Nikki Reed is La Brea Beautiful

Nikki Reed is La Brea Beautiful

Nikki Reed holds onto a tall green chair as she waits for mom Cheryl to help her inside a house in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (April 1).

The 20-year-old actress had a girls’ day out with her mom plus pal Kate. They lunched at Lala’s Argentinian Grill and then went to do some furniture shopping at La Brea.

Nikki is currently on break from filming New Moon. The highly-anticipated sequel to Twilight will hit theaters in November.

10+ pics inside of Nikki Reed picking out colorful chairs…

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nikki reed la brea chairs 01
nikki reed la brea chairs 02
nikki reed la brea chairs 03
nikki reed la brea chairs 04
nikki reed la brea chairs 05
nikki reed la brea chairs 06
nikki reed la brea chairs 07
nikki reed la brea chairs 08
nikki reed la brea chairs 09
nikki reed la brea chairs 10
nikki reed la brea chairs 11
nikki reed la brea chairs 12
nikki reed la brea chairs 13
nikki reed la brea chairs 14

Credit: Gabo/BM/Matinga; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • nelenaLove

    love her tennis!

  • naturaniczo

    Omgggg her shoes are siiiiccck!

  • ATwilightKiss

    It’s great to learn who she hangs out with aside from KStew. Thanks, J! And, I’m so glad she’s back in LA… ;-)

  • nikki

    i love her shoes there so colorful

  • asdfghjkl;

    why all of a sudden shes wearing sneakers?
    she obviously wants to be like kristen

    and i thought her mom was catherine hardwicke??

  • •nikki is awesome

    she’s so nice :D
    i love her :D

  • Samanta

    Gente, na boa…Ela tem c vestido igual a kirsten, ate a forma como prende o cabelo, o casaco e aqles tenis? Fala serio, antes ela tinha o proprio estilo, andava ate mais bem vestida.

  • Sarah

    Ok, I hate to say this but when I first saw a glimpse of some of the photos, I thought it was Kristen.

    Anyway, she looks summery with her bright shoes and bright chair. :)

  • arantxa

    i want some shoes like those !
    but i think that people would stare at me :$

  • Melissa

    She looks like KStew in the style sense :P

    I want those shoes SO BAD! Oh my god, I died when I saw them.

  • cc

    Q: if Nikki lunched w/ a friend @ an Argentinian restaurant, where are these pics from? They’re eating Asian food.

  • Lauren

    arantxa – i get what you mean, id love to wear them..because its stylish and casual!
    but because i live in a town where they’re the kind of people who like to stare and judge id feel abit too much on show..if you get what i mean!
    i do love the shoes which are colourful and the ones which she wore in the airport…its coolness lol

  • nikki

    mamasita the person behind her is just a random person i think

  • sarah


    she plays Rosalie in Twilight – (her hair is just a differnet color )

  • Amy

    She’s so cute ^ ^
    I’m her fan :)

  • nicole

    her mom isn’t in these pictures at all

  • kamilah

    i love her nike dunks too. the ones shes wearing at the airport are super cute. ive never seen those colorful ones before. she does have like a kristen stlye going on but i like it. i also like that chair lol.

  • kamilah

    wait i take that back i have seen those colorful ones before. kristens wearing them in the nylon mag photoshoot. hahaha of course

  • jessica

    nikki <333

    i love her green sneakers!!

  • mon =


  • yashi

    yeah mon that is correct those nikes are the same as the ones kristen wore in the nylon photoshoot , think they share clothes

    y sim samanta nikki tenhia sou propio estilo , ahora viste como kristen

  • Kari

    I think the cast of Twilight is endorsed by Nike or something because all of them wear Nike stuff all the time.

  • mina

    mon = @ 6:26: good spotting. maybe nikki nicked them from kristen who got them from the shoot? luvvvv all the shoes nikki is sporting.

    cc @ 4:46: good point too. idk. maybe the restaurant served asian foods too? nikki brings her own chop sticks coz she likes eating w/ them? lol!

  • ariadne

    i agree nikki and Kstew share clothes ’cause the brown jacket that nikki is wearing in the airport picture is from kstew. .. o well i saw her wering it first XD hhahaaha love Kstew style but .. i do think nikki is copying her … and i dont know … nikki be original! but at the same time is cool … theyre BFFs so guess is normal u.u

  • pearl

    So what if Nikki and kristen share clothes…sisters do it and so do bestfriends. If Nikki style is similar to Kstew’s what’s the problem?
    Lots of the young hollywood stars are using the same style as the cast of twilight its because its in right now…the ray bans sunglasses..the hoodie leather jackets and also the nike’s.
    I think its a cool style i like it.

  • team rosalie

    i love you nikki you are my idol so cute you’re beautiful i love you …!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks jj jr!!!

    please take more hotos to nikki!!!

    grettings from argentina!!!!!!


  • Bri

    omg!! i have those sneaker! no lie. got them from foot locker! thats so cool how we have the same sneakers. she wears them almost as good as me. ;) haha. i loved her in the movie “thirteen” on lifetime. and she was really good in “twilight” even though she was bitchy! haha. cant wait for “new moon”

  • twilight series

    MAMASITA, Nikki Reed plays Rosalie in Twilight. She’s the girl about whom Edward says he ignores her, cause she’s always so irritating ;)

  • anna

    she is sooo awesomeeee :D

  • Twilight Sisiterhood

    Nikki’s friend with her is Sage Galesi. She is one of the members of The Dills.

  • katie

    I’m so glad I finally found a celeb who has a shoe addict to sneakers.
    Especially fresh and colorful ones!!!
    I’m starting to LOVE NIKKI (:

  • iZZY


  • notkate

    I don’t think her friend is “Kate.” I am pretty sure that her friend Sage who has been popping up in pictures w/ Nikki more frequently.

  • C

    i love her shoes so much and the bag that she is wearing in more photos. also, her and kristen don’t really dress that much alike, they share clothes too. if you look a little closer at each of their styles, nikki is a little more put together w/ accessories and kristen’s style is a little different and less colorful.

  • CJ

    that’s actually nikki’s friend Sage and it’s Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules.

  • Evelina

    Nikki Reed is my idol.
    Nikki you rock!;]
    greetings from europe country Lithuania.

  • courtney

    woah! dude i totally have those shoes! I got them in new York in march of 2009!! I didn’t even know she had these when I got them!:)