Kevin Jonas: Blown Away By Twilight

Kevin Jonas: Blown Away By Twilight

Kevin Jonas finally got to sit down and watch big-screen hit Twilight and really enjoyed it.

The 21-year-old musician told Access Hollywood at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards, “I just recently saw the first one, actually. I watched it on the plane and it was really good. I was blown away.”

Kevin and his bros Joe and Nick recently told MTV that if they were asked, they would love to be a part of the sequel’s New Moon soundtrack.

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    they movie sucked
    the book were wayy better
    lets hope they doint ruin new moon

    eww if they were o nthe soundtrack
    i would kill myself
    they would probably make it all gay and rap

  • listen to mayday parade

    he must have been tired, or confused… cause the movie was not that good.

    maybe because i read the book, so i know the movie was a crappy rendition of the book.

  • milla :)

    seccooond :D
    um i like twilight it is really good but i just read new moon its awesomee :D now im gonna buy the thrid book :)

  • Meepzy

    I guess they have bad taste in movies as well.

  • taylor

    He must not have been watching the same movie as everyone else ’cause that thing freaking sucked. Hopefully New Moon is better.

  • Laura

    yh i agree i didnt like twilight, i mean not as much as everyone else did, i wanted to see it because evrybody told me it was an AMAZING movie, well, maybe that’s why i didnt like it.. & i dont even know if im gonna go see the 2nd one

  • Cara

    the first time i saw it i thought it was pretty good too. upon seeing it a third time, i realized it really was cheezy. the book schooled it so bad. but i still love it haha. i think its a story line you’d just fall in love with. <3

  • dundies

    i agree with everyone else above. i found the plot to be weak as well as the character development.

  • Becky

    He must be right, he’s a Jonas! Um, nah.. it was a load of crap.

  • aw


  • V

    If you watch the movie before reading the book (that’s what I did) then it’s a pretty good movie. But… if you read the book first, you know all the details that are missing so it ruins the movie. That’s what I think.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    alright number 1..that was so rude..they would make the soundtrack so amazing!
    of course kevin loved it..its the best movie everrrr:) but the books are better!
    and that adorable pic of kev is from the day i met him!!! and his brothersss:)
    dont listen to haters jonas many of us adore you guys!<3

  • Taylor swift :)

    Ugh like the Jonas Brothers are talented but they basically are now offically overated. Twlight and Jonas do not mix!

  • rin

    JB are overrated and so is Twilight. I’ve sensed a shift of fans. Most Tween JB fans are now Twilight fans and thats disturbing. JB and Twilight are similar in some ways, they have the weirdest fans and the movie SUCKED so bad.

  • kamilah

    i read the books before i watched twilight so i was kind of disappointed when i first saw it because i already had my own version of the characters and everything. i didnt think the movie was terrible, just not as good as the book. but everyone should know that the books are always better/different than their movies. its not a bad thing just a fact. after i bought the dvd and really WATCHED the acting and setting, i actually liked it more. it really did capture the essence of the book in its own way. if you go into something with a judmental point of view, your gonna get negative results. thats what a lot of people did when they saw twilight. they already had it in their heads that they didnt like it before they even saw the movie. a lot of it had to do with the hype of it all

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMG I cant believe
    how sad and pathetic some
    of you are. If ya’ll obviously
    “hate” Twilight and JB
    why are ya’ll even on here?
    Just trying to bribe
    some attention by hating.
    Really, ALOT of you
    need some serious mental
    help. While you’re at it
    try to get some were in
    your lives that you
    asume you have.

    Anyways, JB and Twilight
    I love them all.
    I cant wait for
    New Moon and JB’s

  • sergeantkero



  • jonasss


    what? how would they make it rap? they dont sing rap idk where your getting that idea from.

    and there ARE NOT GAY. i hate when ppl say dont even know them so dont judge them. they are nice genuine guys who deserve their success. i hope they are part of the soundtrack because it would make it that much better!

  • Alexandra

    please god dont let them ruin the New Moon Soundtrack!
    i mean jonas and New Moon?????
    seriously a BAD!!!!!!!! combination

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Look kevin jonas, don’t lie. I’m a fan of twilight and all the books but the movie sucked. He’s just saying that to get on everyone’s good side.

  • ihdhahaha

    Hahaha it would be kevin to say that he likes the movie. Rofl
    love ya kevin ahahhahaa <3

  • amber

    HAHAHAHA. the only reason he said that is because they really want to do a song for new moon. the movie isn’t a movie that would blow anyone away. it was okay, not great.

