKED OUT. She is the one that blew the whole thing out of porportion. And 2nd, nick didn’t cheat on miley either. Since you are probably 5 years old, you think Miley is the most amazing person ever, which is really sad. I hope you have the best time of your life listening to her horrible music, dancing around and rooting for the two most idiotic “role models” in the history of the world.

  • Someonethatyoudontneedtoknow

    I agree the jonas brothers are cheaters!!!
    They are pretty much gay! he broke up with her in 27 seconds on the phone. wat a loser. Taylor swift will last much longer then the jonas brothers. cuz they are gonna get old and they will loose their audience. as taylor gets older she will just keep getting better and better and older people like her to so she will have a career much longer than the gay musketeers!!!

  • Sally

    Are either of the people that called the Jonas Brothers cheaters associated with them in any way possible? Because, unless you are their personal friend than you have no right to accuse them of a horrible thing. The fact that you are so quick to jump to this conclusion just because Taylor Swift twisted the story to make it seem that way is pathetic. The girl is obviously crying for attention because who writes an embarassing song about a guy rejecting her and then secretly codes his name into her lyrics? I think that you and her and your other idol Miley need to learn how to act like real people instead of attention seeking brats. The Jonas Brothers are genuine people and never post their personal information all over the media just to get some sympathy. If taylor and miley spent less time plastering their faces (and other things in miley’s case) all over the internet, maybe their music career would improve.