Ashley Tisdale is Limo Lovely

Ashley Tisdale is Limo Lovely

Ashley Tisdale tries to cover her face with her hand as she hides from the paparazzi on Friday afternoon (January 30) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress walked to a waiting limo outside her home and sped away.

Ashley was seen out earlier in the day, taking a walk around the block in a comfy California Love sweater.

The Tizz recently left The Gersh Agency, the talent agency that she’s been with since the start of her career. She is now signed with CAA.

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Helen


  • serena


  • annavanessa

    the tizzsh*it

  • zashley4ever

    I LOVE ASHLEY!!!!!

  • mrsefron.

    loveee ash!!:P

  • zaaaac

    ugly ;x

  • Emma

    LOve Her! :D

  • anna

    seriously? she look hagged..

  • ashfan

    she is gorgeous….
    miss her smile though…
    and i felt like I saw this pictures a week ago..
    yeah maybe I was wrong…

    haters, you can’t even hate her in a proper way… lol

  • zaaaac

    dont like her ;x

  • Karla ^^!

    She looks amazing…!!!
    and much better than today in the morning xD!
    luv ya Ash <3!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    She obviously just took a shower cause her hair is wet. Just thought I’d point it out. :D

    She looks cute. Love her sunglasses and her sweater..

    ..Ashnessa sighting NOW !!!

  • Alysson pokry

    Linda 3x

    Te amo

  • ngel


  • Avril

    She rocks!!!!!!!!!
    luv her so much!!!!!!!!
    she looks really beautiful!!!!!!
    Why do V fans always have to criticise Ash?
    can’t you find sth good on Vanessa that you have
    to criticise Ash to make Vanessa looks good???

    Sorry Ness, it’s not about you but about your fans!

    I Want Ashnessa sighting too!!!!!!!
    please girls go out together!!!!!!!!!
    we love seeing you girls having fun together
    and laughing while you try to hide from papz!!!!! (That’s so funny)
    when you do normal stuff like that, you make us love you even more!

    Ash Rules!

  • PaulinhoO

    Really awsome, wondefull, gorgeus, fabulous! :D

    Love you, Ash! <3

  • riana

    baby v is wearing the same bag atm

  • Jasmine

    Ok, she sometimes is very rude with papz… But anyway, I don’t care, I love Ashley so much. It’s good she left Gersh Agency, ’cause CAA is MUCH BETTER, her career will be better now <3

  • kara

    she is not rude with the paps the paps are rude with her

  • teteu

    love her!

  • super fan ashley

    I love her


  • sophiiaa

    Ok Vaness fans you guys are pointless Ashley is thousand times better then Vanessa so shut your mouths we don’t care if you love Vanessa cuz’ tbh I couldn’t care less if Vanessa died so shut your mouths we don”t care for your opionons i can find hell of alot more faults in Vanessa shes not a good rolemodel so shut your faces and grow the hell up

  • kai
  • lalala ashley

    i love ashley she loves her
    Doesnt care what anyone
    says about her, shes ture to herself and
    is a very strong amazing Women
    What a Role Model!!! :]

  • ash

    Ashley Tisdale = role model
    love her soooo much she loves her job and Fans
    and Vanessa fans
    did you know that vanessa said she hates little kids and thinks thier annoying

    when they follow her around ( trying to get autographs and pics)
    when most of her fans are KlDS!!
    Ashley is a ture sweet heart. its not all about looks

  • Maddie

    love her! :)

    Team TIzzy

  • Osama


  • ashloversbrasil♥

    if you don’t like her, get out of here ¬¬

    ashley rules dude! ♥

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    vanessa fans, shut your mouths , you’re so ridiculous ¬¬
    ashley is ashley, and vanessa is vanessa.


  • ashloversbrasil♥

    and she don’t care about you, vanessa “fans”, if I can call you fans. loosers.

    by REAL fans from brazil. ♥

  • alyson

    I want to ask?
    Who brought up Vanessa in this conversation?
    You people just went absolutely NUTS over NOTHING.
    No one even mentioned Vanessa name except the fact that some people said they wanted and AshNessa sighting. Then you all say I HATE VANESSA I WISH SHE WOULD DIE. Holy Crap, read the comments before you comment.

    Honestly, and all of you who were bashing Vanessa for “hiding her face” from the paps need to take another look because obviously ashley is “hiding her face” from the paps as well. You can’t say it’s wrong for one person to do it and not for another.