  • Anabel

    My goodness – I adore the Jonas Brothers 100%.

    Though – i dont think that the Jonas Brother’s should take twilight.

    I was a fan of the Jonas Brothers since their FIRST album, So i can say that i was basically on the ride with them till they started it themselves. I loved how they were sweet , charming, could sing and everything else about them.

    But now – It really hurts to say that the Jonas Brothers are becoming so good, that ( I dont know if its just me) they just arn’t personal anymore.

    You know that feeling of butterflies you would get when you would hear Nick sing Hello beautiful ?
    and you would close your eyes , and let your heart beat slow the the sounds of the the music?

    I just feel like their music doesnt do that anymore , not because it cant – But because its just NOT personal anymore.

    Twilight for me , is a huge thing. Just the the jonas brothers , i rode that roller coaster when it opened. ( I assume that i have an eye , for things ;D) and i personally enjoyed the movie. Sure , it was segments – But for someone to sit down and say that it sucks, I really think that they have no taste for the movies.

    With the budget and everything else that went with it, the movie was great. You can’t honestly think, that anyone alive would be able to squeeze 500 pages of pure genius into a 2 hour movie.

    So it didn’t stink – Kevin IS right.
    But they shouldn’t do twilight , proves they just want to be more commercial and not personal than they already are.

  • Demi

    lol i never have seen twilight. but jb is freaking hotttt<3

  • rosalina

    I read the book and thought it was pretty good. Saw the movie, thought it was ok. I prefer the book. Anyway, I don’t really think JB should mix with the whole Twilight thing. I love JB, big fan, but I just don’t think they’d get it right for a movie of this kind. I mean, who knows, probably they would and that’d be so cool but right now I can’t imagine JB on the soundtrack. It’s more of a Muse, Linkin Park, Paramore kinda thing..


  • melissa. *

    the jonas brothers on thew new moon soundrack? :O i don’t really like the jonas brothers, i’m not a hater or anything cause some of their songs are actually good, but i find them overated. i liked twilight i mean i’m not obsessed, but i read the book, and it was an alright movie. but i liked the book WAYY more. [: hopefully, new moon is a million times better! x3 .

  • sandra

    OMG I also loved twilight! but the books are way better!
    and to all of the above ofcourse he will say that he like it coz he still didn’t read the book! I also loved the movie but then when I read the book it was way better! Now i’m in eclipse.

    Jonas Brothers Please come to Israel!!!!!

  • tara

    HAHAHAH :) wow. im so happy that they finally had time to chilax and watch a movie :P hhhaha. i liked twighlight too :P it was cute :P jhaha
    scaryish tho :P :P but was cool.
    i read in j-14 that they wanna do a song for new moon :P they should :) :) sooo cool. Jonas + Twighlight = MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. i know that if Jonas Brothers did a song for the twighlight soundtrack, i would buy it! just for JB

  • kelsieeeeee

    everyone needs to calm ur shit.
    i doubt they would be a part of the new mon soundtrack becuz their music style doesnt realy match the book nor movie or the whole twilight saga.
    the twilight movie soundtrack has very different songs, its a total different type of music that the jonas brothers dont make, so everyone needs to calm down.

  • V

    I know that some of you don’t like Disney people on the New Moon soundtrack, but I thought Demi is a pretty good choice. Her song matches, have you listened to “Two Worlds Collide” that song matches so well. Demi also wanted to be part of the soundtrack, but not for fame, she actually read the books, and likes it.

  • amber tantog

    he must havent read the book. because the book was WAYYYY better. to me–since i’ve acually read it–was okay.. but could have been better. not blown away.. i hope they dont go with disney singers. because it will be horrible. like a “pop” song in new moon? umm. sorry. NOOOO WAY. not going to happen. i think only JB fans would see it just to hear their music in it. but twilight fans wouldnt really enjoy it in.

  • anna

    yayy, twilight && jonas brothers
    = heavenn<33 :D

  • TwIlIgHtfreakazoid

    umm actually there is one song that would be perfect for the soundtrack because the song is sorry, and the lyrics are “cause im sorry for breakin all the promises i wasnt around to keep”

  • Gabriellelovesjoseph

    i didn’t compare the two.
    i loved both of them!’

    and i love kevin jonas!! :)

  • amy

    @Taylor swift :):
    i totally agree with you.. i like the jonas brothers, but let’s face it, twilight is way better


  • Tam K

    we dont know whether kevin liked it or not, he knows a lot of fans liked twilight, so he said he liked it. it doesn’t mean they have bad taste in movies@Meepzy:

  • RyAn