Camilla Belle is a Beverly Hills Beauty

Camilla Belle is a Beverly Hills Beauty

Wrapped up in a gray scarf, Camilla Belle takes a stroll through Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon (April 24).

The 22-year-old Push actress was seen out the night before at the Chloe Los Angeles LA Boutique Opening Party.

“Love Bug” director Philip Andelman recently dished to Popstar! that Camilla was the Jonas Brothers dream girl. He shared, “I asked the band for a list of dream choices for the part and Camilla was at the top of the list and we were all really excited when she agreed a few days later!”

10+ pics inside of Camilla Belle

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  • Mkaaa

    Yeah… I don’t like this girl…

  • NIca

    ugly boots :( But I like her – :D

  • Anon

    people just don’t like her because she is with joe….
    i like him and i like her.. i just don’t like them together…
    something is shady about it…

  • shan

    that’s actually not all that true.
    most people just don’t like her. like me for example.
    i don’t really care who he’s dating or who any of them are dating for that fact, but i don’t like her.
    well, that’s not really what i mean, it’s like, there’s something about her.
    it’s just, bleh.

  • Courtney

    Her outfit is cute.

  • dan


  • identified

    i agree ..
    she always seems so full of herself ..
    well who is she anyway ??
    i mean seriously .. it is not the problem that she is dating joe .. the problem is that she has not been famous till she did that ..
    someone tell her that plz??
    duh ..

  • nessaa

    does she have no friends or something??

  • krixtina

    cute outfit :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i think she has food disorder! i just looked at a pic of her with this short dress and i was going to puke! i like her outfit here but she needs to gain some weight and she’s going to look a lot more beautiful! :)

  • Kris

    Oh my goodness.
    Jonas Brother fans on attack !!
    Regardless what any of you say .. you still can’t find a ligitimate reason to hate this girl ..

    “she has a food disorder” seriously ! she’s perfectly fine.. she looks healthy .. it’s sad that you judge people so much based on their appearance and make statements like that, when in the society we live in today people are actually dying of an eating disorder.

    “she seems so full of herself” give me an interview.. a time.. a statement.. or whatever when she has seemed like she’s been full of herself ? YOU may have not known her ever since she started going out with Joe.. but plenty of other people in the movie industry did.. the first time i saw her was in when a stranger calls.. then 10,000 BC. and then Push … I knew who she was long before she started dating Joe Jonas.. && how do you know she even wants to be famous ? some people just love acting and maybe she doesn’t care about fame at all.

    “ew taylors way better” how so ? how do you know who is better off FOR Joe ? oh that’s right no one can EXCEPT for Joe Jonas..

    seriously the lame attempts of saying how much you hate this girl when none of you can even really find a good reason to hate her is pathetic .. get over the fact that she’s with Joe and you’ll never be..
    they seem happy together and if you were a real fan you would be happy with whoever joe wants to be with.
    && her outfit is cute !


    i thought that was ashley tisdale @ first

  • LALA

    haters STFU

  • LALA

    Kris @ 3:59 pm on 04/26/2009 I SOOOOOOOOOOOO AGREEEEEEE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    noone would even be taking pictures of her if it weren’t for joe

  • helen

    she looks like that girl that plays silver in 90210 in these oictures

  • flora

    well i agree that taylor is MUCH better!,but camilla is ok,i mean we cant say she is dating joe 2 be famous,no1 knows that!,and i dont think they look happy 2gether! but its good that joe gets 2 be with some1 that was his dream girl,i really dont care about her!,maybe her personality makes joe love her but her beauty…its not that good 4 joe!,well its what i think,sorry camilla fans
    i just hope they dont waste their time,wish joe luck whith whoever he is going 2 date in his life…

  • sophie

    sooooo cute!!!

    love her.

  • katie

    I think that she is pretty- but not with Joe.

  • shawn

    It’s to hot in California right now, to be wearing scarf & boots.
    but I like her outfit. =]
    its amusing how fans hate on her…

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i cant understand why joe fans dont like her and compare her with taylor.!!!
    i think she is really very pretty :D
    they look very happy together so no one can blame them because of they’re valentiness ;)
    and love her outfit..she’s beautiful <3

  • emmalee

    like the outfit…dont really like her.
    its not because she’s dating a jonas brother.
    even though there is something shady about their relationship…

  • chloe

    Kind of weird to wear a scarf and boots outside when its almost 100 in Cali. I love joe but I personally don’t like them together. She just seems kind of fishy. Camel Toe LOL

  • http://AIM MorganN

    Her outfit is cute, and stop hateing her.
    She makes Joe happy, be happy for that.
    He wouldnt be dating her if she didnt make him happy.

