Zac Efron: Rockets vs. Lakers!

Zac Efron: Rockets vs. Lakers!

Zac Efron watches the LA Lakers defeat the Houston Rockets, 93-81, at the Staples Center on Friday (April 3) in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, the 21-year-old actor shot shirtless scenes for a new FunnyorDie video at Hairspray director Adam Shankman‘s house in Hollywood.

The video, which was produced through Adam‘s Offspring production company, will premiere in theaters as a lead-in to Zac‘s new flick, 17 Again, out April 17.

Bigger pics inside…

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zac efron lakers rockets 01
zac efron lakers rockets 02

Photos: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images
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  • Georgie


  • Flora

    OOoooooofttt he is soooo fit xxx

    love him xx:)

  • Fzan123

    yyyyyyyyyyes hot(l)

  • tina

    only one pic?
    come on you can do better than that jared (:


  • ally

    naw, no vanessa? damn..
    damn, this guy doesnt even try and his HOT
    first thing im doing when i get to america is going to L.A, and then going to one of these games, so hopefully zaccy will be there :D

  • jlm

    he does not look like he is too happy. be glad to see a zanessa sighting to put some of the rumors to rest again. he does look very cute but needs a hair cut.

  • zanessa4-life

    He looks so damn hot its unbelievable!
    I dont think he needs a haircut I love his messy hair :)
    Hope there will be more pics soon.

  • Shirley

    he look like he’s 19[2007] again, lolz.:))

    So cute!!!

  • Shirley

    @jlm: no, he was just either into the game or bored. i dont really talk bout zanessa in zac’s thread so no comment.

  • feebz

    think this is my fave zac-hairstyle

  • Charley

    he is so fit!

  • Scarlett

    he doesn’t even have to try to look hot…
    wow i’m in love :)

    had the video already been posted? i’ve been ‘dying’ to see it ;)
    [that was some attempt of a joke... hold the applause hold the applause...]

    and i have no idea how to work that website.. so i doubt i’ll see it!?

  • zanessa4-life

    I’m also waiting for the video but I think,I hope it will be posted here or on JustJared!
    I had to think about you joke a long time before I got it :D
    very funny :D

  • mzindochick

    no vanessa :(

  • Chicago 1918

    Marry me Zac.

    Oh well. I’ll probably say this again on a Rob Pattinson thread.

    Ahhhh!!! I love them both!

  • zanessaholic

    no vanessa
    may she’s busy..

  • Denise

    …speachless… ;)
    can someone be better then him?? [NO!!!! lOl..]
    He’s hot, a great actor, and funny..:P yummy!!!! lOl
    don’t you think??


  • elenee

    awhh, i love Zac :]
    even though he likes the Lakers, its okay.
    ahah :]

  • emma

    i’m suprised zac is a rat has not showed up yet!!!!!!!!!

    i love zac’s hair the way it is he should not go short it looks way better long.



  • me.

    ugh, stop with the whole “aw, no vanessa?!” thing. it’s getting annoying and ridiculous. & you guys sounds sad and desperate.
    i’m a huuuuge fan of zanessa, but i don’t mind not having zanessa pics for a few days. heck, i’d be tired of them if there ARE new zv pics/news everyday.

    anyway, bcak to the point…
    other than hoping he would cut his freakin’ hair, DAYUM. <3
    either he’s bored, or he’s too focused for the game. lol

  • zac is a rat


    Hi Emma how you doing.

    Well another game and another game without Vanessa seems all the smiles and loving looks were faulse at the KCA maybe Vanessa has finally given him the boot becuase it seems unless it is work related that they are not photograped together anymore but as usual Zac had no problem being all smiles in Vegas and what a suprise Vanessa was’nt their.

    I just hope she does’nt go to the L.A. premier as it seems that he is quite happy to attend things more and more without her and the L.A. premier is no different, so it seems that he’s leaving Vanessa as well as Disney behind.

    I hope that all goes well with her court case and she wins it and she does’nt need his support for anything she has her family and true friends that stick with her so bye bye Zac, there’s only so much you can expect a girl to take before enough is enough you can now go and have a different girl every night since it’s probably what you want to do. And people as I said don’t expect any more vacation pictures of these with each other cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    And he’ll be off after next week for yet more promo work so maybe it’s best that they have broke up now abnd while he’s away he might relalizewhat a great girl he has lost in Vanessa and maybe should have given her a bit more of his time rather than expect her to just follow him around and wait for him, being a big star is one thing but what you lose in the process is not always worth the fame and fortune.

  • emma

    Zac is a rat:

    stop commenting like you know these two people please when you dont.

  • Zac Efron fan and suppoter

    Zac looks great.

  • Zac Efron fan and suppoter

    Zac is a rat please shut up already.

  • Becky

    Zac looks hot and sexy.

  • hihi

    ‘Zac is a rat’ is right ..again.It is so obvious.

  • Katie

    OMG, I was WATCHING it yesterday, but no Zac I saw. :(

  • mhay

    but i missed Zanessa.