    Also another point to make. Vanessa NEVER said she HATED little kids, NEVER once did she say that. Get your facts straight before you speak. This is rediculous.

    Ashley Looks Wonderful. Love the boots! :)

  • Soraya a Zanessa ashley fan

    As someone said, when they hang out together, we have the best pictures ever, and as we see they are so normal, that makes us love them even more!
    To the vanessa or ashley haters: why are you hating since one or the other cause they are FRIENDS!
    I really don’t get that…

  • zashley4ever

    I don’t blame Ash or Vah hiding from the paps. I’m pretty sure they are very annoying and rude. I love how they can go out in public without make up. I love Ashley and we do need an Ashnessa sighting :)

  • ashleyfa

    you’re my diva, my queen! ♥

  • ash rockz

    Love my Tizz (;

    Shut up Haters, you’re loosers.

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    not lookig her best but come on we all have those days so give her a break.
    i love her so much
    ashy news every day pleassseeee
    and yay zac back in town

  • ily ashleyy tisdalee

    she looks amazing!
    i lve her so muchh.
    she dosnt care about what people think about her.
    shes a good actress and singer and thats all that matters.
    she signed up for caa! thats amazing;
    well done ashley!
    i seriously can not wait any longer for her album to come out!
    im excited!! headstrong was a huge sucsses. and i know this one will be too!
    to vanessa haters! look at your lifes compared to ashleys!??
    yupp ashleyy has a life 100000 times better then yours. your always bashing her about hair, clothes, nose, and wot not! just let the girl be, its her life and does what she wonts with it!
    ilyyy soo much ashleyyy <3
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  • yay

    i wonder where shes going!!
    LOVE that Bag
    shes cute

  • love Ashley

    zac is in CAA,too!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    CAA is good for her.[actually,i dont know what is it :) i'm living in Turkey ]
    please don’t fight about vashley,they are best friends and it won’t chance.
    wet hair and two bag ? lol .
    she is pretty as always :)

    and i want to see new ashnessa pictures !

  • yay

    i wanna Go to Turkey!!!
    Ashley is awesome :]

  • zac&ash4eva

    SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!love her 4 ever,and she is not rude with the paps,they r really anoying
    and ya vanessa fans stop it,they r bff,every1 knows both r special in their own ways (but ash is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better)
    love her allways <3

  • xx-Ash-rules-xx

    Lookin’ good Ash <3 ya!!!!

  • Susanna

    It’s hard for me to like Ashley because it feels like her fans spend way more time comparing her to Vanessa than just talking about her. I mean, even when a post has nothing to do with her, you guys ALWAYS manage to bring Vanessa up. Why?

    The last Vanessa thread I went to, swear to God out of all the comments I read, I probably only saw Ashley’s name mentioned three times, and only one of those times was someone actually bashing her, and then that person was completely ignored.

    Maybe Ashley would attract more fans if you guys spent more time talking up her good qualities, and less time hating on her friend.

  • yay

    yea^^ Ashley is stunning :]

  • ashfan

    susanna, if you read all ashley’s thread ( i don’t recommend you though, it’s brutal places )…

    some bring up vanessa how she’s a better stylist whatever…..
    i always assume they are fake fan though…

    because if they are really v’s fan, they would not do that..

    i love ASHNESSA….
    they might not seen yet, but I can say that their phone bill probably is HUGE…


  • zashleyforever♥

    ashley is perfect *-*

  • zac&ash4eva

    ya,imgaine if ashley reads all of this comments,it will hurt her,but she can know what ppl thinks about her,and once again,they r all amazing,but 4 me and maybe someothers here,ashley is the best,cause like 4 me she is my rolemodle,SHE ROCKS
    I LOVE U ASH <3 keep going ur so cute in every hair color or style <3

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #41 i wanna go to usa :))))

    yes,v fans bushing ashley always,but i dont care anymore !
    v’s fans dont love ash but nessa loves soooo much ! and this is important !

    and #47 yes ash reads trhis comments.but i am sure she doensnt hurt.because like she knows,we i mean her fans always support her !
    she is my rolemodel too,she is the best !

    (sorry for BAD+BAD+BAD+BAD englishhhhhhhhhh )

  • Ella

    Wow…How many bags do you need

>>>>>>> staging1