  • chloe

    Sorry but some of us didn’t know her until she started dating Joe. Your right we don’t know if she is better than Taylor because we are not Joe . I think taylor might have been clingy ( joe says he hates that) and you can see Camilla isn’t (cause she hangs out with other guys and acts all flirty with them).

  • anonymous.

    i love how people immediately go into talking about joe whenever they see a picture of her. leave the poor girl alone! the fact that she is beautiful is very obvious, it’s just that you people are unbelievably jealous and can’t accept that she’s dating your “future husband”. apparently joe is going to have over a million wives then.

    also, none of you even know her! you have no right to claim that she is full of herself or she is just dating joe for the publicity. if you were a real fan of joe or even her, you will respect the fact that they have a good, long-lasting relationship. (so far)

    be the bigger person and get over yourselves.

    on a lighter note: joemilla! yay, i’m happy if joe’s happy : )

  • yessica


  • sely

    she is pretty!!

  • Cat

    I have nothing against her. She is pretty, she dresses well but something about her and Joe doesn’t seem right to me…
    But if he is happy and if she makes him happy good luck for them!
    But if I was Joe I would rather date someone not famous, just like Danielle, because most of the relationships with famous people don’t work out…

  • Stacy

    Ha ha ha, she dont look so happy cuz Joe is hanging with the Veronicas. Gosh I dont like her at all, I’m suprised that theres no man with her. It shows you that she has no real friends.

  • krixtina


    i agree

  • cami


  • nicolee.

    i don’t know about this girl..
    i didn’t know who she was until i found out she was dating joe..

  • cc27

    As Much As I don’t Like Joe And Her 2gether :)
    I Think Camilla Looks Gorgeous Here <3 Like Really Prety here haha xD
    And her Outfit is amazing :)

  • Tracy

    What is this “something” that so many people think makes their relationship seem not right? Everyone says it, but no one says specifically what it is! I realize that’s because they are afraid to admit that they are just jealous. But this girl has done NOTHING to deserve the hatred she gets. She has a career of her own making in her own right, independant of Joe. He can’t get her roles. And there has always been paparazzi pics of her. If you check her fansites or google her, you’d see just how famous she was pre-Joe. If they are happy together, can’t you just accept that?

  • Jasmine

    her outfit is very cuttee :)

  • francesca

    i don’t get her claim to fame other than dating joe…but her outfit is so casual and chic! love it!

  • Erin

    Wow! I’m quite surprised she’s actually getting papz now when she’s alone. lol.

  • ivanka

    i hate her .. she seems like a tottal flirty girl and she is only with joe for promotion or attention, now the papz are following her because she is a jonas girl, just because of that

  • Julie

    i agree! i like him and i like her but i don’t like them together

  • skippingsarah

    i think she looks sweet in this picture

  • athena

    I guess her performance with Joe Jonas is over. Good it looked pretty incestuous…the two of them looked like twins…but, who knows, this was probably a publicity stunt with ulterior motives.

  • athena

    @nicolee.: She’s been around before the Jonas Brothers…but y’know Hollywood likes to ‘Couple’ up people…but they won’t tell you that.

  • jane

    omg she almost looks a little like ashley here! hehe

  • ★katerina★

    well the outfit is nice enough..but on her its not good xD
    her name is very strange: camilla belle
    camilla in greek means camel and belle in french beautiful.
    so camilla belle=beautiful camel
    but camels are not beautiful so she is ugly! haha :P

  • ★katerina★

    hahah** i agree with stacy #30!
    yeah no friends,no boyfriend,no JOE!!!! hihi ^^

  • ★katerina★

    ivanka #39 is right!
    hahah…she is not CELEB!!! :@
    its all because of JOE <3 <3 <3

  • flora

    lol well ya i agree,she is ot a celeb!

  • Sofia

    and she’s ‘famous’ because…?
    oh right, Joe Jonas…what a useless famw**re!
    and girls, i don’t care about the jobros, i really don’t like them, but i realli dislike her…omg we’re plenty of useless and talentless ‘actresses’…this girl is just another Z-list who will be forgotten in a couple of years…-.-’

  • JJsGirl0676

    @Sofia: Wow, sofia, I actually agree with you. But, I do like the Jonas Brothers. :D I didn’t even know who she was until the LoveBug Video.