Camilla Belle is a Gucci Party Person

Camilla Belle is a Gucci Party Person

A solo Camilla Belle sparkles at a private cocktail party at the Gucci store in the Iguatemi Mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday night (May 6).

The 22-year-old girlfriend of Joe Jonas paired her iridescent green Gucci top with a fun sequined bottom.

Camilla is from Brazil and is proud of her Brazilian heritage. She considers the country one of her her favorite places in the world!

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • nicolee.

    she always seems alone without the jb.
    eh who cares.
    she looks okay..

  • staci

    eww shes a tooth pick

  • ivanka

    ” The 22-year-old girlfriend of Joe Jonas ”
    she is only known because of this fact..what a shame!

  • Alyssa

    Oh, how much I dislike her.
    She is using Joe for fame, and Joe needs to relize that….Poor Joe…=[

  • izzie

    she’s pretty :]

  • rose

    she looks stunning, her slinder body, gorgeous eyes, pretty hair, full package

  • Sam

    She looks like a bobble-head because she’s so thin! Ew . . .

  • Anna


    Please stop posting about her .

    Thank You .

  • courtney


    I love how in order to know who she is you have to put Joe Jonas’ girlfriend..fameho

  • duh

    agreed. is it true she was making fun of fans at the baseball game with joe?

  • Anna

    I kinda agree that she’s using Joe for fame. Like I don’t think I’d know who she was and watch some of her old movies without knowing who the Jonas Brothers are.

    But anyways. She would have looked better if she didn’t wear those leggins with the dress.

  • selene

    she is pretty

  • jenny

    see, she’s known as joe’s GF, she’s not even famous and she’s like all over mag, gossip site…why? cause of joe, poor joe, he needs to realize she’s not good for him

  • Hanna Lovato

    UGLY !! Hate Her COW

  • tracy

    Who says she wants to always be identified as “Joe’s girlfriend?” Maybe they wish the media wouldn’t do that and let her be on her own merits, which are considerable. This girl is not using Joe. She doesn’t have to do that. Don’t you think after 7 months, he’d have figured it out? If not, then you think he’s pretty stupid. You’re all just jealous because she has who you want and will never have. And she’s far prettier than all of you….combined. Long live Jomilla!

  • Yasmin

    são paulo :) legal -q

  • http://jjj laurenj

    she is not from BRAZIL. her mother is.
    her dad is an american and she was born in America..
    why why doesnt she acknowlege this fact.
    is she ashame to be an american…
    she should hold her head HIGH AND BE PROUD TO
    camilla has a serious issue about acknowleging the fact
    she is an wonder she is hated and

    CAMILLA you are an were born in AMERICA. its
    AMERICA that has made you popular and the fact you are
    dating a fellow AMERICAN JOE JONAS…its about time
    you start to realise this you ungrateful AMERICAN CITIZEN..

  • isa

    see? everybody is coming here haha so proud
    And who cares about Joe? Let him be happy with her jeez
    Why can’t you, fans, just accept the fact that he HAS a girlfriend and he will NEVER date you, come on ¬¬


    So, I dont have any problem about her and her relationship with joe jonas, either ( is doesn’t matter ) , but i think many brazilian girls are desagree about ” Camilla Belle, Brazilian beauty (or whatever but with braziliaaan ) ” ’cause she is NOT BRAZILIAN, she was born in united states .. yes , i know her mom is from brazil , but Camilla is American NOT BRAZILIAN!!! ..

  • Kensie:))


    Woww.. your creepyyyy

  • jbr

    I think camilla is a great actress and she is gorgeous
    its nice that she loves brazil so much
    i know she is american but her mother is from brazil and its nice of her to let people know that brazil is a nice country and be proud of it
    shes is amazing
    and they make a good couple (joe and camilla)

    love u camilla =)

  • Bb girl

    Brazil is the best!!!!!
    She’s not Brazilian but brazil is the best !!!
    And OMg she’s here and I don’t see

  • Courtney


    She can be born in America and still be proud of her Brazilian heritage. There are plenty of Americans who parents weren’t born here and are proud of where their families are from. If she was German or some other Anglo nation, you probably wouldn’t have said that stupid mess.

    Anyway, she looks gorgeous. And as I said before, she was a working actress before Joe and she’ll be one after him if they break up. There are plenty of people that who she was before she was with him, myself included.

  • Courtney

    *that knew who she was before she was with him, myself included.