  • Marie

    Zac looks hot

  • zanessa4everr

    he looks so innocent and hot!

  • Marie

    Some people need to get a life,

  • Kelly

    Zac is a rat yes Vanessa dump Zac so that she get have sex Ryan seacrest.

  • Kelly

    Zac is A Rat yes Vanessa Dump Zac so that she could Have Sex with Ryan seacrest and other guys.

  • emma

    Kelly: Zac is a rat yes Vanessa dump Zac so that she get have sex Ryan seacrest

    Please sort out your terrible english and grammar

  • love u.

    haha Zac is hot :D

    Don’t know, if you gooing to read this, but, Andrew, I love you..<3
    And that won’t change anythink..

  • SnOopy

    zac is a rat, plz, get a life, u speak like God had given u the gift of eternal truth…-.-’ so patethic…wtf, u haven’t seen zanessa pics during this week and ur brain can’t take it, 4 u they had split up…lol…they were from zac’s film, not vanessa, ithere’s no written laws who oblige vanessa to come at every public events zac goes…being into a relationship doesn’t mean go together at all the premiers, and it’s funny that u think u know all about them…hello??maybe they have lot of personal things and u will probably be the last person on earth to know them

    …then have u seen pics of johnny depp and his wife vanessa?nope…at least some pics of him on the set of his new film….does it mean they broke up? no genius, just they’re able to keep their privacy…and btw, u seems really convinced that vanessa is that better person than zac…do u know them?no
    do u know surely she/he won’t be hurt of a possible split up?no
    do u think we need ur useless and patethic comments?no
    do u think zac nor vanessa give a s*** of ur no-sense posts?no
    do u feel more uselfull or more intelliget posting those commets, in which u clearly think we’re idiot and ur the Truth?i guess so…cuz if u don’t then i can find a reason why u still post on zac’s articles, though u hate him…get a life…i dislike miley cyrus, but i don’t write in her posts ‘miley is a rat’ or stupid things like that…-.-’ i’m not an 4-years-old…

    so grow and get a life, really…now ppl know what u use to write…we have enought of u…

    ps:sorry 4 my english…

  • Kelly

    Zac is a rat. Vanessa dumped Zac last night so that she could have sex with Ryan seacrest and other guys.

  • zac is a rat

    If Vanessa has dumped Zac it’s his own fault and I for one would’nt blame her for going and finding another guy Ryan or whoever to give her some comfort and Zac obvioulsy can’t be bothered to fit her into his ‘schedule’ now that he’s grown up and havingphoto shoots with naked women, it’s safe to say that Vanessa in Zac’s eye’s is’nt woman enough for him anymore maybe he’ll take the modelout next since he himself said he had a great time getting all down and dirty and likes playing with things.

    It does’nt take e genious to see that Zac is not happy in these photo’s and he’s been to games before with Vanessa and looked a dam site happier than what he does on these photo’s. As I said maybe V’s had enough of him he’s getting to big for his boots and thinks he’s alll that forever grinning and winking at girls when he is on shows he might as well just tell them to line up and wait for him outsidde and he’ll take them back to his hotel room and be done with it.

  • Bradley

    Zac is looks good. I am gold to see him out having some fun before he goes to Ny for the 17 again promo.

  • zac is a rat

    And all his crap about not wanting to do musicals for a while if he’s asked to reprise his role as Link he’d jump at the chance.

    I personally thought that JT was much better than anybody else in the film and Zac was’nt that brilliant he was only used for the tween girls and foever winking even in that film he really does think he’s gods gift to women sadly for some they see him as that rather than just some normal nearly man who got a lucky break in the movies and is being used by his PR people to keep the young girls swooning over him hence the forever winking, smirking and suggestive looks he gives. He’s quite happy to play that role.

  • lai

    i love him and vanessa!!!

  • Bradley

    Alright Zac is a Rat I am not going to read your comments anymore because your comments are Dumb you are no Vanessa fan. I am done here I am so sick of Zac is A Rat bashing Zac. Just Jared needs to deal with all the bashing and hating.

  • Bradley

    I am starting to hate Coming on Just Jared to comment. because I am so sick of Zac is a Rat this person needs to be banned.

  • Bradley

    To all the Zac and Vanessa fans I loved being on Just Jared but I can take Zac is A rat anymore.

  • emma

    Jared please ban Zac is a Rat enough is enough. she/he is immature and needs to grow up. please ban she/he please jared ban Zac is a Rat.

  • Becky

    #39 do you ever shut up. If Vanessa get her heart Broken Zac is a rat is the reason why.

  • Becky

    #43 I agree with

  • Becky

    Yes Jared or Jill Please ban Zac is A Rat enough is enough.

  • peggy


    I never thought I would say this but after reading all the dumb rumors even I wish For Real (the real one not the posers) would say something to shut these silly sallys up at least for awhile. LOL

    In fact with all this rumor stuff the fact he/she hasn’t amade their usual “get real you idiots” post has made be a tad bit concerned. Just being honest