Kristen Stewart Jokes with Jimmy Kimmel

Kristen Stewart Jokes with Jimmy Kimmel

Kristen Stewart stops to sign an autograph for a fan after her appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in Hollywood on Friday night (March 13).

The 18-year-old actress dished to Jimmy about her two new movies – The Cake Eaters and Adventureland – and spills some secrets about New Moon.

She shared of Cake Eaters director, Mary Stuart Masterson, “She’s amazingly admirable. She’s definitely a role model and that’s rare for me. I really look up to her. She did a great job with the movie.”

Kristen Stewart – The Jimmy Kimmel Show, 03/13

20+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart at the Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SCJ/ Fame Pictures
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  • Sar

    She’s beautiful! She did a great job in the interview. Go Kristen! :)

  • Patty- JBR

    I love her!

  • gerty

    she was like so nervous in the beginning, but it went out pretty good.
    she’s pretty :D

  • gerty

    she looked really nervous in the beginning, but it went out pretty good.
    she’s pretty :D

  • jill

    she’s awesome! and she’s doing so much better with press stuff now. really proud of how she’s been able to turn around the public’s negative opinion of her. she seems like such a sweet girl and really appreciates her fans.

  • listen to mayday parade

    she is so gorgeous, but i find it incredibly awkward to watch her. she just studders and chocks on her words. and i love how she is trying to make it sound liek she loves the twilight series and her fans now… ever since the truth came out about her hating life and wanting out she has done everything in her power to make ti seem like she didnt really say it… but she did. but at the same time shes real so you cant not like her. but her acting is so awkward to watch!

  • Elleeee

    I thought the title said “Kristen Stewart TOKES with Jimmy Kimmel”


    Man, you guys are way too nice here. She’s awesome??

    Back to ONTD I go

  • Taylor

    Is kristen still with her boyfriend? I havnt sene him around for ages and i know he is not working..right?

  • Me

    She did so good, she seemed nervous but she did a really great job. Love her, can’t wait to get cake eaters.

  • eol

    i love kristen..she’s gorgeous and she’s a real person, not pretending to be something she isn’t. i love this interview because it’s not as awkward as the one with jay leno..i think

  • Sara

    I was in this audience, like right in the front row and she did amazing.. during her adventureland clip she said to jimmy”i suck at interviews”. it was really funny!!!! After her interview was over and she was walking off stage i yelled KRISTEN!! and she turned around and looked suprised that someone said her named.When she looked at me i waved and said hi.. and like she said hi back and waved.. like she is absolutely amazing and soo sweet!! she is my favorite actress

  • joss

    i love her dress! and she is gorgeous!

  • Diana

    AHHH! I was there!

  • Coii

    i loved her dress!!! she was awesome and so beautiful!! ***go kristen!*** you’re amazing!


  • Wisher

    i love her . she seems real . She has this quiet girl attitude which i liiike .
    she isnt like ” oh-im-the-sweetest-person-on-earth”

  • Coii

    Dianaaaa!!! [jealous!!!] LOL!!! you get her autograph??!!

  • Coii

    could get***

  • Lorraine

    Omgoshhhh, love her!!!! She’s amazinnggg =)

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    AW…I missed it !!! ..But that’s the great thing about youtube.

    Btw, whoever lives in Vancouver…apparently Taylor Lautner will be in Stanley Park on Monday :D ….Apparently.

  • yashi

    yeah t hat is my fave thing about her SHE AINT NO PLASTIC BARBIE DOLL she is really smart , and always herself.

    dont you people think if you were in her shoes for one day you would understand why she would be nervous at live interviews and events , some people should be empathetic ,she never wanted fame cause she knew what that meant PURE CRAZINESS so i understand why she is nervous and awkward in interviews she is shy and some think she is bitchy when clearly she is not , plus she is an aries we aries girls are naturally shy LOL so i identify with her in that level

    and to listen to mayday parade

    shut up ok she really does care about her fans and twilight so go f yourself all in that mag was taken out of context and stupid people r the ones who do that… just saying !!!

