Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano: Piggyback Pair

Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano: Piggyback Pair

Kristen Stewart and boyfriend Michael Angarano horse around with each other in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon (April 25).

The 19-year-old actress is currently in town filming New Moon.

Kristen and BFF Nikki Reed will be the subject of a documentary titled The Glorification of Celebrities.

Nikki tells MTV of the film her brother is making, saying, “I think fans with be able to see this. I am trying to be as involved as I possibly can. I think Twilight was a wonderful thing for him to use [in the film], because it escalated quite quickly. It went from being this little tiny book series that none of the actors really knew anything about to this explosion that happened somewhere around the summer [of 2008]; I started walking outside and people started yelling ‘Rosalie!’”

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  • francesca

    see! kristen and rob AREN’T dating!
    mike and her are such a cute couple!
    hopefully all the gossip sites and magazines will see these pics and stop trying to start rumors!

  • MOok


  • Orls

    Aww they are so cute and comfortable together :]
    And i really like her outfit <3

  • Sarah

    They are SO cute together. I used to love Rob and Kristen together…but Michael has grown on me. She looks incredibly happy to be around him. Love her, love him, love them!

  • lola

    i loved michael on “sky high” that was one of my FAVORITE movies!!! Now, since he smokes and grew that beard… i don’t like him soo much!!!


  • gsfgsfgs

    Wow! He’s a supporter of Christiania!! He is a nice guy, then :b


  • pan

    kristen and mike look soo cute together and so comfortable around each other :) i love how they can look good without even trying :) supre cute couple!!!!!!

    kristen is freakin BOMB!

    taylena… hahaha seylor…lol haha i dunno

  • danishgirl

    OMG! He’s wearing an ‘Bevar Christiania’ t-shirt. That’s a t-shirt from Denmark! Wow i can’t believe he even knows what it is. Kinda rebellious and way cool. Lol.

  • Kathrine

    Cool he’s supporting Christania ..
    they look so sweet together :)

  • bellamor

    Love these two, and I really hope Taylor isn’t dating Selena Gomez. She’s terrible, and he could do 10x a thousand better.

  • moe

    Ok, Am I the only one that notices that Kristen WANTS these photos taken? It looks to set up. Look at the photos of them walking down the street, they aren’t holding hands,if they are soooo “happy”together wouldn’t they be holding hands? I have been with my hubby for 20 yrs,we still hold hands walking down the street. I don’t know JJ looks to set up for my likes, I’m still not conviced that K & M are this “happy ever after love story” you’ll have to do better than this. Sorry!!!

  • nessa

    awee they look so happy :]
    they’re luckyy.

    He’s starred in movies!!!!

  • bigail

    ohh so cute!!

  • Ana

    well not everyone is like you and your hubby.

    they look soo cute! they’ve been together for so long now! its great to see them have fun! :D kristen is beautiful!!!!

  • helen

    hahahah how many Summit people are posting on here. So funny. Desperate.

  • holly

    So fake and so many summit people posting on here

  • camz

    aw love michael and kristen. so cute <333 =]

  • Diana

    Moe, actually, if you visit the other sites, they say that they were horsing around and holding hands, but as soon as they noticed paparazzis snaping photos of them, they stopped.

    Here’s the link to one of the sites:

  • robfan

    Rob needs to dump Kristen. This staged photoshoot is beyond what was needed from her.Rob must be sickened to see what she’ll do to stay in Summit’s good books.

  • Sarah

    @holly: Why do think this is fake? Just because she’s out with her boyfriend suddenly makes this bunch of photo’s staged? Really? Ha what world do you live in? Can’t she just have a good day out with her boyfriend without people assuming that it’s staged or whatever? Seriously, I for one am not from Summit, thank you very much.

  • loved

    they look good

  • Diana

    Amen Sarah! You go girl! They’ve been together for 3 years, why do some people think it’s a fake relationship?

  • ivanka

    @bellamor: i agree with you and the “reports”of kristen and rob holding hands is bullshit from some hardcore rob&kristen fans… stop forcing that to happen, KRISTEN IS WITH MIKE, END OF STORY!

  • ivanka

    Many of you have emailed the last few days asking about some report that Kristen Stewart was holding hands with Robert Pattinson in a grocery store…?

