Zac Efron: Hair Flip Fun

Zac Efron: Hair Flip Fun

Zac Efron flips his long hair out of his eyes as he leaves his home in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (March 5).

The 21-year-old actor (in a gray LNA tee) recently dished to Elle magazine that he didn’t fully understand High School Musical‘s success. He shared, “I liked being the kid in the adult circle. As far back as I can remember, I couldn’t understand or relate to a lot of kids. I still don’t understand how High School Musical became a hit. I’m going to make as many lighthearted movies as I can. Every time we started a new High School Musical movie, I wanted to keep that kid inside of me alive.”

Zac also shared about meeting fellow actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, saying, “A few nights later (after the GQ party), I was at a Lakers game and I texted him, and he said he was coming. And this guy in a ball cap and coat with the collar up sits next to me. We talked the whole game, and he was just everything I thought he would be: smart, level-headed, charming, hilarious. You know, the older-brother vibe.”


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Credit: BM; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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zanessa4everr @ 7:10 pm on 03/05/2009


;o @ 7:13 pm on 03/05/2009

he looks like that blind dude on american idol o:

ICEBREAKERS ARE SOUR! @ 7:13 pm on 03/05/2009

his hair flip makes me melt!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!

Daniyah @ 7:14 pm on 03/05/2009

HES SO HOTT! love him! :)
zanessa forever!

baby.v. @ 7:16 pm on 03/05/2009

Such a hottie!

VANESSA @ 7:22 pm on 03/05/2009

LOVE it when he does the hair flip <3333333333333

Karina @ 7:23 pm on 03/05/2009

haha. wow

matilda @ 7:27 pm on 03/05/2009

gotta love zac!

Zanessa biggest brazilian fan @ 7:30 pm on 03/05/2009

jjj, why you don’t tell all the interview? hahaha

Cc27 @ 7:39 pm on 03/05/2009

haha lol being a hottie :) lol

BRADLEY @ 7:41 pm on 03/05/2009

Zac looks great.

vanessaj @ 7:42 pm on 03/05/2009

he is hot but that doesnt seem like the apartment of his.. he moved to a new house?

zanessahsmxoxo @ 7:42 pm on 03/05/2009

oh my dear GOD!!!!! that guy is becoming more sexy everyday!
he looks so extremely hot!! love him so much!! =)

zac,u rock!!!!
zanessa forever!!!

zanessahsmxoxo @ 7:44 pm on 03/05/2009

aww.i dont want the hsm experience to end =(,please disneyjust another one!! but with the original characters!!

zac,ur the best!!

chris @ 7:49 pm on 03/05/2009


OMG ZACCC IS SOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<

Peyton @ 7:55 pm on 03/05/2009

I wish you people would stop saying Zanessa Forever you really don’t need to talk about them together in a thread where its just about Zac.

he’s a hottie though.

Will @ 7:58 pm on 03/05/2009

Ohh man that’s right outside his gate. They really are following him this week. Damm

Lilly @ 8:02 pm on 03/05/2009

Peyton, foolish person. V is a huge part of his life, get over it.

Can’t wait for 17!!

Mary @ 8:02 pm on 03/05/2009

Peyton #16

there are many fans to loves to Zanessa

Katty @ 8:09 pm on 03/05/2009

I love him, but that boy needs to trim his hair, it’s getting a little bit to long. I can’t wait to go see 17 Again, it’s going to be awesome. I wonder where he is going. Hm..
When does the publicity tour start:?

zanessaholic @ 8:11 pm on 03/05/2009

hot zaccy!!!
where’s vanessa???
havent heard about her for a while..

no bother @ 8:19 pm on 03/05/2009

He heads off to Australia this weekend sometime for the promos over there.

Also I agree with Peyton- these pics have nothing to do with Vanessa/Zanessa. I could understand mentioning them if they had been included in JJJRS write up but they wernt, so can we please trying keep it on the topic of Zac and his hair flick, as that is what the post and the pics are about, not Zanessa or Vanessa- right now he is just being Zac Efron walking from his house flipping his hair.

Karen @ 8:39 pm on 03/05/2009

I love it when someone says, “where’s Vanessa, we haven’t seen or heard about her in a while”. There was pictures of her and Zac together at The Watchmen premiere just 2 nights ago for heaven sakes! And yes, this thread is about Zac. Many times when then is just a Vanessa thread a lot of you people can refrain from mentioning Zac so I’m sure you are old enough to relate to just Zac at times too without mentioning Vanessa. They actually are two separate people and do individual things from time to time. I really wish the paps would leave them alone when they are at their homes, however.

no bother @ 8:45 pm on 03/05/2009

#23 so you agree with me,and basically said everything I said in my post. Great minds think a like!

zanessa/jashley/ashnessa @ 8:49 pm on 03/05/2009

Omg…I love it when guys that have shaggy hair, flip their hair. It is SO sexy !! Especially when Zachary does it. :D Zachary makes that plain gray t-shirt look hot.

..Yeah, I find it creepy that paparazzi actually know where he’s like the paps are waiting for him to get out…poor guy. Paps really need to lay off a bit…they can go crazy at the 17 Premiere.

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