Miley Cyrus is Pilates Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Pilates Pretty

Miley Cyrus looks comfy in her Abercrombie sweat pants as she leaves Pilates class on Wednesday afternoon (February 18) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet told the paparazzi that there’s an 85-year-old woman in her Pilates class. Miley added, “It’s awesome. It’s about strengthening. Pilates is the best, that’s what I say.”

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus looking Pilates pretty…

Miley Cyrus Loves Pilates Class, 02/18

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Photos: WENN, RIV/ Fame Pictures
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  • team.jonas.x

    fiirst :]

    love her

  • joecool

    She looks great!!!


  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Love her!

  • Hez

    Gosh, how is it she manages to look so pretty literally any time they take a photo!

  • Rochel

    Pilates is Great
    My mom goes for strengthening her knee.
    She had surgery on her knee and the Dr told her
    pilates is better then going to physical therapy.
    I started taking classes with her Luv it…

  • mimi

    i love the way miley dresses even when she casual she matches that the right way to dressed. when people wear cloth of different color you dont know how to cordinate and have no fashion sense. miley obviosly have a lot of fashion sense since she always cordinates finally someone that knows how to dress. hey miley keep on smiling dont let anyone get to you! we love your smiley and your peace sign is your signature move dont lose it! and your long hair looks fantastic let it grow really long again it makes you look really pretty!!

  • lilix

    LMFAO! if u think she’s pretty….

  • JustGonnaSay

    she’s pretty and all but i dont like her wearing push-up bras.

  • Caro

    What about the Prius???? What about Going green????
    Instead, she drives that enormous car :S

  • nathalia

    she’s really pretty!
    i looove miley

  • lisa :]

    she’s gorgeous :]
    i love miley, she always looks really pretty.

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    Miley!!! beautiful! who is that lady? her aunt? that’s the second time she’s been with her publicly this week… wonder where her mom, Brandi are?

  • gabi

    ooh, brazilian’s paparazzi :)

  • Billythekid

    To Lilix (#7)

    The only thing I am laughing at is your stupidity and ignorance. I mean seriously, can you get any stupider? It’s always a good thing to know there are idiots like you roaming the earth in order to give us the type of person we do NOT want to imitate. Oh, and by the way, Miley is very attractive. I have no idea if you are a guy or a girl, but if you are a guy you are pathetic, and if you are a girl I bet she owns you :).


    MILEYS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!



  • http://jjj miley

    keep rockin miley! such a cuttie!

  • sweetbella

    she is so cool!!!! :)

  • Monica poland

    I form Poland. In my country Miley is not very popular person. But i love her. She is really pretty and funny. And of course her voice is gorgeous.

    Miley 4ever !

  • lANE

    du du ddu buggs bunnys been lookin for them their teeth give them back so he can eat his carrots

  • martha

    #18 I was in Poland :) was cool :)

  • Melissa

    haha yeah where did the Prius go? anyways, it’s awesome that she is healthy and not super skinny like alot of other people, she actually is a good role model in that way.

    p.s. her “The Climb” music video is amazing, keep rocking Miley!!!!

  • jilli

    Yay finally a pic of her behind the wheel! I wonder where her prius is

  • dundies

    i just LOVE how everyone is NOT stating the obvious.

    Miley is f-ucking jailbait with her tits spilling out of her shirt like that.

    And dont give me s-hit about how, tank tops do that to everyone.

    she shouldnt be wearing a shirt like that, as young as she is, with

    creepy paps all over place, WHEN SHE KNOWS, she will be


  • Jasmine

    i love how she talks to the paps like they’re not obsessive of taking picture of her. (x

  • katie

    fabulous, as per usual. what can i say? she has an amazing body. haters are just jealous, methinks. ;)

  • vanessajonas

    omg she is too young to drive =s
    besides i hate how she is playing with the keys like look at me im drivining=)
    gosh she is so inmature!

  • katie

    oh, and vanessajonas, she has her liscence. and she’s 16, of course she isn’t too young to drive. and ~playing with the keys~ is called turning on the ignition, dear.

  • Lorraine

    I wish that I could go out and not wear makeup and still look good. I also wish I could dress like that but it is too cold to wear that where I live. I think she looks okay, not extremely gorgeous, but not ugly.

  • Vote For Miley

    # 23 Maybe we don’t care to point out her cleavage. Her boobs aren’t hanging out of her shirt like you stated. She is wearing casual clothes and there’s nothing nasty with what she’s wearing. And people DO wear tank tops when they’re doing work-outs (she’s doing pilates). Also, she’s 16. That’s not too young to be wearing a tank top…

  • Victoria

    i love her!
    i wish i could do pilates, that would be fun, and i have those sweats :)

  • i love the miley

    miley is beautiful!!! i know the owner of fame pictures!! (the people who take these videos and pictures)

  • djd

    The crabby vanessajonas strikes again. My god next thing your be leading the riot against her filling up a car with petrol….GET SOME MATES

  • djd

    Besides, in new zealand we drive at the age of 8years old man…atleast shes got a license

  • lala


  • Ami

    totally agree with #23

  • mykamick

    What she is wearing is a very comfortable one. Now just being posted by Jared in a candid pics… (being done in her PILATES SESSION) how can one have poised in covering all her physics… There is nothing wrong as to what she is wearing…

    It happens that at her age, Miley has able to shown her form & sexiness… Pilates will help her more develop her body into a firm & curvicious one..

  • eugh

    someones bras too tight :/

  • bELLA

    Why do you guys care so much about her boobs? Who cares if you wear a push up bra. Many girls do so their boobs don’t look like they sag. She’s not wearing anything trashy. It’s workout clothes since she’s going to pilates. Seriously, build a bridge and get the hell over it!

  • me


  • shea

    so pilates too.that’s a great that lady her aunt?looks like her dads side of the family maybe.

  • madara

    miley cyrus is the best i just love her