Demi Lovato is Avalon Amazing

Demi Lovato is Avalon Amazing

Demi Lovato gives a great big smile as she leaves Avalon Nightclub after practicing with her band in Hollywood on Monday night (March 24).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet’s lil’ sis Madison De La Garza just got a new puppy. Demi tweeted, “Madison got a new puppy. It’s a basically 2lbs. of adorable and doesn’t even look real.”

She continued, “We named it Bella and NO it’s not named after the vampire. I cannot get enough of this dog!”

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato leaving Avalon…

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Credit: Styles; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, SCJ/ Fame Pictures
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  • Marie

    Cute puppy

  • Laura

    she’s changed so much, idk.. it’s weird, she’s so pretty though

  • Andy

    Monday was March 23…

  • demifan44

    demi’s awesome

  • AJ

    She looks so different lately, but she’s always been beautiful. Love her on SWAC, and princess protection program looks great.

  • gerty

    she looks really different than she used to be… i didnt decide yet if its a good thing or not…

  • anonymous

    she’s so pretty
    Love You Demi!!!

  • Izabella

    wow, she looks so gorgeous!! and I love that little dog :D

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    she’s great =)
    i love her =)

  • Mary

    she’s so nice, Demi rocks!!

  • Mary

    and the puppy is so cute awn

  • Brooke

    She changed sooo much :/ I loved the rock and roll Demi… where is she?! As much as she denied she changed, it’s obvious she did.

    I still love her, but she changed so much and she looked better before. Before the fake tan… It’s just not the same.

  • http://jjj miley

    cute smile! go demi! love your music!

  • cc27

    She has changed soo much! From As the bell rings to Camp Rock and Look at her now, wow succesful and pretty :)
    But seriously she looks super different haha
    Love You Demi!

  • romina

    she is so cute and talent!!!! I love her music!!! and sonny WITH A CHANCE is great!!!

    COME TO ARGENTINA DEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • duddeee:]

    she looks so cute. :)

  • Lauren

    i agree she has changed…i dont know either whether its good or not…because before she was different – she once said she was like the opposite of the jonas know clothes sense, now she blends in…i still love her and her hair lol

  • dundies

    shes dyed her hair darker & is wearing a little bit of bronzer…yeah shes changed SOOOOOOO MUCH

  • jen

    I don’t like her so much anymore…not the same person ppl fell in love with. now i JB is out of her life i dc about her and her look is so typical now looking like everyone else with the fake tan. paler was better.

  • Andrea

    She´s so nice,, i love her,, Demi you´re THE BEST GIRL,, and the puppy it´s really cute i want it for me

  • amanda

    she’s different than before.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She’s really beautiful, and she changed a lot.
    Is her hair darker now?
    Anyways, she looks great!
    GO DEMI ♥

  • jade

    Eew. Get rid of that tan!

  • momma

    All she did was dye her hair, re-grew her eyebrows (reshaped), and “tanned” (fakebake)..
    Seriously, not much she changed, but those make a huge diff..

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    “No we didnt name it after
    the vampire.” Haha
    thats funny. Demi looks
    really pretty and Madison’s
    puppy is so cute!
    Its the same size
    as my tea-cup chiuaua
    when he was
    a baby.

    Demi, Madison and Bella

  • kenny

    oooooooooooun, *o*
    beautiful demii;*

  • kenny


  • MKay

    why does she look so different? tan? hair?

  • Casey

    shes so pretty. love her!

  • jess

    you guys are dumb! she used to look like this before being famous…everyone changes you cant expect her to look the same for the rest of her life..please mature guys and get out more…learn more about life…you guys are prob a bunch of 10 year olds! no offence!

  • miss zanessa

    LOl when i first saw the pics i thought
    she was vanessa hudgens LOL XP
    -darker hair
    -leather jacket
    -bracelet & necklace
    -same stripped purse

    hehe anyway she looks pretty
    and her dog is super cute ^^

  • jacqueline

    um what was she doing in a nightclub?
    dont you have to be 18 to get into a club?

  • Krissy Fantasy

    Demi is so pretty and so beautiful, just like she always does :D
    I barely even recognize her!
    but damn, she looks really really good :)

    black leather jacket – <3
    black hair- <3
    Gorgeous smile- <3
    fake tan?- haha! more like her skin color or a natural look.

    aww that puppy looks so cute!!
    bella ^-^
    haha, not like bella from twilight! what’ a joker!
    gotta love demi!

