Samantha Droke is Coachella Cool

Samantha Droke is Coachella Cool

Samatha Droke catches some tunes at the 2009 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival held at the Empire Polo Club on Saturday afternoon (April 18) in Indio, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress stars as Brooke in the upcoming Princess Protection Program. In the TV movie, Princess Rosalina (Demi Lovato) is threatened by an evil dictator bent on taking control of her country. She is then whisked away and placed into the Princess Protection Program. Mason, an agent with the program, hides Princess Rosalina in his own home where, with the help of his daughter Carter (Selena Gomez), she adopts the cover of an ordinary teen named Rosie. The two form a close bond as Carter helps Rosie transform into a normal teenager and Rosie shows Carter how to find the princess within herself.

Princess Protection Program premieres on Disney Channel in June.

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Photos: Michael Bezjian/WireImage
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  • Jung

    Who she is? And she should ware more clothes on some of her pics.

  • jessica

    i wonder if she was with cole sprouse ?:)
    he was there

  • listen to mayday parade

    She has the body of a 14 year old, not a 21 year old! And are these her pictures or did she pose like that for the paps? lol

  • erin

    it was like a hundred degrees out.
    everybody at coachella dresses like that.

  • kami

    who is she?????

  • Alex

    Her body is disgusting. She makes Ashley Tisdale look like Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Alex

    And has she not done anything than that ONE DCOM? Seriously?

  • zacishot

    ewwww anorexic!

  • jenna

    god shes annoying. like really? who is she? apart from having a small role in a made for tv DISNEY movie. what else has she done? she just seem hecka annoying

  • moi

    I think she looks gorgeous!:D
    Gosh you people are so horrible, Just because you dont know who she is isnt an excuse to hate on her, she didnt choose to come on this website lol!
    She hasnt done one DCOM she has done other things too you know!?:P
    Ive seen her youtube videos, she seems so much and really sweet,
    Its boiling hot there, and shes naturally slim like that, alot of people just are :] Obviously you people havent been to a music festival if you think shes dressed bad, shes looks awesome :D

  • identified

    gee .. she’s such an annoying creature ..
    doesn’t she get enough of repeating the same stupid pose in all her photos??
    wear some clothes girl !!

  • http://myspace jansen panettiere

    you people are crazy she is not anorexic it was like a hundred degrees out every one dressed like dat even vennesa hudgens and she been acting since 2005 come on shes been in……
    * Truce (2005)
    * Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005)
    * Faceless (2006)
    * Don’t Be Scared (2006)
    * Gilmore Girls (2006)
    * Arwin! (2007)
    * Cory in the House (2007)
    * The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2007)
    * Horton Hears a Who! (2008) (voice)
    * The Neighbor (2008)
    * Hannah Montana (2008)
    * Princess Protection Program (2009)

  • mandy

    girl dont you want to take you’re top off too?? what’s wrong with her??
    undressing for the paps??
    she’es so stupid i cant believe it

  • Replacement

    I have no clue if she can act or not. She seems to be a supporting character in the Princess Protection DCOM with Demi and Selena.

    I know nothing about her other than she’s Ashley Tisdale’s BFF. She seems to have replaced Vanessa Hudgens as Ashely’s sister go-to gal pal.
    Samantha and Ashley go everywhere and do everything together these days. She and Tisdale like to party on Sunset at all the clubs in WeHo and she was at Perez Hilton’s birthday party with Ashley as well. I’m pretty sure she also went on vacay with Ashley and her family recently and was part of Ashely’s music video, or at least was at the actual filming.

    I kinda miss the old Ashley Tisdale, the sweet, witty mature one, who shunned the paps/gossip bloggers like Perez because it wasn’t worth her time or energy and wasn’t into clubbing and partying like all the other wannabe Hollywood-types. :-(

  • vanessa

    geez. give the girl a break..its not like shes naked! shes wearing a bikini!!

    and how can u say shes anorexic?? her body is great!

  • Lottie

    I don’t like this girl. Watced an interview she did for the 17 Again premiere and she was annoying, fake and kept on talking about how amazingly close her and Zac Efron were. Per-lease. Like you gave him the time of day in High School until he appeared in High School Musical. You and him are definatley not like brother and sister or he would have at least acknowledged her preasence.

    Name-dropping wannabe

  • pink sugar


    I totally agree. I saw that interview too and she kept blabbing how well knew Zac. She reminds me of skinny Nikki B.

  • saudia

    she’s not a big celebrity, kinda looks like she’s looking for attention.. don’t care about her … pretty though

  • becky

    first of all, she didnt ask to be on here, she didnt ask to the guys to take her pictures! its not because shes not ‘famous’ that Jared cant post her stuff here! People like me likes to read Sam’s stuff!

    SHES NOT ANOREXIC! OMG! there are so many people who are like her naturally! and talking about her body, you guys sound jealous!

    Sam has done so many things, not only Princess Protection Program.

    And the most stupid thing i read.. about her and Ashley, Sam stealing Vanessa’s place. C’MON! Ashley can only hang out with Vanessa?
    And Sam and Ashley have known each other for a long time now, if you guys are Ashley’s fan you should know that. Ashley, Samantha and Shelley Buckner are good friends for a long time, there are old pictures of them on Ashley’s fansites.

    So, stop being so mean! You dont even know her to call her ‘annoying’ or whatever.
    Sam is such a sweet girl!

  • chloe

    She may not have asked the paparazzi to take her picture but it’s obvious that she’s POSING FOR THEM. She’s just looking for attention.

    On the other hand, her body looks great. I doubt she’s anorexic.

  • Brittneyy

    stop being mean people.
    thats what everybody wears to festivals, gosh.

  • luiza


    and you also don’t know her to call her sweet. she can be mean or not.
    you don’t even know it.
    so please, stop putting her as a God or something. you don’t know who she really is, stupid!


    Ya Brittneyy ur right, everyone stop being so mean just because ur jelouse that she is in her 20s and skinny. But when shes in her fourtys shell look like a 20 year old. And I think she looks great. I mean people call me to skinny for my body, and say I look anorexic but im not im acually very healthy. so shut up.


    @Brittneyy: I think ur so right everyone keeps being so mean.

  • tan

    i think i know her from the movie”look at me im a slut”