    Well… she was definitely holding someone’s hand this weekend: her boyfriend’s. His name is Michael Arangano. And as I reported last week, Summit was not happy with Kristen when she was photographed with Michael in Vancouver a few weeks ago. The studio wants to encourage speculation re: Kristen and Rob to keep the twi-freaks happy even though there is nothing going on between the two co-stars and the rumours of a split from Michael are baseless.

    They went for sushi, she playfully hopped on his back, then when she realised she was being papped, she quickly jumped off. The two continued on their way all awkward and sh-t. She looks great, right? Very pretty, beautiful skin. Happy.

    Am told exclusively that they spent a romantic weekend together – Michael arranged for accommodation at a different hotel, with an open ocean view, and they were able to escape for a day from the crowds waiting outside all the time

  • Anon

    @moe: Me and my boyfriend do not hold hands all the time. Doesn’t mean that we do not love each other. Every relationship is different. Just because they aren’t holding hands mean there is something going on? Lol so not true.

  • L

    One word: CUTE!
    I actually really like them together as a couple. I remember Michael from Sky High but nothing else though.
    I’m a HUGE Taylor/Selena fan as well. Keep the pics of the New Moon cast coming JJ! LOL

    And I don’t work for Summit. Proof? I’m 16 for one thing and I live in Luton for the other. LOL

  • Desiree

    Ok people deal with it they have dated for a while and I don’t think one guy can tear them apart and a s for that whole grocery store thing who knows were not them so stop acting like you all know them when all you know is what you see or hear. Kristin and Michaels relationship is their relationship not yours so don’t base it off of yours just because they don’t hold hands in public if you haven’t noticed pretty much all of the twilight cast are very reserved people and like their privacy so why not let them have it and date who they want to date and if Kristen and Robert are dating then good for them.

  • Desiree

    Oh and they are so not posed just look at how they look in some of the pictures I mean come on the papprazzi can sneak up and suprise anyone everyone here has seen that happen to other people before

  • janiece


    Seriously!! as soon as i saw these pics i new people were going to comment about it being staged or fake. people come on. stop tryna make kristen and rob happen because its not. these pics are cute and every couple is different. leave them alone already. kristen doesnt even seem like the type of girl who would feed into the media anyway. she doesnt care about image.

  • ldulcci

    nice and awesome!!!

  • arantxa

    Aw ! (L)
    i love them :)

    see No Rob & Kirsten !

  • michelle

    They’re really cute together.

    Mike gets extra brownie points for supporting Christiania. BEVAR CHRISTIANIA!

  • yashi

    the thing is sarah is that kristen has said dozens of times that she is a private person why does she have the need to show everyone her relationship with mike is fine?? and she has never been playfull with mike IN PUBLIC they r always very serious

    really look at the sequence of the pics in the lainey website, from bottom to top the sequence really goes like this : Kristen and mike are walking side by side in the streets of VC ok, notice he has the red sweater on , ok they notice the papz he takes off the sweater and then kris jumps on mikes back WHILE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE PAPARAZI CAMARA i, she is on his back for like a few seconds and then she jumps off STILL LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE CAMARA having an odd looking smirk on her face ,WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO AKNOWLEDGE THE PAPZ THAT R FOLLOWING HER ??? most celebs ignore the papz and she used to do it b4 , why the sudden change??

    funny the fact is that mike returns when rob is away in LA and then leaves the day rob returns to VC dont u find that strange ???

    i trully believe that mike and kris are just friends now , cause that behavior is more of best buds than gf and bf , does anybody see what i mean ??

    if u really wanna know what is going on and ur a twi fan over the age of 18 visit the ted cassablanca site in click on THE AWFUL TRUTH in the section above the news, read all his reports regarding kristen and rob

    this is the man who outed brangelina !!! he is saying that rob and kris are together but “someone “is making them keep it secret , so that is why micheal apears when he is needed , after the rumors of rob and kris got more intense ( mostly after the pictures of rob and kris ditching nikki to go ALONE to kristens hotel after a concert) and the hand holding sighting in a supermarket , mike returns after missing out on his gf bday , an event where even robs sister lizzy was bur mike didnt go .. humm some bf right
    go to ted site and you will find out the awful truth

  • sarah

    LOVE KStew!!! I think she’s saying, ‘Slow your roll.’ in pic #3! ;)


    wow after looking at all of the pics you can totally tell that their effn around with the paps and being smart asses. they’re both playing around with them, but not in like a “hey yah we’re still together” sort of thing but like “we see you with you damn cameras so we’re going to act stupid”

  • Rachel

    ehh… i don’t really like michael for her but if thats who she wants then good fer her

  • anna

    i love how they act together, all lovely dovey
    its really cutee (:
    they look good together

  • ATwilightKiss

    Thank you for the pics! Love the piggyback!

