Ashley is a Toned Tisdale

Ashley is a Toned Tisdale

After a busy day, Ashley Tisdale shows off her toned body as she gets her daily workout at a gym in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (January 22).

The 23-year-old actress had lunch at Paty’s Diner, one of her favorite eateries, before she hit the gym.

Ashley was also seen out shopping earlier in the day with good friend Shelley Buckner. The duo shopped till they dropped at Valencia Town Center, hitting the Hollister and Victoria’s Secret stores.

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ashley tisdale gym workout 01
ashley tisdale gym workout 02
ashley tisdale gym workout 03
ashley tisdale gym workout 04
ashley tisdale gym workout 05
ashley tisdale gym workout 06
ashley tisdale gym workout 07
ashley tisdale gym workout 08
ashley tisdale gym workout 09

Credit: SAW, Nathanael Jones, RIV/FamePictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • kara

    she has an amazing body

  • leti

    love her :]

  • Emy

    That is my mall in the 8th pic!! and the others lol

  • McKenzie

    not the body she use to have.


  • jen

    honestly..shes fat.. and i like her more in blonde hair

  • vanessajonas

    aw the fatty .. attention seeker much?

  • AA

    you know what? she might exactly be skinny minnie, but FAT? FAT? seriously? not even close!

  • jen

    not really fat.. its kinda like not expecting that cause when she became the cover of SHAPE magazine its not like that..


    i never like her, not like she, honestly i hate her –’


    ashley out

  • Jasmine



    she is really awesome!! i love her personality

  • riana

    cmon guys- sayin that shes fat- seriously get a life! Wuld u rather her b skinny an make everyone die to be lyk her or her to have a healthier girl body??? An she so aint fat!

  • eww

    she is fat and doesn’t have boobs.

  • andwhat

    Good for her she really likes working out and cares about her health!! i thought she was very skinny but atfer seeing these pics… wow
    and she did say she alway wanted curves!! well. your getting there Ash!!
    and she is NOT fat!!
    Go get your eyes checked i know i did
    team tiz

  • .

    well they obviously photoshoped the crap out of her in the cover of shape magazine!!!

  • VAN

    HATERS amuse me

    one day they say she’s fat
    the next day they say she’s too skinny….


    she looks good as always

    look kinda weird though that people have access to this kind of picture but then we get to see zac throwing trash…… ck ck ck….


    oh wow! shes not FAT! but this defiently proves my point about that magazine cover! i told u that her body did not look like that! shes pretty and she is defiently at a healthy weight . . .but that body is not the one on that cover!! (no hate)

  • savannah

    When she has clothes on, it looks like she’d be skinnier, I mean she is skinny. But she’s a chubbier type of skinny.

  • zanessa4everr

    oh wow, she is NOT fat.
    i love her body because its not like a gross skinny but shes definitely NOT fat.

  • mictropical

    um, if that’s fat, i’d hate to see skinny.
    if that’s fat, then i’m fat.
    your probably fat too.
    she’s toned, and in shape, which is more attractive than bonyness.

  • mictropical

    and also, she’s wearing a sports bra.
    for you immature preteens who don’t have boobs yet, YOU WEAR ONE WHEN YOU WORK OUT SO YOUR BOOBS DON’T GO ALL OVER THE PLACE OR WIEGH YOU DOWN.

  • ju!

    it´s a men!!! NO boobss!!!!!!

  • WOW

    she is skinny just not toned. and if u watched the vid for shape mag she did actually look like that but she couldve spent weeks/months preparing for that shoot, like working out. and she probably has gained some weight since then.

    she is NOT fat.

  • ju!

    #14 yes! sooo Photoshopedddd!!!

  • cc27

    all u people saying shes fat shes not >.< shes in between i bet u guys are fat :) lol ashley tisdale is awsome xD

  • aw

    Um she is NOT fat. Her stomach is just not that toned, which is opposite of what the title suggests. And her chest area has always been flat, that is not anything new.

  • miley

    she looks HOT!!!lol
    men like ladies with Meat and curves!!!
    she has a heathy body
    Ashley Tisdale is Awesome!!!!
    /Haters are heartess bullies/ hehe :O

  • alex

    seriously guys.
    get a life and stop making fun of someone’s body.
    im not a total ashley fan, but it’s just messed up when you guys criticize someone’s body — who’s clearly working on getting it into shape.
    just kinda pathetic, especially when you say she’s fat?
    the least from it, her stomach’s not even flexed so maybe she doesn’t look too toned, but at least she’s trying to make it look better.

  • Ella

    Work those muscles!! Haha!!
    Yeah she does look a bit flat chested..

  • Stevani

    Aww,She’s so PERFECT!!!!!!
    She’s the best ever.And great body too :)

  • Adiore

    IS SHE GOING TO JAPAN with VANESSA AND ZAC ???? (well obviously not in the picture…I meant like does anybody know?)

  • ashleylover

    OMG!!!! I hate her body!!!agree! I

  • idiot me

    keep moving forward

  • super fan ashley

    She has a really good body, I am jelous!!!xoxo

  • Lilianne

    Ashley is not fat.Is the pose and that she don’t have curves.
    The cover magazin is photoshoped but,whor doesn’t get photoshoped today in hollywood? Everyone.

  • Tell-tale

    that is NOT how she looked on shape magazine. proves once again that the magazine was photoshopped like crazy. she was pale white and her stomach was flat with more curves and muscles, and she actually had boobs, but obviously that’s not what she normally looks like. without the photoshopping, her and her body are just plain and unshapely and not hot at all.


    #37: every celebs on shape were photoshoped. so whatever. She still has an amazing body!

    American loves Ashley, we hate Vanessa, actually don’t care about her anymore after those scandal. Vanessa’s career is sooo over!

  • shaky


  • Lilianne

    #38 If you hate Vanessa that is your problem.But don’t say that WE hate Vanessa because is not true.
    We love Ahsley,but you don’t do anything good to her saying bad things about other star.

  • .


    I couldn’t agree more with your name… it suits you!

    Besides, I see more decent comments on Vannesa’s posts than Ashley’s.

  • Andy

    Looks f*cking good to me!!

  • cdawg52


  • kelly

    she has an amazing body

  • ashleyfan


  • Tell-tale

    HATER LOSER @ 01/25/2009 at 12:07 am

    are you god? no? didnt think so. so why are you acting like you know whats going to happen, like you know vanesas career is over when you dont know that for sure. and plus “we” do not hate vanessa, you do. and “americans” do not love ashley, you do. so quit acting like what you think is what everyone thinks. maybe some people agree with you, but some people dont.

  • VAN

    why you haters always come to ashley’s post ?
    now let’s see.. DON’T SAY THINGS LIKE Oh because we ( ashley fans ) also bash vanessa… blah blah

    do what you preach !!!!!!

    rather than bashing her friend, you might want to go to her own post and defend your own favorite…

    in here, you are just wasting your time….

  • Christine

    Americans love Ashley? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. I live in America, and the majority of people I talk to wouldn’t know Ashley from Eve. The ones who do know her couldn’t care less about her. There are millions and millions of Americans in the United States and all over the world. One person can’t possibly speak for all of them.

  • ruta

    now i really see that her body isnt so good like in that magazine…. so i gess where was a PHOTOSHOP ;DD

  • mrsefron.

    Whoever says she is fat …then i hope you guys are pencil sized.

    because if you think THAT is fat You got problems!!!

    she is waaayyyy to skinny/tiny to be working out that hard.

    chill out Ash, you lookk fine.