Taylor Swift Wins Album Of The Year!

Taylor Swift Wins Album Of The Year!

Taylor Swift gets giddy on stage as she accepts the Album of the Year award at the 44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night (April 5).

The 19-year-old musician took home the prize alongside producers Scott Borchetta and Nathan Chapman. Taylor also received a Crystal Milestone Award for selling more albums than any other country artist this past year.

Taylor also performed her hit song, “You’re Not Sorry.” With the help of magician David Copperfield, she magically appeared on stage!

From everybody here at JJJ, congrats Taylor!!!!!!!!!!

During her first performance of the night, Taylor was wearing a Mandalay dress with Everybody boots. She switched it up during “You’re Not Sorry” with a Milly dress and Evenin’ Star boots.

15+ pics inside of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Accepts The Crystal Milestone Award

Taylor Swift – “Picture To Burn”, 04/05

Taylor Swift – “You’re Not Sorry”, 04/05
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  • katherine


  • http://www.t-swift.com massie

    Nobody deserved it more! Taylor worked her butt off on this album, she recorded it and produced it. She had a say in EVERYTHING, and I’m so happy for her and everyone else was involved in the making of the CD. Congratulations!

  • sjs

    Album of the year? Probably cause she sold so many records. Carrie won for Entertainer of the Year and Female vocalist. I think her album should’ve got it, if not George Strait. He’s always been awesome.

    I like the song You’re Not Sorry, but I don’t like hearing her sing live so I didn’t watch her perform. Could some unbiased/non-tweenie/not-Taylor-obsessive person tell me if it was good or not?

  • rocksii

    miley is not even part of the country music industry..
    how could she be nominated!
    TAYLOR deserved that award..
    I can’t even explain how happy I am for her!
    She is just an amazing performer and musician!
    Her concerts are awesome!
    I got the chance to go to the houston rodeo and man..
    she was perfect…
    congrats (:

  • rii

    miley was not nominated in any category.

    and i love taylor swift, glad she won the milestone cuz she did sell a whole lot. altho idk about her winning album of the year, i srsly love fearless but album of the year for country.. im a big fan and even i admit she isnt the that country anymore. and her live performance was better than in the past. i usually think she sucks live on tv but she was pretty good here. but taylors been gettin a lot of crap for sounding more pop than country, and i just think you’re not sorry was not a good choice to sing now since it didnt even seem country at all to me.

  • francesca

    i am soooooooo happy for you taylor!!!
    when i saw this i got the biggest smile on my face! you totally deserve this award..your album is amazing! you are a brilliant singer, songwriter, and musician! i also love how genuine you are when you win your awards! it really makes being a fan of yours worth the while!

  • arantxa

    Aw Good for Taylor :)
    Miley needed to be in that category too

  • Laura

    i was so happy for taylor!!! i even started crying.
    she was so excited <3

  • bob

    @sjs: Taylor seems to have off days and on days with her live performances but this one was quite a good one.

  • pink

    Taylor Swift is truly THE teen super star of our generation!
    Miley Cyrus is not…

  • xo snickersss

    miley cyrus wasn’t nominated for anything…she isn’t even a country singer!
    taylor totally deserved album of the year!

  • Lauren


  • lisa:]

    I love taylor, she totally deserves it <3

  • dundies

    I like the song You’re Not Sorry, but I don’t like hearing her sing live so I didn’t watch her perform. Could some unbiased/non-tweenie/not-Taylor-obsessive person tell me if it was good or not?


    im gonna agree with this one you. shes a great songwriter, and guitarist but as a singer, her vocals are rather weak. IMO.

  • S

    um i just turned the tv onto taylor singing, and i always assumed she rightfully so, deserving of everything shes accomplished…until i heard her sing. ///in the studio she sounds good, but live…..just doesnt work

  • victoria

    can anyone tell me why is she “playing” on the guitar? coz clearly u can see that she doesn’t know how to do that…

  • mima

    she absolutely 100% deserves it!! well done taylor! what an achievement!!!

  • little bad angel

    You Deserve it Taylor!:D
    Love youu Ur Amaziing
    Congratulatiionz ..!!

  • Kris

    i agree with a lot of you !
    ALBUM of the YEAR !
    no way ..
    fearless was good.
    but come on !
    the whole album talked about boys and breaking up and being with one and wanting one.. there were a lot of great songs.. but compared to the people she was up against i don’t think she should have gotten it..

    her performance tonight was not good IMO her voice wasn’t really controlled like when she starts low and then goes high it’s like screechy almost.. but the magic trick was awesome.

    carrie underwood stole the night with her performance.
    glad she won entertainer of the year .. very well deserved.

  • lesha

    congrats taylor!
    love ‘your not sorry’
    good performance.

  • thatGIRL

    i dont like country music. it annoys me. but congrats taylor you sold a lot

  • Victoria

    the reason why it was album of the yr was because it was at #1 for like 13 weeks and sold the most copies!
    i think she deserved it!
    congrats tay!

  • rii

    @Kris: well i am one of ppl who says she shouldnt have won album of the yr.. but just because her album is about her boy relationships doesnt mean that she shouldnt have gotten it. i dont get how that has to do with winning awards. practically every album is about love or has songs about love. i dont really see how just because she writes about love a lot means that she shouldnt get awards. =/

  • Kris

    well to me i think album of the year contains an album filled with AMAZING songs ..
    her songs on the album were good i love some of them.. but to me if i’m comparing her album and vocals with the others in her category i don’t think she should have gotten it..
    i’m not saying she didn’t DESERVE t i just don’t think she should have gotten it ..

    i just hope her next album she sings songs that are not ALL about boys..
    i know she had best days ? or something about her mom on her album.. i liked that song.. but it was the only different one on her album.
    but hey! i don’t blame her she’s a teenager so she’s going to write about boys and heartbreak.
    i just don’t think she should have gotten it..

