Ashley Tisdale is Prada Pretty

Ashley Tisdale is Prada Pretty

Ashley Tisdale grabs a coffee to go as she keeps warm in the Los Angeles rain on Friday morning (January 23).

The 23-year-old actress wore a skull beanie and toted around a big tan Prada purse.

Ashley was seen out shopping in Valencia yesterday with good friend Shelley Buckner. The duo stopped off at the Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and Hollister stroes.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale keeping dry…

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Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 01
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 02
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 03
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 04
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 05
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 06
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Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 08
Tisdale-prada ashley tisdale prada purse 09
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Lisa @ 3:30 pm on 01/23/2009


Ambica @ 3:31 pm on 01/23/2009


Gabriela Aroca @ 3:31 pm on 01/23/2009

I love you sooo much Ash ! ♥
You’re amaziing !

Kisses, Gabriela Aroca from Brazil ♥

nicolette @ 3:39 pm on 01/23/2009


kaitlin @ 3:45 pm on 01/23/2009

she can pull off any look!
if i wore that i would look foolish, haha but she looks amazing!

alyssa @ 3:48 pm on 01/23/2009

freakin’ adorable!
i just love her :)

TEAMTIZZY @ 3:49 pm on 01/23/2009

ashley news overload love that!! haha
anyways she looks soo cute and she can pull off any look i mean look at what shes wearing isnt that adorable??
love u ash
cant wait for ur new album and single!!
TEAM TIZZY FOREVA AND EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vanessajonas @ 4:00 pm on 01/23/2009

okay she is all wrapped up because its cold supposedly but she is drinking an ice coffe? STUPID!

♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥ @ 4:07 pm on 01/23/2009

Your are awesome, Ash!

MARIA @ 4:11 pm on 01/23/2009


kara @ 4:13 pm on 01/23/2009

2 days in a row of her looking amazing!

Maria @ 4:42 pm on 01/23/2009

I hate how she dresses because its so ugly and sometimes they don’t even match! I just love the bags and purses though. And she’s so ugly with out any make up on! And I think she’s so fake and a dumb person! I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this but I just needed to say this because I see a lot of her here in JJ she’s like trying to get in papparazzi photos and she’s not even pretty!!!

Carolina @ 4:43 pm on 01/23/2009

I love Ashley!!!!!!!!

Jasmine @ 4:55 pm on 01/23/2009

so cute, i’m loving JJJ ’cause u guys are always posting about ashley now, and that’s AWESOME!

love JJJ and ashley forever

nina @ 4:55 pm on 01/23/2009

She is sooo pretty
and F you #14, you are just jealous, because she has the attention!, suck on that!

i looove you ashley, your the best

"vanessajonas"hater @ 5:05 pm on 01/23/2009

ommmmgggggg i am goin to report this vanessa jonas bitch1!!!

shes is piss taking who here agrees with me!!!
every single ashley news that comes shes like omnmggg shes copying vanessa oohhh she raps but because shes drinking coffe stupid hello coffee is hot dumb ass!!!! u really need to go and get an education ur a b itch now that u see ashley does not copy vanessa u dont know what to say do uuu!!!!

ashley u look amazing and u always will ur sooo perfect!!! u can pull off anyything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


OMG she’s so cult ♥ i love her a lot

/ maria clara from brazil.

zanfan4Eva @ 5:24 pm on 01/23/2009

im not trying to be mean or anything because i love ashley as well as vanessa, but wasn’t vanessa just wearing a beanie and sweats the other day when she got her ice cream????
and now ashley is wearing the same thing!!!
i just think its funny..
but i love them both,

Ally @ 5:25 pm on 01/23/2009

# 12 First of all bags and purses are the same:) I think she looks beautiful with and without makeup, it whats on the inside that counts. And since you don’t know her( not saying that I do), I suggest you don’t judge her. Has she done anything to offend you? i don’t think so.
And I don’t think she chooses to have the attention from the paparazzi, it just comes with the fame.

btw I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you.

lol @ 5:29 pm on 01/23/2009

I guess AShley and vanessa broke up.

Christine @ 5:41 pm on 01/23/2009

I never did believe Ashley was really Vanessa’s friend. I suppose Ashley enjoyed hanging out with Vanessa when her and Zac were the only two getting the paparazzi out of the entire HSM cast. Once the paparazzi started following Ashley though, I guess she no longer had a reason to be Zanessa’s plus one, the forever third wheel. She still looks just as pathetic alone though, as she did tagging along with the two of them. Anyone who claims she has style needs to get their eyes checked. She looks no different, prettier or better, than every other brunette turned blonde turned brunette sporting a fake nose in that city.

zanessa/jashley/ashnessa @ 5:48 pm on 01/23/2009

Oh..I love her hat. And I really love her top too. So pretty :D

…Ok, those who think that Ashley & Vanessa are no longer best friends…they are !! …I think…maybe they hang out at Vanessa’s place to avoid the paparazzi ? ..Argh, they ARE STILL BEST FRIENDS. Er, I don’t know anymore..if their not friends anymore, I think I’ll cry.

Cam @ 6:05 pm on 01/23/2009

Christine #21

I think is pretty unfir what you said, we’ll never know how deep is their friendship because we just don’t know them and is really easy write all those bad things about her

I do believe they are friends, we don’t know what are they doing 24/7,
paps don’t know everything they do, and we don’t know if Ashley and Vanessa have seen each other ih the past few days. It’s pretty sad how some people always think the worst thing bassed only in some pics on JJ

ashfan @ 6:19 pm on 01/23/2009

vanessa’s fan in JJJ are all pathetic ( well except those sane people like boji, karen, etc )

anyway, ashley is just like me..
I can’t ( under any circumstances ) drink hot coffee. so even though it rains or snow, I will still drink my mocha frapucinno… lol

and she does look cute
she does not DRESS UP for paparazzi..
remember that !
she’s not her….

ASHLEY TISDALE is Amazing!!!
SHE looks so Cute here and funny
i dont give a crap what haters say
They are just low life losers who pick on other people just to feel Good
Try saying these things to Ashleys face!!!oo i forgot her bodygurads
will just beat the living sh!t out of YOU!!
Team tizzy

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