Selena Gomez is LSAT Lovely

Selena Gomez is LSAT Lovely

Selena Gomez goes through her luggage before she checks into her flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 23).

The 16-year-old actress was seen holding onto a LSAT workbook. LSAT stands for law school admission test and is required for mostly all law schools. Is Selena law school bound?

Selena was also seen with a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You: Your Daily Wake-Up Call.” The movie based on the book hits theaters on Friday, February 6th.

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Annelisee

    i like her, but not as much as milez! :D

  • lUCY

    SHE IS SO CUTE! BUT IS IT ME OR IS she having a really long hair? did she got extensions? her hair was maybe it is for the show, the extensions. i love her. and great that she want to go to law school.

  • cheka

    i love beutiful ,love her ,tu estilo es bonito es preciosa

  • dickspitz

    Sure Selena looks a little tired. You’d be tired too if you were a gorgeous teen hottie that’s just spent a few hours getting every orifice (especially the ***hole) in your body reamed out by my massive tool! And enough with the comments about Miley,Vanessa and any other teen skanks, this post is all about SELEEEEEEENA!!!

  • cheka

    i love selena gomez gorgeus

  • cc27

    What’s LSAT ? :( lol .. anyways selene ur looking pretty :) and ur hair is beautiful :)

  • cheka

    i love selena

  • dickspitz

    Sure Selena looks tired. You’d be tired too if you just spent a few hours getting every orifice in your body (especially the ***hole) reamed out by my massive tool! And enough with the comments about Miley,Vanessa and any other teen skank,it’s all about SELEEEEENA!!!

  • Soraya

    Studying LAW!!!;)
    One question guys…. she’s still wearing extensions right??

  • Tru

    She looks exhausted……Pretty though…..Much Love Selena!

  • omgosh

    i dont get how she’s “showing the books off” when she’s just bending over to get something out of her bag…

  • hmmm

    She definitely has a lot of natural beauty. I mean she has no makeup on these pictures, she’s been on a long tiring flight where you can’t sleep comfortably and she still looks a whole lot better than most people (famous or not, like #1 said). #13, you sound really hateful for no good reason. Full lips? Uhh..that’s considered very feminine and’s not an insult! Yeah, she looks tired…and she looks DAMN good for a tired person! :)

    AND she’s smart too. Nothing bad you can say about her, yet you people still find or makeup bad things. Geez…

  • Emily

    Extensions or super fast growing hair.

  • hmmm

    um ok she looks ok in the first pic but in the second pic notice how she has makeup on know and her hairstyle is differently?
    Uhh maybe she went in the washroom to fix herself up after a long exhausting flight? What exactly is wrong with that??

  • msfreek93

    yeah me too i love her she is so cool and demi is the best :]

  • E

    she looks like she needs a break, she looks so tired

  • NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus

    Ok “” what in my comment got you all fired up? :I cause my comment wasnt written to affend or make anyone upset so sorry that it did. So YOU just ignore it cause I wasnt trying to put anyone out on anything. And so what I dont like Selena we all have dislikes am I right?. I swear some of you Selena fans (I’m not saying all) get waaaaaay to affended huh “” not everybody likes Selena but obviously you dont know it. This is life GET OVER IT!.

  • Chloe

    That’s really weird that she’s holding an LSAT book. She’s not even in college yet?

  • lesha

    nothing wrong with getting started on studies. she maybe a couple of years ahead anyway, being that shes homeschooled. and about the book, shes probably like me, i like to read the book before the movie. im sure there’s no ‘hidden message.’

  • eastcoastkate


    you have to go to college first to get the prerequisites for law school, no matter how smart you are. It’s like any graduate school, you have to get your UNDERgraduate done before.

    selena is gorgeous, and is a great role model!

  • eastcoastkate


    Everyone has to complete prerequisites to get into law school, and those prerequisites are done in college while getting your undergraduate degree. Like any graduate school, you have to complete your undergraduate degree before continuing to become a professional. Learn your shit.

    Selena is gorgeous, and a great role model, I think she is wonderful!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    I ♥ Selena!
    She’s a great actress, singer, and she can dance!
    She rocks!

  • always right

    She looks ugly without makeup. And to become a law student you have to be a senior which she isn’t. Apply to college. Get INTO college. And get into law school. Oh And you have to become something other then a dolt.