  • Diana

    Coli: Yep! I got her autograph!

  • ew

    She’s a real person? Yeah, a real b!tch. I wish they would replace her from the twilight series with someone who’s more grateful, and a better actress. Kristen shows absolutely no emotion. Dakota Fanning is going to out act her in the small scene she’s in and the other movie they’re doing together.

  • Lauren

    She’s great
    i love her :)

  • http://jjj miley

    love her!
    go kristen!

  • Kris

    aw i’m really happy with this interview :)
    she seems to be doing a better job with the press and stuff
    and she doesn’t even try to be funny
    at moments
    but she is ya know??

    && good for Jimmy that was a good interview
    he’s always super funny
    and he made her feel more comfortable.

  • mon =

    it was great, love the dress and her snickers!!..she’s my fav actress

  • idababy

    this is by far her best interview to date .

  • amber

    stop posting kristen on your site. she doesn’t need to be obsessed over by all these disney-loving little kids. she is wayyy too above this little tweeny site. thanks.

  • jasmine

    Love it!! Shes gorgeous, and i loved the interview

  • padme35

    Kristen is a little nervous but at least she is trying,and she did smile and try to joke around. Don’t come down so hard on her people, I have panic attacks/anxiety disorder and it is so hard to be in a crowd of people when it makes you nervous.This was a good interview for her and I wish her the best! Keep your chin up Kristen you are doing a great job!

  • ashley

    hey SARA #11

    Did you think Jimmy helped her feel more at ease?

  • christina

    I am so in love with her. She’s awkwardly cute and funny without trying to be. She’s beautiful when she’s dressed down AND dressed up.

  • Kami

    i swear that girl is so on drugs

  • jj

    kami you’re a stupid *beep* she wasn’t on any drugs last night. quit being such a judgmental *beep* and go bash someone else. people are really starting to like kristen now and she don’t want to here unfounded negative bs about her anymore.

  • Emma

    she is so cuteee! lol
    it looks like she is putting in an effort now after people said she was boring. i never really thought she was boring, i think she’s always been great.. but yeah! love her!

  • Chloe

    she didnt spill secrets about new moon? lol

  • norcal

    is that an engagement ring :)

  • Noelani

    i have decided that i have a girl crush on her. she’s beautiful. it’s funny after how many interviews she’s done she still gets the jitters.. haha love her for that :)

    I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! hopefully my bf won’t have a problem with that.

  • pearl

    Go KSTEW! you rock girl!
    There is no doub that she is a rising star! ever since i saw her in the panic room i had a feeling that she was going to make it big in hollywood. …she will´probably even win an oscar for best actress in the future. i wish her a great year! i know it will be.

  • jgjg

    shes pretty but wats with all her strapless dresses

  • arantxa

    Shes awesome )

  • anna.

    she’s gorgeous. that’s all she got.

  • iluvrobpattz

    shes great much better than hollywood snobs, for sure. she seems happy, which is a good thing.
    Go K-Stew!!!!!!

  • iluvrobpattz

    #28 amber: KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT, ok? who cares if this site is disney realted? she gets more famous by JARED posting stuff about her. so you must probably not like her, iddy.

  • blaster

    and again jared placed her in this disney site… c’mon jared!!

    she’s not a tootsie-wootsie actress!!! seriously!!!

    she was funny in that interview.. jimmy kimmel was really good with her. she was amazingly beautiful!!

    and the dress!!! its gorgeous!! she’s hot!!!

  • Tiffany

    She kicks ass! She’s awesome without even trying…Fu*k the haters!

  • celia

    She’s so boring in interviews, but she’s still a great actress. And that has nothing to do with Twilight. I still think she’s wasting her talent on something as mediocre as that stuff.

  • tina

    maybe she is nervous because she is guilty. she knows she said horrible thing to her “fans”. well, people will FORGET what you said to them.BUT they will NEVER FORGET what you made them feel.

  • mercurey

    when she spoke rude things about twilight fans, did she has a panic attack? ridiculous. she was being mean then

  • fy9r1209

    to sara did you see her up close, is she pretty in real life?