  • justme


  • red

    wow way diff from the sky high kid i used to love…not likin the beard but a little trim would make a diff.

  • Teamrob

    Used to like krist…coz I thought she softened her heart and finally open her eyes for the sweetest man in the world…my lovely rob..but now I hate her for making my gorgeous rob’s heart hurts more and more…she’s soooo mean…she doesn’t deserve rob…I can see now why she’s datin’ the uglyboy for soooo long..

  • izzy


  • wky

    i agree with you. And you know what, Michael came to Vancity with no baggage. But someone called Lainey said that Michael reserved a room for him and Kristen’s vacation. Most of the photos are taken in the back of the hotel.

  • megan

    they are totally only doing this because of the reports of her and robert together

  • wky

    i dunno why my comment didin’t show up but i think the photos are so fake. Michael came to Vancity with no baggage, but someone called Lainey said that Michael reserved a room in a different hotel. Doesn’t make sense…..also most of the pics are taken in the back of the hotel

  • caat

    i LOVE that he’s waering a ‘Bevar Christiania’ shirt! that is so awesome!

  • http://twilightkiss Bwawey

    Oh well! In as much as I want Robsten, let us release them.They are young especially Kristen.I guess,it would hurt more at least 4 their fans if they become a couple now because of pressure maybe from Summit among others ….and then break up later. Based on all interviews of these two, I can say they could be more than friends.Robert has always been vocal of his feelings 4 Kristen and as 4 KStew-action speaks louder than words.Why is Kristen not giving in?Her is my opinion: She has found someone in the person of RPAtzz who is so much like her, habits and all and she couldn’t believe how perfect it would be if they would become a couple.And she is afraid of change(She said in one interview that a lot of ppl are afraid of change so maybe she’s one of those who are scared of change).Secondly, KStew doesn’t like 2 lose a great buddy(RPAttz).She said so in an earlier interview when she was asked about her answer 2 RPAttz’s marriage proposals.In other words,she’d rather have RPAttz as a friend than lose him later on if they hook up now and then break up later on. “Breaking up” of couples specially in Hollywood has become so “normal” so i guess KStew does not like that 2 happen.She does not like 2 change the special bond she and RPAtzz have right now so she wants them to be friends only. Well,great friendship can be an excellent foundation 4 a great romantic relationship so let us just sit back and let them be.True love waits.

  • http://twilightkiss Bwawey

    moreover, a relationship that is always the subject of media glare, gossip.etc is harmful 2 it’s progress so i think RObsten is better off as friends at present.Let’s just wait and see what will happen after they are finished filming the series.I think KStew is 4 long term commitments and she does not just enter into relationships as quickly as she changes her shirts.SO while she is attracted 2 RPAttz,she has 2 wait 2 be sure of her feelings.Love is patient. If RPATzz can’t wait then maybe they are not meant 4 each other. You might say I’m cruel 4 making RPATzz waitand being hurt while KSTew is still enjoying her present bf’s company but then again, true love waits after all,they are still young.

  • selena y los dinos 4 life

    ok i with you there! she is totally dating michael!!!!! they need to stop the rumors about her robert! although they so good and juicy to hear that they are, but face the facts its not true. she’s dating michael! END OF STORY!!!!! and moe okey you and your hubby have fun but if this the kristen and michael love each other then leave them alone!

  • acidburn

    i’m more interested in his red hoodie. Christiania is a huge plot of land in copenhagen (denmark) that was taken over in the 60′s by squatters. it was constantly under threat from the government and the police and was always soon to be closed down. it had gardens, houses, a skate park, venues, bars etc etc. a truly amazing place. This was a place for the community and people lived there. His hoodie says “save Christiania”. i’ve got the same sticker on my fridge. It was unfortunately closed for good like last year or something. But good to see he’s supportin the cause. Either that or he knew it was a good place to get loads of weed.