  • cherryblossoms


  • Yvonne

    Every time anything new pops up about her it makes me wish Danielle was a celebrity. I want to see more of her

  • sjs

    So do all you people who are freaking out about her being proud of her Brazilian heritage think she should ignore it? You’d probably call her a racist if she did. Are you gonna chew out black people who call themselves “African American” just cause they weren’t born in Africa? You’re just trying to find any little reason to hate her.

    I don’t like what she’s wearing, but she’s beautiful and seems really sweet.

  • sjs

    @laurenj: She never said she hated America. Way to put words in her mouth. I think it’s nice when people with ethnic backgrounds acknowledge their heritage. She lives in America, so she obviously doesn’t hate it.

    You act so much nicer when I see you on JHQ. Why do you get so hateful whenever you pop up on JustJared or OceanUp?

  • http://jjj laurenj

    SJS – i for one am glad she embraces her heritage being from
    Brazil, but can you name one time she has acknowleged the
    fact she is an american or american/brazilian…NEVER…
    Honestly speaking i have disliked camilla way way way before
    she met joe jonas (and no im not jealous far from it) i wish them
    both luck but i dont like her as an actor or as a person.
    something about her doesn’t sit right with me…i came to that
    conclusion years ago reading articles of her and she isnt a
    bright person or idk…

    im normally a likeable person and very down to earth aussie girl
    and tells things how she sees truly sorry if i offended

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she doesnt
    it is a terrible situation for her.
    media makes her just joe’s girlfriend.
    i think she’S a good actress but her relationship with joe, hurts her career !

  • marilina

    i said that she is not a gucci girl and she is not so beautiful to be a gucci girl…and also we didn’t know if she is joe’s girlfriend…i think that they are just best friend…
    she isn’t good for joe…she affects him negatively!!!

  • Lauren

    it was on perez hilton i dont know if anyone has seen it – but theres a rumour saying that joe wants to move out of the house he shares with nick and kevin;but i thought they lived at home?
    anyways, he supposedly wants to move out so hes able to spend more time with camilla and also, he wants more privacy because camilla supposedly doesn’t like the living conditions or something daft.

    but, im not fussed i like camilla shes beautiful and shes a great actress – on push, she was good…and i hope that being with joe doesn’t affect her career because shes becoming more popular and hopefully has a long happy career

  • mari

    its stupid to say that she is not proud to be an american! she never said that! she just said that her mother is brazilian!
    and why people care about it?
    I might be wrong but it seems that everbody thinks that Brazil is a poor country, only with forest and animais around! São Paulo is more populated than NY!
    People that live there are white, african, asian, latin american!
    sorry about the bad english but you can understand!
    who cares if she is brazilian or not? US, BRAZIL, GERMANY, AFRICA… ALL THE SAME!

  • Just r.

    I SAW HER *-* i from BRASIL *-*

  • ashley

    wow she looks very ugly and too srawny and puts make up on every day to hide her ugly face :)

  • jb rocker becky

    @ivanka: you are so right. me and my mates think she is just there for the fame and fortune. if she gets married to joe then after one year she will earn half of joe’s money. World tour, JONAS, Lines Vines and Trying Times. it is just so unbelievable. she has changed joes image to suit more liek her other bf rob pattison. the beanie hat the black boots. she lieks robs look but LOVES joes money!!! she is just so horrible i absolutely hate her!!! why cant joe see sense!

  • chloe

    @laurenj: I love you. You are so right. I mean I’m mixed with black and white so it would be stupid for me to go around saying I am black when I am not just black but also white. I guess she hates america then if she won’t state that she is not only Brazilian but also a White AMERICAN. BTW, she shouldn’t have worn those leggings with that dress. It makes the outfit look cheap and her makeup looks trashy. To much sparkles.

  • Michelle

    She waxed the brow !

  • Lu

    it’s un natural how beautiful she is
    joe must be happy
    but i think he suits taylor better
    even though my friend’s guna marry him!! x

  • cindyccluvsjb

    she looks weird……

    she’s only known as joe jonas’ gf!!!!!!! she could be in a billion movies and she still couldn’t be as famous as she is now! she’s probably using him and he’s probably blinded by love to know…..


  • mimi_yash

    Wow Jessica & Joe two play things together.Let’s see who dumps whom first.

  • yuri


  • Sherydan

    hey, put camilla in just jared, not just jared jr. cause she’s not teen idol. she’s OLD. put her in just jared not in here. anyway, please stop posting about her

  • Sherydan

    bitch, bitches ever

  • Gabriellelovesjoseph

    all of you being mean about joe and camilla your idiots!
    she’s absolutely gorgeous
    and her and joe are awesome together..

    my favorite person/ couple ever!