Robert Pattinson: 'I'm Quite Possessive'

Robert Pattinson: 'I'm Quite Possessive'

Robert Pattinson puts his phone into his front shirt pocket as he takes a stroll in downtown Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (April 19).

The 22-year-old British actor recently caught up with Life & Style magazine and dished about his love for the piano and his New Moon character, Edward Cullen. Check it:

On playing the ivory keys of a piano: “I love the piano. I never really had any aspirations to be an actor when I was young. I wanted to play the piano in a bar, to be the old dude with a whiskey glass, all disheveled.”

On his vampire alter-ego, Edward: “My character is so good, and he deserves to be admired. There aren’t too many similarities [between me and Edward], but I think his bad points are quite similar to mine. I’m quite possessive and a bit of a loner.”

Check out the rest of the article in Life & Style mag — on stands NOW!

10+ pics inside of Robert Pattinson texting and talking…

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • holly

    Arent these photos on the main site. I never understand the need for JJ

  • erin

    He can be possessive with me any time .

  • shel

    Possessive Rob is a huge turn on.

  • athena

    He looks better with sunglasses on.

  • Sofiaaa!

    Hoot♥ Love him :D

  • ATwilightKiss

    The possessive bit gives a lot of yummy possibilities… ;-)

  • kiraaa


  • chloe

    rob <3

  • Miraaa

    I never really thought he was hot but with those glasses it’s like woha!
    He really looks good!

  • rhea

    yeah he looks much better with glasses on.

  • Charlotte

    I love him

    he looks hot in those shades lol

  • cc

    Jared, I wish you would not quote L&S– they print bold faced lies and call it celebrity news. That magazine makes up so much stuff…. are you getting paid to promote them? I hope not!!!

  • cgordb

    possessive and loners yeah hes a taurus… just like i am:S

  • twilight series

    Ewwww at Starbucks coffee, lol. RPats is the tits. His hair is growing back really fast too. Seems like yesterday that he cut it short ;)

  • noela

    so this is what he looks like when not hiding in hoodies and beanies.
    Veryyyyyyyyy gorgeous…… handsome………killer looks.
    The wear those sunglasses like nobody’s business.
    seeee, that is why he hides in hoodies & beanies and wear bum clothes, because deep down he knows all he has to do a don a not-too-shabby clothes, show his hair and kaboom!!! no one looks at gorgeous as he!!

  • Cassandra

    he is so gorgeous right here.

  • http://jjj miley

    he is really awesome! :) can’t wait for New Moon!!!!

  • ivanka

    @erin: i know haha he looks really hot in this pics, because he is shaved and just like his character edward

  • Leew

    Rob Pattinson is a narcissist. He loves the attention. He’s smart he plays it off as if he doesn’t really like it and says he’s shy. I don’t know any shy person who would do the scenes he did in Little Ashes. He was an unpopular unnoticed child so this is a turn around for him and he’s loving it. Who wouldn’t? It’s just sad the way he plays on womens and young girls emotions. He tells you want you wanna hear. It’s obvious he has everything he wants now so the girl he does choose will be one he can’t have not some crazy obsessed fan. It’s all about challenges now for him. People really don’t want to get to know him anyways. They think of Edward when they see, hear or read about him. They can argue with that till they turn blue in the face but they know inside it’s true. Feel good that it’s true atleast then you won’t feel so worthless knowing you would never have a chance with a guy like this. I just wish people incl. my best friend who is a Twilight Freak would realize the obsessing isn’t worth it. Just giving everyone a reality check.

  • ocd

    I can’t believe he doesn’t have a mob of people around him in these photos and he actually seems to be walking alone…guess the paps decided to give him some well deserved space by photographing him from across the street!
    L&S are full of it, along with most of the other tabloids, but as long as people keep buying trash they will keep shoveling it.
    If you google the church from the sign in the background and then hotels in that area within walking distance plus the Starbucks he frequents, you can figure out which hotel he’s probably hiding out in…..hmmm maybe I’ll make a reservation………

  • cat

    robert can definitely possess me all he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • robert and baby v fan!!


  • robert and baby v fan!!


  • jilli

    I like him…he’s different…kids got moxie! haha jk he’s older than me (so technically I’m the kid) lol. But yeah I like how he’s a loner…

  • arantxa

    Roooooooooob :U (L)


    “LEEW”..UR AN IDIOT! I guess i forgot that ur tight w Robert Pattinson! My bad, that MUST b how u know SO MUCH ABOUT HIM!…IDIOT.

  • anna

    omgggg i love him<3

  • Leew

    Tiffany i’m not an idiot just a realist with an MS degree. Sorry if I offended you I know hearing the truth sometimes can hurt but I totally understand No woman is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.

  • oana

    I know what you’re saying… I feel that way too…sometimes ;))

  • Samantha

    omggg!! it’s so hott I can’t belive

    I LOVE HIM <3

  • Catspat

    my god you can possess me any day rob.

  • Michelle

    haha, those comments about “he can be possessive with me” are quite random XD

  • Maddy.

    Fuck,I’m madly in love with you man. :|