Zac Efron Takes Off from Tegel

Zac Efron Takes Off from Tegel

Zac Efron keeps his shades on as he arrives at Tegel airport in Berlin, Germany on Monday afternoon (April 27).

The 21-year-old actor, who premiered his new flick, 17 Again, last night, was accompanied by his mom Starla.

Before taking off, Z and his mom also enjoyed a meal at KŠfer roof top restaurant at Reichstag building.

Mother and son also enjoyed taking in the sights of the city, stopping off at two Beer Garden restaurants — Dali and Alte Fischer.

10+ pics inside…

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  • lottie

    I love him in that jacket. Him and his mum are too cute.

    I loved 17 again, can’t wait for his next films!

  • nicolee.

    he is so hott.
    sorry xD

  • katerina

    omg zac efron is not the center of the world..
    every day a new event with zac efron..
    i dont like him..epsecially when he has photos with naked know mr Zac, you know…
    μαριλινα σχολιο????

  • katerina

    but his outfit is very nc :)

  • http://justjared shamilah

    17-again was amazing <3 i watched it twice & want to go again xD
    aw he looks sooo frickin cute with his shades on. LOve U Zac!

    Jared Please Post More Of Joe Jons :)

  • de


    Finally JJJ!!!! Omg I’ve been waitingnfor his threads!!!

    Omg!!! The leather jacket!!! WOW!!! H.O.T!!!!
    love him lots!!

  • witchygirl


  • hititquitit

    he’s coming home
    love him and his mom
    so cute (:

  • martha

    He looks good. Glad him and his mom are enjoying their time together. They say you can get the measure of a man by how he treats his mom. Well, Zac is just amazing, so sweet to his mom. And bless Starla, she is so cute and smiley.

  • sheila

    dude, you got the name of the restaurant wrong. its called kaefer.

  • mary

    Zac go Madrid

  • Katty

    He look soo f-ing hott here. Love his hair. I think it’s cute that he brought his mom along, can’t let him have all the fun alone. She must be so proud of him.
    I hope he comes home soon, and we get a Zanessa sighting.

  • desiree

    does that pr woman let him breathe without getting her face in the piictures he has a girlfriend honey. this blonde chick seems not to understand that it explains the looks shes gives vanessa well if you are going to cheat i guess its convenient with someone who wont give you up to your girlfriend and is there all the time

    vanessa is not too observant it seems

  • martha

    shut up desifreak, seriously get over yourself. V is not stupid, nor does Zac ‘cheat’ with Gina’s assistant. His mom is on the trip with him and he has morals, unlike you. If you can’t see how in love he and Van are then you are blind (you are already stupid). The poor girl is just doing her job. For all we know she could have someone back home. Her job is to look after Zac, and his mom, a foreign country. That is a huge responsibilty, especially since Gina is not there. I give her props for being able to do that, I know I couldnt. So what if he spends his free time with her, and his mom, Zac is a nice guy, he wouldn’t jut banish her. Idiots like you, really need a grip on reality. Wake up!!

  • me

    Oh Yeah I’m sure Vanessa is shaking in her slouchy boots.

  • jessie

    OMG zac back to LA!!!!! lol
    please hang out with vanessa i miss you guys…
    Zanessa Forever!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re soooooo damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gracemarie

    Could someone please show Dizziree the Laker game pixs.

    He’s in love with V dumb dumb – take a good look.

  • gracemarie


    I think he is on his way to Madrid for tomorrow’s premiere then home

  • gracemarie


    Thank you so much. Great post and to the point!!

  • Bradley

    Zac looks great.

  • adcgordon

    Somebody please tell me that the ring on Zac’s right index finger matches the one that’s on Vanessa’s right ring finger…please??? I’m just a Zanessa fan who would love to hear that perhaps Z found his kuippo ring again???

    Okay, even if that’s not it I can still dream, can’t I? :)

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Such a hottie (:

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    love itttttttttttttttttt!!!@martha: good comment martha! XD
    he looks sooooooo sexy!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! go zac!! XD

  • Tiptoes

    # 20, it may be his ring, but it doesn’t fit his ring finger now as he has bulked up for the last months….

    Zac looks good though he can do with a trim in front. So sweet of him to bring his mom along to his last leg of the promotion. His mom must be very proud of him.

  • dina


    i was thinking the same thing about his ring, it looks like the silver one he always had :)

    I wonder if it is the same one, he may of found it!! or maybe vanessa got him another one you never know :)

    Luv ya zac, looking hotter than ever!!!!!

  • aw

    He looks good. One more stop and he gets a break.

  • ivanka

    aw zac is sexy and sweet… i totally love him

  • pop86

    @desiree: The PR rep is doing her job and the last thing she needs a moron posting bs on the web.

    Zac looks great and can’t wait to see the premiere pictures from Madrid.

  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan

    i really need zanessa hahahha
    good luck at madrid, zac *-*

  • Steffi r


  • marie

    oooohh hotttttt

  • AllisonC

    Wow, someone always needs to start drama where there is none huh? He’s supposed to get along with his PR people and publisist.

    And why can’t he talk to another woman without people freaking out?

    If you were there and he ignored you because you were another ‘woman’ would you be happy with that? No, you’d be mad at him. Gosh grow up!

  • mrsefron.

    iii loveee zac!

  • maria

    Aww, I think this is Zac’s last stop! I think he did a fabulous job promoting his movie, and it’s paid off. Studios will see how work-oriented he is, and that’s a good thing. I think there are great things ahead for him!!

  • krystal

    he’s hottt ! <3

  • gracemarie


    I think he has always been work oriented even in school it’s a great way to be. I think V is too but in a more gentle way.

    I think they are both amazing and have great futures.

    I love his mom’s retro kind of 60′s outfit-she looks young and cute.

  • Lissy

    I love that you are a great son with your mom, is so nice that you have a great relation.

  • Marie

    Zac looks so tried I bet when he gets backs to LA he is going to need some rest.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Mmm, yeah, now his hair looks alright to me !! Actually, it’s just FINE. He’s so fine. :D

  • nikki

    that sexy mann!!!!

  • zac is a rat

    Don’t expect the ring to stay on long he was wearing a ring before he left for Germany and then it disappeared again and what do you know it’s back, he’ still trying to figure out what he really feels for Vanessa.

  • Kit Kat

    I LOVE ZAC EFRONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SSSSSSEEEEEEEEXXXXYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY HUSBAND 4 EVER!!!!!!!!
    go zacc!!

  • Karen

    But none of us are still trying to figure out what we are really feeling about you, ratface. Your stupidity knows no end.

  • susan

    lovely to watch if your mom is with you especially this type of things
    premiere;red carpet .
    Germany is the last one or Spain?



    PLEASE JJJ POST!!! SHE’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pita

    i dont know why this one person kept mentioning about ring
    is up to zac if he want to wear or not none of your business.
    i love that he took his mom wih him to this last promotion of his

  • pita

    #45 zanessa91
    lovely pictures !!!
    thanks for sharing us!!!

  • flora

    yeah i need zanessa either!
    love him and his mom,he is so hot,getting hotter everyday zac! <33333

  • lol

    He has one more stop. Madrid.

  • jessie

    oh thanks for the website :D