Zac Efron & Jonas Brothers: Kids' Choice Awards Presenters

Zac Efron & Jonas Brothers: Kids' Choice Awards Presenters

Zac Efron will join the Jonas Brothers on stage next month at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, People confirms.

The JoBros will take the stage to perform during the award ceremony and have big hopes of being slimed! Kevin, 21, shared with People, “We were almost slimed just by getting hugged by [last year's host] Jack Black. Maybe it’s our year. We’ll have to see.”

Zac, also 21, has been tapped to present an award along with fellow Oscar performer Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Nick’s Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer and Nat Wolff. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be hosting this year’s event.

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  • daniyah

    Yea im SUPER excited! hopefully zac will present! and im so happy vanessa hudgens is nominated for best acteress!!! zanessa forever! :)

  • Mileylover

    IF ZAC IS THERE FOR SURE I AM WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Taylor swift :)

    No taylor swift isn’t there. Whatever she is too cool to be there

  • Alice

    YEAAAH !!!!

  • kitty

    i know! i love zanessa!

  • zanessa4everr

    thats awesome! im excited for zac!

  • katie

    taylor isn’t gonna be there? bummer. miley’s up for 5 awards, so i’ll be watching. btw, is it weird to anyone else that zac is 21? he seems so much younger…

  • MoJo

    Yup- I can’t wait!! I watch every year!! I;m rooting for all my favs!! (twilight, jonas brothers, madagasgar 2, etc.)

  • carrie

    lmao robert is invited and he doesn’t even like children

  • :)

    wat about miley! for god sake she is nominated for the most out of everyone 5 awards! and if u count bolt that 6!!!

  • mikaela

    that would b soo cool if he presented best actress and vanessa wins!! :D
    can we vote now??

  • yellow2

    YES!!! Can’t wait! ugh, but I don’t like that big snob Rob Pattinson. He is so ungrateful for the success and frankly I don’t think he dereves ANY of it.

  • jobrosaddict*

    hope JB get slimmed i’d bee so freaking HAWT!!

    and hope they win along with Jesse McCartney <3

    they are the best

  • JennyJONAS

    yay JB and zac efron!!! ;)

  • Patricia

    heyyyyyy guyys, when are going to be the kid’s choice awards??

  • sasha

    Glad to see Pattinson but not the others

  • bren

    Pattinson rocks but the others are gormless

  • joanne

    I want Vanessa to present

  • maka


  • lisa

    i’m so sick of zac efron
    grow up zac

  • melissa. *

    i’m happy he’s going to be there. & vanessa! (:
    the kids choice awards are going to rock! <3

  • Zanessa.chick.lova

    yay (:
    Zac and JB brothers together!
    I hope baby-v wins best actress – she deserves it!!

  • Peyton

    vanessa doesn’t deserve best actress we haven’t actually seen what shes capabile and its for hsm so its stupid her acting in that is what anyone can do.

  • ryanefron

    yay Zac!!!!
    Zac is the best guy ever. So mature, and so far ahead of all the other guys/

  • Nikki

    IF ZAC EFRON IS THERE I AM SSOOO WATCHING IT!!… dude why is robert gonna be there, he doesnt even like kids! he is so ungratful for his fame!!! and im sick of jb being everywhere! omg!!! go zanessa hope they have a good time! zac efron is hootttttt

  • mrs.efron baby

    zzaaacccccccc!! he is gonna make it a great show! zac is so great at acting,

  • Jick Jack

    zachary efron is so zexyyy!!! :D cant wait to see him there!!!!!! i love him! i dont like jb or rob!!

  • JustGonnaSay

    cool. i guess vanessa is going too. she’s his date.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend


    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them soooooooooooooooooooooo much they’re the CUTEST guys EVER I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo watching this! I hope they all get slimed together onstage that would be soooooooooo funny and cool at the same time.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    If Zachary’s going to be there then hell yeah !!

    Oh, and it would be really adorable if he presented the award that Vanessa is in and when she wins he’ll present her. Wouldn’t that be CUTE !?

    ..and #23, yes, we’ve only seen her act in HSM, but we’ll see her in many more roles. I think she deserves it though…

    and #20, if your sick of Zac Efron, then why are you here ?

  • lai

    im so excited cause vanessa is there.

  • mrsefron.



  • = ]

    ZAAACCCC <3333 and JONAS.


    when can we vote? and is it

  • kristina

    o cool jonas zanessa

    but i want to see selena gomez she’s my favorite


    I have inside information that taylor will most likely be there, and possibly perform along with or separate from the jonas brothers.

  • christine x3

    nice! so since vanessa is a nominee i’m guessing another zanessa moment! :]

  • zane

    JJ,when and where the award gonna be???

  • kikiluvr

    OMG!!!!! I can’t wait until the Kids Choice Awards!!!!!!!!!! all of the HOT GUYS get to preform

  • Vfan

    Vanessa BETTER WIN because the KCA is on MY BIRTHDAY and that would make it the best birthday and present EVER !!!!!!!!!! Vanessa NEEDS to win …..for me atleast :D

  • jamie

    im excited

  • laura

    oh and one more thing “lisa” cuz you pissed me off! Seriously he needs to um “grow up”? well i have news for you most of his fans are kids so yeah he is going to go to the kids choice awards and see and honor his fans…people like you irritate me…people who dont like themselves or are insecure about themselves so you decide just to come on here and spew forth ignorant comments from your mouth…think before you open your mouth and let crap flow from it….him and vanessa and robert are better than you and have probably amounted to more than you ever will be!!!!! Have a great night I am not wasting any more of my time on you!!! :)

  • zanessaholic

    i cant wait!!!
    so there will be zanessa on the carpet again..
    im soooo excited!!!
    zanessa forever!!! :)

  • Peggy


    Vanessa is going because she is the only nominated performance from HSM3.

  • Emmejane Go

    Yay! I hope the jonas brothers win, twilight too. And too bad I really want to see selena gomez, and demi lovato.

  • claudie

    When is it: the Kids’ Choice Awards??

    –> !!! See You There !

  • zanessa4-life

    Of course I’m excited,I mean Zac Efron will be there!
    Who isn’t?

  • me.

    #41 laura, thank you for saying that! lol

  • Hermione

    Can’t Wait to see the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron!!!
    But i understand Twilight is a huge sucess but it’s soo burnedd!
    And like said already, Robert and Kristen seem ungrateful prats, snobby people like “Oh yeah Twilight was forced on me.”

  • lower

    # 48
    No, Kristen is but Robert is not an ungrateful prat, don’t say sh*t you don’t know. I may only see this for Robert anyway

  • athena

    Where are the awards going to be held? Does anyone know?