Selena Gomez is Cafe Crepe Cute

Selena Gomez is Cafe Crepe Cute

Selena Gomez checks her phone as she and cousin Brandon leave after having breakfast at Cafe Crepe in Vancouver on Saturday (May 9).

The 16-year-old Ramona and Beezus beauty tweeted, saying, “Sight-seeing with Brandon.”

Selena continued, “Just bought the new AP magazine. I love supporting my friends. Page 9!” Sel‘s friends FTSK are featured in the June issue of Alternative Press magazine with Taking Back Sunday on the cover.

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Photos: WENN
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  • Jay

    haha she has a fat face and a skinny body

  • tori

    Excuse me ‘Jay’ but Selena is very pretty, i dont see the ‘fat face’ Seriously though? Whats the point in putting down others. Must accomplish A LOT for you right? :)

  • Jenny

    Selena is very pretty.

  • Danni

    Yeah, really Jay.
    At least she’s not anorexic or something. I love her outfits!

  • monique

    He’s cute(:

  • kellcie

    Selena is really pretty and her cuzin is kinda Hot !!! <33

  • chuchi

    i agree with everyone saying how brandon is hot.. cuz he really is… and @Jay selena doesnt have a fat face.. shes really pretty and an awesome actress… :) i love her

  • jenny

    i agree with EVERYONE…except Jay, selena does NOT have a fat face! Insulting her won’t make u better!

  • stacey

    i kinda agree with jay she does have a big head and a tiny body but it dosent even matter because she is beautiful and she should embrace that no body is perfect

  • steph

    He’s hot & She’s Pretty,
    I’m not hating or anything
    but her face does look little bit of “fat”
    if you look you could see double chin coming out :O XD

  • TV

    @Jay: Wanna see a REAL fat face? Go to the post “Miley Cyrus Runs for Revlon.” I like Miley and all but what has Demi Lovato been feeding her??? She looks like she gained 20 pounds since the day she started hanging out with Demi. Maybe that’s why the more Selena is away from Demi, the prettier she gets.

  • Megan

    Demi hater much “tv” … So ur mad that ppl insult selena but when u insult demi it’s ok? Don’t quite get u.

  • marvin

    The ’80s revival is over people. Welcome back to grunge.

  • Jay

    @TV: nope im pretty sure selena’s face is fatter —– thanks for the tip tho :)

  • jane

    brandon is C.U.T.E!!! I hope more pictures come!! hehehe


    i like her outfit. its very chill but cute at the same time. selena looks pretty here.

  • jane

    brandon is C.U.T.E!!!! hope more pics come out!! hehehe

  • Zac F Ron

    Brandon’s one lucky dude. It must be so cool to be Selena’s cousin. My cousins are boring haha.

  • miley cyrus rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    wow u guys r fighting over whos face is fater lol idiots and who the hell cares

  • miley cyrus rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    miley and selena r both very pretty and dont have fat faces lol :)

  • bailey

    shes gorjuzz

  • p

    does anyone know where to get those bracelets people wear that she has on in these pictures that are black with words??/ hers says LOVE and then something

  • tay


    I want to know where to get those bracelets too! i’ve seen so many people wearing them…

  • Lauren

    ive decided that if selena and taylor are actually together im going to support them as a couple no matter what – i must have been jealous or something because i didn’t want them to be together and even if they’re just friends im not fussed, because selena is amazing – personality wise, clothes wise, her face is beautiful, her acting, and her singing, she is one few people in hollywood who is actually acting her age and being happy with what life is throwing at her, she is such an inspiration to others because not many could do what shes doing at her age, i’d kill to have the life she has, and taylors the same he seems like such a genuine wonderful person and i feel terribly sorry for her if she is being put off as the bad guy for dating taylor.

    i just think that the fans of taylor and selena should stay together and ignore the haters because they will just dwindle away eventually; because if she does ever come to this website she’ll realise not all gossip blogs and comments are nasty and evil towards her and shes got the best fans in the world.

  • hu


  • me.

    LOLing at this conversation.

  • mary

    she looks different….

    like in a good way, seems like she’s got more prettier.

    but she’d always been beautiful

  • http://jjj miley

    selena is awesome! :)

  • tlt


  • Sarah

    Everyone who asked where you can get those bracelets
    They’re made by jacvanek.
    You can buy them on this site:

  • Natalie

    THANKSSS :) xx

  • caroline

    @Lauren: That was a lovely comment <3

  • jenny

    @Jay: i guess ur blin then, miley looks like a pig!!! selena’s face is not at all fat! u have nothin bad to say to her (cause there’s nothing bad to say to her at all) so u make stupid stories that make u look stupid

  • cam


    Look Selena is pretty – but there is no reason to slam Miley – this article is about Selena. Why do you feel the need to say nasty things about Miley or Demi for that matter in order to compliment Selena? They are all friends & they are all Beautiful! & Selena’s cuz is cute too.

  • Sarah

    Btw, the one Selena is wearing is from another ‘brand’
    you can find the one Selena’s wearing one

  • jenny

    @cam: Ok, I’m sorry for bashing on miley, but i felt so angry at the selena haters, saying that demi is makin miley fat! Or selena’s head is to big! So, it always comes down to miley!

  • asdflk

    ok yall selena supporters? we need ur asses over at oceanup rite nw. shes being slammed soooooo badly u hve noooo idea.

  • saudia

    she looks great! love the plaid shirt, and her hair is so shiny.. Selena is awesome and gorgeous

  • Lauren

    ftsk is amazing!
    but is a lot better than that site you posted.
    i go there everyday!!!

  • p

    omg thank you sooso much! do you know if there are stores that carry them or just places online?

  • Lu

    she’s no “beauty”
    i don’t see it

  • winnie

    shes so pretty.i love her outfit.she has a cute baby face :)
    i love her.amazing actress and one of the most adorable teens alive
    please follow me at

  • mileycyrusfan

    OMG, I hope I win this contest to meet or get a phone call from Miley Cyrus! :

  • Meagan

    Yay! The pretty Selena Gomez is back!! Heck, she’s always been pretty.

  • blabsy

    Of course she has a fat face….have you seen her mom?

  • brandon

    i love u selena

  • Gossip

    Monique likes christian/Takito

  • Gossip

    u like takito that means christiam M

  • babyVlove1

    well of course Brandon is hot, he’s related to Selena that’s why xD