Olesya Rulin & Monique Coleman: 17 Again Stylin'

Olesya Rulin & Monique Coleman: 17 Again Stylin'

Olesya Rulin gets a great big hug from good pal and 17 Again leading man Zac Efron on Tuesday night (April 14) at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The former HSM costars caught up on the red carpet. It was almost like a Wildcat reunion! Monique Coleman even got a hug from on-screen best friend Vanessa Hudgens. Chris Warren, Jr. also showed up to give their support.

20+ pics inside of Olesya Rulin, Monique Coleman, Chris Warren, Jr.

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Credit: Juan Rico/FamePictures, Nikki Nelson/WENN; Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images
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  • raysa/brazil

    Where’s Ashley?

  • aliix

    why ashley didn’t went to the premier?. all of them look gorgeous! can’t wait to see 17 again ^__^

  • Mariska

    Ashley was promoting her new song, It’s alright it’s okay!

  • http://jjj amylee

    monique kinda looks pretty, what happend to corbin’s hair i don’t like it that way even kenny was there

  • emma

    I wonder were Lucas Grabeel is. We never see him anymore and he didn’t go on the HSM3 press tour either.

  • emma

    oh and Lucas did not even go to the Los Angeles premiere of HSM3

  • http://justjaredjr amylee

    don t like corbins hair that way

  • noella

    what happen to PITTSBURGH you have a crazy fan base there Demie please reconsider

  • http://justjaredjr amylee

    love nessa s shoes

  • Tyh

    monique looks awesome! she doesnt even look close to be 28 years old!! crazyy

  • zanessa is luv

    yuh, where’s ash?
    OMG, i miss HSM .. seems like its there reunion.

  • Magie

    yay!!! Olesya looks gorgeous!! Ugh and that hug! Talk about love and care, such a nice thing to see them reconnecting!! I love her dress as well, she just always looks fabulous. I like Mo’s outfit too, but I am not sure about the hair just yet. Sad Ashley wasn’t there, her and Zac are such good firends, but she has a job too and I bet he understands. I miss Lucas too :(

  • http://www.youtube.com/hsmzanessafansite Hsmzanessafansite

    I wonder why the paparazzi didn’t take pics of Zanessa…
    I bet they did stand with each other..
    but I love how all the hsm cast came to visit except Ashley, Lucas, Ryne, KayCee, at least some of them showed up…
    and of course ZANESSA!!

  • Sarah

    @emma: During all the HSM 3 promotion, he was filming another movie. And at the moment, I am not actually sure what he is up to but I think he’s preparing for a part in a stage show.

  • lottie

    Zac sure has alot of “really good friends”

  • pink sugar

    Corbin cut his hair which is nice. It was getting too full. Hate Monique and Olesya outfits, but love them.

    It’s nice Zac’s real friends came to support him and not the “fake” friend(from HS) who is alway blabbing about how close she and Zac are.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Ashley’s in Europe promoting her CD, so thats why she didn’t come. But its so good to see the HSM gang again together, all showing their support for Zac (:

  • http://www.justjaredjr.buzznet.com VANESSA HUDGENS IS THE BEST!

    I love HSM!
    and I have’nt seen HSM3 !!!!!!
    how stuped can I be? :((

  • athena

    I think Ashley is away on a trip of some sort…

    Kenny Ortega was there…WOW….this is really special…he and Adam Shankman in the same theater…that’s great that Zac has such a wide range of support from his co-stars and HSM3 cast…I wish him LOTS of successes in this industry!!!

  • athena

    Y’know, I had approached Monique Coleman’s publicist once, offering to dress Monique, and she told me she had three stylist working with her…now, looking at her here..Monique needs a makeover…her stylist have done her wrong…although, she probably dressed herself for this premiere…she’s too beautiful to be dressing herself like that and that hairstyle isn’t really flattering and is covering up her natural beauty.

  • natalya :)

    ok i lovee everyonee here so ya :)
    please people keep writting! nice stuff though&&
    honestly i like corbins hair like that but only if it was a little longer :)
    && i also like Olesya’s dress :) && i kinda like monique outfit, but as athena said shes soo gorgeous her outfit could have been a little better :)
    sooo.. i gues im done :)
    lmaoo <3

  • pink sugar


    I so agree. I really like Monique and think she is great role-model but it’s frustrating to see her looking “blah” on the red-carpet. She deserves better than that.

  • christine x3


  • lottie

    @pink sugar:

    Totally hearing you. When she was talking all I could think of was “AS IF!” she looks about five years younger than him, and I would of thought they’d be a picture of them hugging or something at the interview if they had such a “brother/sister type relationship.”

  • lottie


    Your right, she should lose the necklace comletely, and maybe if it was a short type bottom instead of trouser it wouldn’t make her look over thirty. She needs to look the age she is.

  • pop86

    I agree with the comments about Monique needing a better stylist.
    It seems her stylist(or maybe she) doesn’t know how to dress a petite curvy body( “A-line” dress with platform sandals would have worked perfect for Monique) and doesn’t know how to style hair( c’mon the stylist just had to read Essence Magazine for some ideas.)

    Sorry if If being hard on Monique, it’s just I think she can look so much better on the red-carpet if only she had some real assistance.

  • athena

    @pop86: I completely agree with you too…that’s why I was trying to get Monique Coleman to hire…I hope she still has my number as I gave it to her when she came to NYC last year for the HSM3 Promo tour with the rest of the cast…Monique, call me…I’ll get you looking fabu…

  • miss zanessa

    aww that looked like a HSM wildcats reunion LOL X)
    i missed them together… wait where ashley & lucas are!?!?!?
    anyway is so sweet they´re supporting zac ^^ such good friends

  • http://yahoo chloe

    I think monique looks FABULOUS theres nothing wrong with her outfit she is still beautiful.

  • http://www.yahoo.com mykamicks

    Wildcats supported their fellow WILDCAT!

    ZAC abosutely has a very supportive friends around. I love seeing them all in the red carpet again. How touching too the Kenny was there. I am looking forward to see these HSM alumni in great movies in the future… These kids had made their own names marked in Hollywood history. Goodluck to each one of you & to your own future endeavours.

    Congrats ZAC!

  • VanessaE

    vanessa h looks so gorgeous she look well sexy than all of them hot hot hot

  • kenzie

    OMG, I’ve already seen these pics but I just wanted to say how amazing this is. HSM may be over but the love and support between the cast is still there and stronger than ever. This was a big night for Zac so all of the people that were standing by him as he got to this new-found fame were there, supporting him and cheering for him. Vanessa (of course), Corbin, Monique, Olesya, Chris, and Kenny; too amazing. Ashley, sadly, was busy and Lucas I don’t know why he wasn’t there… but you know they would have been there without a doubt if they could have. It’s wonderful to see that even though HSM is done and over now, the love and support they have for eachother is still there and will always be there. Really, it’s Them Against The World. <3 :)