  • jÜLIde

    she absolutely deserved it!!!
    Taylor you are the best…

  • sara

    she’s an awesome Girl and deserve it
    Congratulations Taylor

  • cheryl

    taylor is goregous good for her that she won!!

  • lilly

    Taylor Swift vocals are always flat….what on earth do people see in her. She’s immature and off key constantly. I don’t get it!


    why does she always have to wear sparkles?

  • me

    I’m SO glad taylor won. She should’ve won Female Vocalist too. But I’m happy for Carrie, and Album of the Year is REALLY amazing. Taylor definitely deserved it. She’s put everything she had into making that album, it selling so many copies is only ONE little reason why she won it. She COMPLETELY deserved it. hands down. haha.

    She is genuinely sweet, and a great artist in general, I’m so happy for her :].

  • alala

    OMG, SHE WON! And she totally deserved it.. ”Fearless” is amazing. Love it & Taylor (L)

  • Annabel

    *Sigh* Both of these performances just served to remind me of why I will never pay money to hear her sing live. Which is a shame, because I actually do love her songs.

    Well, her performance of “Picture to Burn” at the show’s opening was horrendous. I found myself thinking “Thank goodness that lasted less than 30 seconds, otherwise I would have had to scratch my eardrums out.” And the second performance of “You’re Not Sorry”, while better than usual, was still mediocre at best. The girl just doesn’t have a good voice. And, surprisingly, she actually has had lessons: http://tinyurl.com/cwhc26 (a video of Taylor with her vocal coach, Brett Manning).

    I don’t care how great of a writer she is or how charming her personality may be, or that she plays her own instruments. She is not a professional guitarist or pianist. Writing is not her profession. Being charming is not her profession. SINGING is her profession, and if she can’t do that live in front of a large audience (which is whom she’ll be performing to 90% of the time), then she needs to find a different occupation. No excuses.

    About her winning the Album of the Year award… well, a few of the other nominees definitely had better albums, but Taylor did put a lot of work into hers and was very hands-on in the process, so I don’t think she was undeserving. The real travesty would have been if she won the Female Vocalist of the Year award.

  • delsy

    Taylor and Miley are the Teen Queens of our generation no arguing…but Miley does lead a little bit because Miley acts aswell not only sings but Taylor love you Miley love you hope you read this you 2 are the most amazing people including the teen princess Demi Lovato(YA) Love both of the dress tonight

  • jocelyn

    i’m not like her fan or something but she deserves it, congratulations!

  • Nikki

    i think the reason she won was because she really did bring country music to young people who would never have listened to it before. i mean, i hate almost all country music, but i love taylor swift. she is relateable and she is the new era, if you will, of country because she has amazing cross over potential.

  • shayna

    miley want nominated
    and that was for the most cd’s sold
    yea miley didnt make even number 1
    and she’s neve nominated (thank god)

  • me

    miley was NOT nominated in that category, “mileylover,” so get your facts straight. if you really loved miley that much, you’d know that.
    and taylor deserved it more than anyone (hello, her album has been #1 on billboard since, what, november? yeah?)
    besides, miley’s music is NOT EVEN COUNTRY.
    get over it.

  • me

    p.s. why does it matter if she wears sparkles? she looked great
    and it’s not like she was wearing sparkles all night.
    people will find anything to criticize. there’s no point at all.

  • naturaniczo

    OMGOSHHHH i lovee tayyswiffttt <33

  • Amanda

    @victoria: She knows how to play the guitar…in fact, she started writing when she learned the guitar. Maybe she isn’t really playing in that video and she’s just bad at faking it.
    Get facts before you speak and save yourself from looking stupid.

  • thais

    of course taylor deserved that award!!!!
    me and my friends are always listening to her cd, and country is not even known here in brazil..
    she did an amazing job with fearless! congrats Taylor! we love you!

  • rocksii

    @Annabel: Annabel i think you got the singing part wrong. If you haven’t been to one of her concerts don’t say she can’t sing. It is very different to hear her live at a concert and to hear her live on tv! I went to the houston rodeo on march 20th and I can tell you that she has an amaing voice . She really knows how to sing low/high/etc notes. I think you should go and see for yourself.

  • http://justtjaredjr kamryn

    Taylor and miley singer becaues taylor miley flat earth is for alabster.

  • jessie

    oh i’m sorry but i totally disagree with you.
    ugh grow up kid. face thhe fact.
    if you don’t like her then don’t ever lieave a comment here.

  • Katrina

    I don’t think she deserved it at all. There were more deserving nominees. I know it sold a lot of copies, but there were better albums. And plus her reasction was ridiculous. I know it’s exciting, but really that was too much.

  • me

    Yeah, but she has other songs not about boys as well..”Change” “Fifteen” (about her best friend) “A Place In This World” “The Outside” “Tied Together With A Smile” “Cold As You(not necessarily about boys)” and more..

    I’m sure she will have more where that came from too, As taylor has said before, writing is how she copes with things. From her best friend, to anyone she knows, she can take their problems and turn it into a song. That’s what I love about her. And when you meet her, she doesn’t even know you, yet still wants to listen. She is really genuine and sweet.

    I’m SO glad Taylor won Album of the Year, she’s been working at this since she was 10 years old. She’s put everything she has into that album. She REALLY deserves it.

  • iZZY


  • http://justjard mejustme

    am i the only one who really doesn’t like her?…and girl…the boots are UGLYY

  • or

    i hate her.
    i hate people that are not realy them self..
    she is one of them..
    after all what she did to joe jonas i can’t forget and forgive her..
    and all the people and the children in israel are thinking like me..
    because we love joe ‘and we Believe that he didn’t Cheated her…