Miley Cyrus Dresses Up Her Neck

Miley Cyrus Dresses Up Her Neck

Miley Cyrus looks ravishing in a Dolce & Gabbana butterfly-print dress at the Paris premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie held at the Gaumont Marignan Theater on Monday evening (April 27).

The 16-year-old actress was seen out earlier in the day shopping with big sis Brandi along the Champs-Élysées, where they picked up a few items at the Zara boutique.

Hannah Montana The Movie hits Parisian theaters on June 24.

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Tony Barson/WireImage, Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images
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  • Britney

    She does look beautiful..I just don’t like the neckline of the dress =/

  • briana

    i hate the dress, and i dont like her hair up but, Mileys usually awesome

  • ashley lein

    she looks horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that dress is very ugly

    but it is ok she’ll get it right next time

  • Faiza

    Oh mon dieu , elle à grave déconner sur ce coup-là
    Fallais qu’elle finisse sa promo avec une horreur pareille ?!
    J’attendais mieux. Je me suis dis Paris , elle va nous mettre un beau truc mais là CEST MOCHE !

  • She looks sooooo gorgeous *________________*
    I just love her dress it’s really beautifull
    But as much as she looks wonderfull she also looks very tired :/

  • Rosa

    ooops .. a horrible mistake miley !!
    her outfits were stunning lately .. but this time ..
    this looks so weird !! seems like her neck is broken in that dress ;p
    SO much makeup too ..
    bad hair style ..
    she looks in her 30′s !!

    come on miley .. u can do way better than that ..

  • daniella

    hate the dress!

  • heather

    i LOVE miley and she looks gorgeous but i dont think i’ve ever seen an uglier dress. in my life. she looks like she has no shape.

  • kc

    Doesn’t she look sorta young with her hair like that? I mean it kinda makes her look like the time she first started out as Hannah Montana. I like it.

    I hate the dress though.

  • istar

    im not very fond of the dress.

  • ivanka

    not age appropiate… ugly thing in her neck

  • Nala

    Maybe this neck thing is because it’s pretty cold here in Paris, not good for her voice… Smart and pretty (or not ).

  • hey

    She herself looks pretty. But the dress is iffy.
    She’s looked amazing to every other HM premiere so hey u can’t win them all!

  • Gaby

    she looks so uglyyy as alwayss

  • me again

    this dress is for grandma’s, she’s probably wearing granny panties too!

  • Michelle

    Definitely not one of her best looks.

  • nessa

    what the heck kind of dress is that!????

    omg what was she thinking..

    definitely not age appropriate.. not even for a 60 year old!!


  • neelmani

    the high collar and the hair…so not miley cyrus

  • fairycake

    I’m loving the dress, she looks so elegant.

  • tia

    wtf. she looks ridiculous

  • Elsa**

    agree with #15 .. but the dress is cute =) but i think if it was more short i guess it would look better on her =)

    anyways, lov’ya miiles!@

  • upalis
    It’s my vid of the premiere.
    Miley was so beautiful and so nice =D

  • mileyfan

    i like her better without so much makeup and she does too but i guess her stylist wanted her to rock the paris look so……..

  • Alexia

    heyy I was ther coz I live in Paris …
    Even if I don’t rly like this dress miley was gorgeous in it..
    And she was really nice and cute with everyone!!
    She also signed few autograph !!
    She was just Amazing !!
    And the movies rly awesome !!

  • casey

    one of her eyes is cocked eyed,ones lookin at you the other one is looking off the other direction

  • Rochel

    WOW. Miley looks so grown up!!!
    Luv the new look.
    Its great that she can change her look and look great.
    Kudos to you Miley for trying something different. :))))

  • mrsjoejonas

    aww she looks beautiful! her dress

  • izabella

    she looks so gorgeous, or so french, LOL :P
    I can’t wait till this friday, I’m going to see the movie.
    it finally premieres here in Sweden this friday, yay ♥

  • Hez

    I adore Miley but that dress is awful :/

  • mate

    she really does look classy and sophisticated on that dress !! she looks beautiful!

  • Emily

    love the dress the neck thingy is hideous though

  • zanessa4everr

    i love miley but the dress is HIDEOUS!

  • mizzj

    Why is everyone sayin her dress is ugly? Because its not skimpy? Her dress is very pretty and I love how she mixes up her style. She looks very elegant. And the ruffle neck is very fashionable. Love miley!

  • newport beach, 92660

    she looks gorgeous .
    i must say , she has definetly matured in the past years .

    i don’t know about you guys , but i think the dress suits her fine . it’s very unique , and only miley could pull it off .

    - audrey ♥ :)

  • eh..

    usually love everything she wears
    but in this case…

  • Meela

    I love my girl Miley! Her face is BEAUTIFUL but she looks like my grandmother!
    The dress makes her look like a neckless chicken!
    What was the designer of D&G thinking with the design of this dress? Who ever picked Miley this dress or If she picked it herself, she/they could of done better!!!
    Plus the way she hair is up with one long curl maker her look like Wendy from Peter Pan!
    Love you Miley But sorry girl, you are fined by the fashion police!!!!

  • billythekid

    I took one look at that dress and instantly decided it was probably the worst dress I have seen her in. Maybe her team was doing someone a favor and wore this thing? But more interestingly is the strange fact that her movie is opening on all sorts of different dates across Europe – total mistake! I have no idea what makes Disney tick, but I don’t see why they don’t all open on May 1st, instead of a different date for every 2 or 3 countries. Someone should try to explain the reasoning behind the craziness.

  • katerina

    omg she look horrible in that dress!!! >.<
    she is nice but this outfit….
    miley throw the dress in the rubbish!

  • brenda


    miley that dress it’s ugly

  • brenda

    @ashley lein: SUPPORT TO YOU

  • hititquitit

    no one could pull off this dress
    did she not see it before she put it on?
    or was she paid to wear it?

  • jackie

    she’s pretty but the dress ehhh :/

    excuse my comment miley fans:
    subscribe me

  • Katie

    I don’t understand why people said it looks like she’s wearing a ton of makeup. I don’t think it looks like she’s wearing a lot at all!

    Anyways, I understand the dress isn’t everyone’s taste, but I actually like it :) I think it’s different, and Miley totally rocks it. It’s classy and fashionable. Plus, she looks very French! haha :)

  • francesca

    she looks so chic! perfect for paris!
    j’adore this outfit!!!

  • francesca

    and also..this dress is a very high fashion piece..not everyone can pull it off, but miley can!
    and for all of you saying it’s an ugly dress you don’t know fashion.
    i mean come on its dolce & gabbana!

  • sally

    Yucky dress, she is MAJORLY sucking in her cheeks, it looks like she had botox

  • Victoria

    i just love miley, but the dress isnt my fav!
    but its probably in style in paris :)

  • e

    she looks gorgeous!
    except im not loving the length of the dress
    but heyy she still looks better than i would in that.

  • Susan

    oh to be that age again!

  • shea

    she actually looks her age in this dress.every other time you’d swear she wasn’t 16.something about the outfit makes her look like a little girl. i think its because her hair is pulled back in a pony and the dress is high neck and long.