  • jilli

    #23 you obviously know nothing! You go to college, and then law school! geez!

    My sisters in law school right now, so I should know.

  • he so bad

    Selena your so HOT! with or without makeup i want horny sex with you everyday

  • Samantha

    think god we have a stralet thinking about going to school.Now thats a role model

  • aw

    lol Just because she’s holding it doesn’t mean the book is for her. She needs to do high school & undergraduate studies first to take that exam. It is a requirement.

  • Erika

    Love you selena! You look so cute and pretty! Love the outfit and hair! Love bffs and fellow disney stars selena and demi!

  • Therese

    That’s quite stupid, she’s studying for LSAT at 16?! She has to take prerequisites and a college course. She should’ve known that. She’s probably using this only as props to make her look better and to make her seem like a smart actress and good and intelligent. If she was smart enough then she would’ve just kept it in her bag and she would’ve known that this would attract the public. I mean she’s probably just using this to get attention so she can show the world how smart she is even though she’s not. And I agree with # 12, SHE’S SHOWING OFF THE BOOK! I mean does she have to carry it that way where everyone can see it? Show off.

  • Wow

    She looks pretty here though, and her outfit is gorgeous like woah :]<3

  • katt

    selena rocks!!!!!!!!

  • Celine

    And to become a law student you have to be a senior which she isn’t. Apply to college. Get INTO college. And get into law school. Oh And you have to become something other then a dolt.


    Hah… so that means you’re never be able to become a law student then, huh?

    Man, do you have anything better to do then come on here just to write an insult? 1) You don’t know why she has that book. 2) So, you can only study for something when you get INTO college and got all the prerequisites out of the way? If she knows what she wants to major it, then of course she can begin to study it so she can have a better understanding when in college. Or maybe she doesn’t know yet, but is interested in being a lawyer, so she’s reading the book to see if she will enjoy that field.

  • David

    Selena is flipping gorgeous!

  • andrea

    im so happy shes thinking about school.true role model right here

  • Rachel

    graduates (of college) take the LSATs to get into to law school. It is a requirement to graduate college to get into law school so shouldn’t she concentrate on finishing highschool and college first? i’m not trying to hate just pointing it out (although i’m glad she’s looking into something other than acting, keeping her options open)

  • ADAM

    lol Just because she’s holding it doesn’t mean the book is for her. She needs to do high school & undergraduate studies first to take that exam. It is a requirement.


    That’s right. That book might actually belong to her mom. Maybe she might be getting into law school.

    Anyway, Selena is so gorgeous and beautiful! I love her!

  • jgjg

    she looks pretty did she get highlights in her hair?

  • idiot me

    you are the best^^

  • go selena

    oh my gosh even when she is doing something good you guys all hate on her… poor selly, she looks soooo tired! she must be exhausted. =[ i love her so much! and even though she looks tired she is still PRETTY DAMN GORGEOUS!

  • Angela.

    i dont like selena, but i have to admit,
    she’s really pretty here. (:

  • mochi


  • JEN

    maybe she got the wrong book to study for the SATS? PSATS?

  • Nicky Jonas

    Talk about an attention hungry slut. This girl sucks and shes so UGLY. Yeah I said it got a problem with that?.

  • thefuturefreaksmeout

    i personally think she has no idea what the LSAT’s are, and is just holding the book to look smart.

  • Cami

    I love her! She’s so gorgeous.

  • dickspitz

    All this blah blah blather about a book! Looks like i’m the only one who wants to stick his big, meaty thing into Selena’s smokin’ hot s***hole! Surely i can’t be alone in wanting Selena to tongue her fecal matter off my stinky 8″ tool! Someone else must also wanna put their member in her sweet dollface and spray her down in liquid luv! You guys know you want her!

  • Reemer Assgood

    Y’all are wimps yo! I gets my smoke on, then ‘da c**k ill grow, bigga up Selena’s sh*thole, she justa young ‘ho, already addicted to dick, gettin’ her sh*t split, tight ‘lil underage b*tch, gonna nut on yo face lickedy split, ooh hah! splat goes ‘da cumspit!



  • selena92

    boo whay a show dad is a laywer and when i showed him this he literally said “hahahahahhaha show off”

  • serena

    She wouldn’t be a good lawyer and she ain’t smart!