    OK, no offense, but some of you guys are like little kids that don’t really understand what it’s like to change and feel accepted.
    Obviously, change is not a bad thing. Alot of people do it, just to feel more confident and powerful within themselves.
    AND i bet you anything, DEMI and many other girls, change to have that feeling, that they never had before they were famous.
    yea, miley cyrus, ashley tisdale, selena gomex— those are good examples to what i’m talking about.

    Like someone said, demi USED to have this look before on as the bell rings—- so don’t go on saying, she’s copying other celebs with their styles or, hate her just because she looks different. Seriously, that’s just a stupid reason to hate someone.
    LOOK for what’s on the inside and NOT OUT.
    PLUS it’s not like, demi can have the same look forever- she’s growing up just like everyone else!

    you can tell, demi is the still the same person, same personality, loves life and haves fun with friends, and who wants to be more independent in creating her music. The whole Jonas brothers, being by her side, was just a way, for demi to feel more confident as a artist and just a starter up (:

    umm # 32
    read carefully
    avalon nightclub? IS a performance place!
    she was there with her BAND to practice for a show…not going out to have fun and fooling around, like some crazy heads! -.-
    DEMI is knows better to do stuff like that (:


  • Rowan

    I like Demi, but she IS changing a little too much. Like some of you said, change is maturing, but you draw the line at a certain point. Like, what’s with her fake tan?

  • elsalove

    haha well she’s also mentioned before that she is hispanic . . ? if that helps anyone? . ..cuz like maybe she wanted to look more like her cultural background… idk just saying…

    i think she looks good both ways : )
    she’s cute and talented and that’s all that matters!

    keep on rockin demi !!!!!

  • Bella

    Demi was practicing at a nightclub? Cool! She looks more like she did before she got famous. She still looks pretty.

  • tweetyjobro

    @Krissy Fantasy:

    i totally agree with you 100%
    she is so gorgous like this and if you look at her old pics b4 she was on disney she always had a fuckin tan god people always try to find thing wrong about her and it kills me

    but any way don you have a youtube or a myspace b/c i would love to have you as a friend

  • Annoynoumous

    she has changed SO much,
    but either way she is still so BEAUTIFUL ;)

  • Katty Swan

    its not about changing is a that bad thing at all (it isnt… not always^^), and i dont know if she really changes… im just afraid if she does, if she starts looking like every other hollywood chick. i like her cuz shes something special, demi the rock chick, yay the lil metal girl haha
    okay… she does anyway say “maturing” not changing but….
    1. tanning doesnt look good – she looks like… anybody, but NOT demi!
    2. and im a DEMI fan … what does she wrote about r&b? r&b on her new album (too) ???

    you see my problem is this: if she changes like im afraid she does shell be completely another person, no more the demi im a fan of … and.. maaan, that would SUCK wouldnt it!!?

    ur DEMI fans arent ya so u should agree -.-

  • Lauren

    #39-Katty Swan

    i totally agree with you; im 18 years old, and i know what its like to change your appearance, i change daily lol; thats what does go on in life, plus it depends on what mood you feel like dressing in; and she can change and stuff, but im agreeing with you that she was unique and her sense of style, and her music is what makes her demi, shes great in her own way and i think she should stay that way, and if she does change (and even though shes only changed her hair colour, and being tanned, etc) im afraid she’ll just blend in and turn into another one of the same people from hollywood….but other than that shes doing a great job, so young, and to be so successful its amazing, so good luck to her, and to stay the same person as she is inside..even if the outer changes a little!

  • Katty Swan

    wow, someone who agrees :)

    you see my problem is this: she writes about “maturing”, butt he way she wants to “mature” seems like completely changing

    you know i really like her in the vid of dont forget, okay shes tanned but the rest is good – shes wearing dark clothes and make up, all is kinda dark like she even is!

    she seems to be more adult i n the vid … okay, maybe cause its a sad song, but at all if this is what she meant with “maturing”/changing wahtever then its okay

    but im afraid that this is just the beginning, that shell change more and more… she wrote about wearing less black and r&b (too)

    ????? oh NO … but anyway good 2 know im not the only one -.-

  • haha

    hasnt she always listened to r&b? It wouldnt be shocking to me since her voice is more suitable for it. She’s changing because 1. she’s a teenager( EVERYONE CHANGES) 2. she’s a young lady ( in the middle of becoming a woman)

  • Angelica

    she looks sooo different i agree!! and it just doesn’t seem like demi..

  • Lauren

    i’d prefer her to stay as the demi who’s been around this year – and i liked her hair better with the bangs and messy curls but i get what you mean katty swan

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i like herrr <3
    but looks like she is going to be next miley cyrus.i hope she will not.

  • zac and vanessa lover!!!!!

    she goes clubbing?

  • Nayra

    I love you Demiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..kiss kiss kiss