The Jonas Brothers 3D Premiere!

The Jonas Brothers 3D Premiere!

All four Jonas Brothers suit up for the premiere of the 3D Concert flick at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night (February 24).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe, and Kevin — announced last night that they’re surprising a few hundred fans over the weekend by popping into random theaters across the country.

Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience hits theaters THIS Friday.

15+ pics inside of the JoBros walking the purple carpet…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • kenzie

    They look AMAZING (:
    Is that smoke on Joe’s suit? xD random…
    Cant wait to see this movie.
    Got midnight tix :D

  • Laura

    they look so hot!! i’m loving nick’s suit. <3
    3 more days!!!

  • greatgreatgreatgranddaughter

    gorgeous as always but what the eff is up with joe’s suit – im not a fan of that weird smoke pattern. love kevin’s outfit though!

  • Mkaaa

    I love Joe’s suit!!!
    And did you check how great Demi Lovato was looking??

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    FRANKIE !!! He is ADORABLE ♥

  • Leanna

    I WAS THEREEEEE! it was so much funn! and the boys looked amazing

  • Jonass Freakk x]

    All off them are looking Smoking Hawtt!
    Speciallyy Joee<3
    Too damnn Cutee!

    Littlee Frankiee iss the next generationn!
    cutiee hahaa!

    Can’t waitt to see thee moviee :)
    Its going to be TOO DOWN!

    Joee Is My Boyfriend;

    I love you JOE!:)<3

  • LANE


  • demicrazy!

    OMG Nick please never smile with your teeth! Your like a millionaire go get them fixed!!!

  • cc27

    WOAH!! I love Joe Jonas suit, whats on it!! :O lol, its soo cool :) I love you joe jonas!! xD I cant wait till the movie!!

  • jonaslover

    I love them but nick seriosly looks so much better when he doesnt smile. Other than that their HOT!!

  • Randa

    they look amazing!

    frankie is soo cute! !

    cant wait for the movie! !!!!!

  • Nick And Alicia Forever

    they look amazing as always. I love you Nick Jonas with all my heart

  • Mkaaa

    I think, of the three of them, the best dressed one is Joe.
    The smoke pattern is sooo him, so it’s okay. It could be weird, but it’s Joe. The tie shoul’ve been silver or something more like that.
    Kevin looks like he grabbed a bunch of black stuff and put them on. And this is hard for me to say, because I LOVE Kevin. I actually think it’s the jacket that messes everything up. It’s too short.
    And Nick… mhmmm no. Not liking the light blue jacket and the bowtie.
    So, TO ME (this is MY opinion, it’s okay if you don’t share it), the most stylish one is Joe.
    Having said that, I think they all look great and is good that they’re having fun!! Even with their clothes.

    I know I’ve said this before, but Demi was looking ah-mazing!! Jared, you need to upload pictures of her!!

  • Yvonne

    Joe looks awful. That suite looks like a bird pooped on it.

    Nick is adorable, but just a tad waiter like.

    Kevin is lookin fine. I like what he has on. I love the pics of him bending down to talk to Frankie

  • ohmimiley

    nicks suit looks familiar
    *cough* niley date *cough*

  • Just Jono

    Nick, wooooow.
    Love the suit.

  • lene

    their brother is not cute. but hey, neither are they.

  • nisha

    Nick and Kevin look like they have swapped outfits cus usually kevin would wear a bow tie like that and nick would wear a skinny tie…
    also kevin’s trousers look too tight….

  • Jessica

    I’m kind of pissed that Miley wasn’t there….unless she was and they just don’t have pictures…but seriously if they are both going to say they are friends the least they could do is make it SEEM true. At least Selena wasn’t there.

  • máh! luisa

    nick i love you!

  • Nicole

    i dont get why taylor wasnt there?
    she is IN the movie.
    idk. its her decision.
    selena COULDNT go.
    shes in puerto rico.

    oh well.
    they look AMAZING.
    i cant wait.


  • super fan ashley

    And Taylor??????

    well, they looked amazing I love my brothers , lol!

    I love them!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    wow they look sooo AMAZING!!!!!
    especially joe he’s the BEST dressed aww he looks soo HOT

    joe is my heart & always will be

  • cc27

    AHA!! i Knew it ! i recognize that suit of Nick Jonas!! its from the “Niley Date” lol lol :)

    P.S. Joe looked cute :) and i was loving the Jemi hug xD

  • Jerseygirl

    Hubba-hubba Joe!

  • NattuJB♥

    OMG!!! they look sooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!

    and Joe’s suit omg!! i love it :D

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Meow Nick is sooooooo fine man hes so SEXY! You know #16 you’re right thats weird that he wore that when Miley was there. I’m feeling a Niley buzz. But they all look super cute.

  • Shannnon :)

    i hate them … soooooooo much

  • rawrambo

    they look super cute, as always. they didnt really coordinate like they usually do, which was a bit surprising, but they looked nice individually nevertheless. i must admit the warpy-stripe thing on joe’s suit is a bit distracting and…weird? haha. but like i said, still cute.

  • Jbsupporter

    Wow. They look fantastic. They deserve all of this love and support. They have worked so hard. I’m so happy to be going on premiere night, ( well it is the first showing I could get to) – they are incredible. I hope they had fun. It looks like it would be a blast! Anyway, Camilla Bell was there….hmm…. I guess it was friends and people they worked with. I think its odd Taylor wasn’t there. I really think they probably invited her, but she probably didn’t want to go, hearing from all the interviews. I could tell she wasn’t very happy…. Sad it didnt work out. I mean, the night was already “awkward” because Miley was there. You know, it’s super nice of them to invite her. It shows they mean it when they are still friends with her. It’s they way to do things. They really haven’t made any mistakes that are to bad out there. In fact, they set great examples for other people in Hollywood. They really deserve all this. I’m happy its all worked out for them.

  • Jbsupporter

    Oh and the suit is REALLY similar. The black outlined the blue though. All to similar :) hahaha :)

  • [other] sam

    LOL their parents faces
    laughin [all the way to the bank...]

  • shelby

    I LOVE THEM! im there biggest super fan ever! i love there music and there so super hot!

  • http://jona!!kevlove4ever jona

    I love you so much kevin!!!!

  • sara

    waw!!.. the jonas brother are ousome

  • sara

    jonas . LOVE . ^_^ love ya! kevin jonas

  • http://ms.DJ sara


  • RORO


  • RORO

    ILOVE YOU JONAS BROTHER speclly **nick jonas**

  • nick lover

    ilove nick jonas sososososo much ^_^
    and i hob you read my masseg

  • Amanda

    JOnas AMo VCs…..
    NIck vou casar com vc!!!


    Nick is so hot I wish Icould be there.

  • http://jonasbrothers vanessa

    tkm nick rs lo mjor dl mundo

  • http://acialanbarebajearaestkunverde abi

    7 de m

  • http://ningunaaaaa leyla

    teeeeee aaaaamooooooon jooo0ooeee jonasss :mmuuuuuuaaaa
    i love
    jonas ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ yeeehhaaa

  • http://ningunaaaaa leyla

    i love♥
    jonas♥ jejeje

  • michaela

    joe love you

>>>>>>> staging1