Vanessa Hudgens is Diesel Delicious

Vanessa Hudgens is Diesel Delicious

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it comfy in a plaid shirt as she stops for a little retail therapy at the Diesel store in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (April 21).

The 20-year-old actress, who toted around her new fave JJ Winters Zipper Bag, was just confirmed to star as the female lead in Beastly.

Based on Alex Flinn‘s book of the same name, the movie will be set in Manhattan and the “Beast” is a handsome rich kid with a mean streak. When he ditches a date, the yet-to-be cast character turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

Model-turned-actor Alex Pettyfer is in talks to play the “Beast,” Kyle.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping at Diesel…

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • lai


  • Marie




  • pop86

    She has on shorts under the shirt. Love the platform sandals but I can’t walk in them. Weak ankles.

  • samantha

    she looks so cute
    r those zac’s glasses

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    wat was she thinking.who wears just a shirt outside. i can see if she was at home with that on. in pic 2 u can almost see her underwear.

  • Lyca

    guys…she’s wearing short shorts

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    I do not know how she can
    every day more beautiful
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  • Lorena

    beautiful, as usual


    Does vanessa have tatoo of a heart on her hand because she always seems to have it haven’t u guys noticed?

  • vancrazed

    i find these comments hilarious. She is wearing shorts people, but they are short. when you put a guys shirt that is too big over them, you can’t see them, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Good Grief

  • jbr

    she is always beautiful
    love u v !

  • jazmin

    lmao. she looks like she’s wearing zac’s clothes.
    minus the fact that she’s wearing short shorts xD
    and the fact that she looks totally hawt in em ^_^

  • zeni

    I don’t like that shirt it looks like she just got out of bed.

  • Jazmin

    she’s beautiful and sexy… if you can rock i why not and she’s wearing shorts!!!!!

    Thanks JJJ

  • buggaboo

    damn who goes out in just a shirt

    she does look fine tho

  • danielle.

    its probably zacs shirt.


  • leslie

    she is so beautiful!

  • Marie

    Vanessa looks beautiful.


    guys i know she has short shorts i meant like cute jean shorts because in pic 2 you can see her shorttt shortsss and almost her undies

  • de

    are u guys blind???

    Look at the last pic, she’s wearing shorts!!
    look at the pictures first before u go bashing her for no reason!

    Love u V, u go girl!!!

  • kirsta

    *I hope she never lets fame get to her*
    I’ll miss her sweet, innocent, bubbly self D:
    I hope she doesn’t get jaded by fame.
    And still be happy….! and be simple.
    Ilove nessa, and excited for her and her movies!

  • leanna

    calm down people, you can wear shirts like that as dresses (even though she is wearing shorts underneath) like I see a lot of *Shirt Dresses* i think theyre cute…but youre just used to seeing them w/ jeans or on a guy as a top so it looks kind of wrong as a dress…!

  • marissa lane

    hm i wonder is that all vanessa does, go shopping???
    im a fan of hers..but what are her other hobbies? zac and her should do cute little things ,go to the beach, go sightseeing (if they havent already seen everything), go to the park, simple things normal people do..but i guess its hard when you can be easily recognizable D:

    wah im so excited for vanessa’s projects.
    filming will keep them both busy sooo
    they will miss each other :’( i wonder iftheyll also get teary

  • colleen

    Hope she falls in love with the gorgeous guy opposite her in “BEASTLY”. Time to take a break from zac and meet new guys.

  • aw

    Cute &she’s wearing shorts lol.

  • Rosa

    wow wow wow ..
    gourgeousnessa ^^
    she’s STUNNING .. <3


    Does vanessa have a tatoo of a heart on her hand because it seems like she always has that heart on her hand?

  • Bee

    She looks cute, love the plaid shirt

  • jo

    does anyone what brand her shoes are??

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    …JJJ, is my comment going through or not ? ..It’s kinda pissing me off.

  • Andy

    Keep showing those legs girl!

  • lslsharon

    beautiful as usual!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • starryshirley

    omg she’s starring in a movie with alex pettyfer?!?!?! she’s soooooo freakin luckyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • starryshirley

    WHERE’D YOUR SHORTS GO V?????????????????? LOL

  • jv

    I wonder what’s the story behind that ring on her L middle finger which she always wear with the kuuipo ring? Wonder who gave it to her or where she got it? She is beautiful as always.

  • kimi xx

    goshhhhhh i like the shirt, but it would have been nice if she accessorize it with a belt, would have made it looked better. But still looks nice on her! :]

  • V…4ever

    Well… shots or no shorts, she is lighting up fire. The babe is haaawwtt. I say if you got ‘em flaunt ‘em and she sure as hell got ‘em. I mean look at those legs…….

    I’m not a guy but I can appreciate beauty without being jalous or envious, can you haters? Leave her alone.

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    …Ok, this is my 4th comment on here, if it doesn’t come on..I’m mad at you JJJ.

    Well, she’s still as sexy as ever !! I love the plaid top too, I just can’t think but it’s Zachary’s top though, lol. It’s cute. ..And uh, it’s pretty obvious that she’s wearing shorts underneath. Wow, people *cough* haters *cough* can be so blind these days, or they just make a stupid excuse to make her look bad…but she’s not bad at all. She is fierce.

    Weeee !! Can’t wait for her movies !! She’s going far. She’s going to be one busy girl !!

  • lover

    what brand her shoes are???????????? i want to knowwwww please

  • Karen

    I’ve been having problems with JJJ for the past 3 days and I know a few others who are also. Hopefully whatever the problems are they will be taken care of quickly.

    She has shorts on underneath the shirt which may or may not be Zac’s. It looks kind of big to me even to be Zac’s.

    Both Vanessa and Zac have those type glassess.

  • marie

    simply beautiful. love her look

  • adcgordon

    Beautiful in whatever she wears, no matter whose clothes they are! :) Congrats V on the new project!!

  • mhay

    good luck to our girl.

  • dani

    one word

  • riana

    ohmigosh there r so many comments that shes wearing a shirt and nuthing els look at the photos before u go posting sht bout her and anyways she looks cute

  • watajoy

    yay! she’s gonna play in Beastly! and i hope they get Alex too! he would be perfect! watajoy!

  • lai

    Go Vanessa you Rock Girl!!!!!!!!

  • mykamicks

    Vanessa can always pulled off everything she wears everytime she goes out. Whether she is being dressed up by her stylist or not, she always carry it fashionably.

    That is the price of a CELEBRITY. She needs to shops everyday of her life if necessary. Though rececycling clothes is another thing. In hollywood world a celebrity needs to shop. gym, salon, attending events, funtions etc…. Most importanly, they are being concious with their physic especially when you are in a competitive world.

    Glad she has an upcoming movies… For a talented star like her, she deserves it. She is so lucky. Young , Rich, Famous & most of all extra ordinary beautiful.

    Both Zac & Vanessa has a a great blast on their respective career this year. Hope they could find time each other again vacationing somehwere else…

    I l