Ryan Newman Goes Up

Ryan Newman Goes Up

Zeke & Luther starlet Ryan Newman goes glamorous as she arrives at the premiere of Disney Pixar’s Up at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (May 16).

The 11-year-old actress’s costars Adam Hicks and Daniel Curtis Lee also hit up the green carpet.

Their series, Zeke & Luther, will premiere on Disney XD on Monday, June 15. In the premiere episode, “Bros Go Pro,” Zeke (Hutch Dano) and Luther (Hicks) get their first professional skateboarding job when Ginger (Newman) arranges for them to perform a jump at a mattress store’s grand opening celebration. But, seduced by the perks of fame, Zeke and Luther nearly miss their debut.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Fayes Vision/WENN
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  • Maria

    she is so pretty its not even funny!

  • asdfghjkl;

    shes gonna be drop dead goregeous when she gets older

  • mYaa x

    i have a feeling when shes older she will be beautiful! she pretty now1 :O

  • dundies

    omg WOW…i have never seen an ELEVEN year old, look so…stunning?

  • MJ

    she’s really pretty for an 11 year old girl!!

    she has like an air of miley cyrus, brown hair and green/blue eyes

  • anonymous

    hey, she play lil miley on the Hm show
    Shes’ so pretty

  • http://justjaredjr illianagcuri

    oh man she looks like miley cyrus!
    this little girl is gonna be stunning when shes older

  • Sarah

    @dundies: I was thinking the EXACT same thing. She is deffinately going to grow up to be a beautiful woman.

  • jo

    damn that girl’s already trying to work the red carpet and she’s 11.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. She’s really pretty. Jealous.. She kinda looks like Miley.

  • Megan

    Okay I’m jealous of her!!!!!!! I wanna walk the red carpet!!!!!! I wanna be that pretty!!!!!!!! I wanna be famous!!!!!!!! but no offence but she’s i THINK trying 2 WORK it a little 2 hard.

  • ivanka

    she is cutee

  • andrea

    she look extremely Gorgeous for an 11 year old

  • stephanie

    she remind me of megan fox, and i’m sure she’ll be as pretty as megan fox. they look a like.

  • Katie

    That is the most gorgeous eleven year old girl I have ever seen. She is going to be BEAUTIFUL. And yeah I agree, she does look a little like Miley, with brown hair and blue eyes :)

  • Nadya

    She is prettier than Miley…I agree she will be stunning when she gets older…
    She doesn’t look like Miley nor Megan Fox…they just have the same characteristics (green/blue eyes, brown hair) but that doesn’t make them look-alike!

  • Giselli

    this is the kind of young actresses we need to see more. not just because of their beauty but also for there electrify spirit. oh yea btw she is Actually a more gorgeous Gal in person.

  • Queenbee

    her dress is a whole lot better than Debby’s.

  • lala


  • :)

    wow she is so gorgeous for her age.

  • b_j_d

    OK when I see the name Ryan Newman, I so do not think of Hollywood. Nope, I think of the nascar driver Ryan Newman.. this is gonna take getting used to haha

  • ness17

    wow, she is quite pretty,
    but maybe she shouldn’t wear a dress like that when she’s only 11?

  • millie

    http://www.imdb.com/media/rm970758912/nm1707018 — In that picture, Miley and Ryan can pass as sisters!

  • identified

    woah !!
    she’s got incredible beauty for an 11 year old girl ..
    i mean she looks attractive at 11 ??!!!
    stunning eyes .. so cute smile ..
    the dress is not the best choice tho ..

  • Teri

    That dress is too old for her, she’s not even 13!
    She’s trying to grow up too fast.

  • lana

    @Queenbee: wow you are so right. Debby’s dress is kinda…-___-

  • soap

    but come on..shes only 11
    she needs to calm down for sure

  • roosta

    Ryan is gorgeous and a really sweet girl. Nice to see JJ posting about her!!

  • emele

    Very stunning…but im also kinda disturbed that an 11 yr old is dressed like she’s at least 17. Maybe it’s just me but I find it strange for someone her age to be wearing makeup and that type of outfit, and it’s kinda bad for other kids because they will look at her and think thats how an 11yr old old is supposed to look.

  • KDD

    Omgosh, she’s gorgeous. She’s only 11 and is stunning now! Wait until she’s about 16 and she’ll probably be named ” one of the most beautiful people in the world” or something like that. She’s gonna have all the guys liking her…..Move over Megan fox!

  • roosta

    shes not even wearing any makeup. her eyelashes are naturally that dark lol. shes very lucky. she only ever wears lip balm! I dont think the dress is that grown up. IDK. She cant help being so pretty lol

  • http://JustJaredjr.com Michaela

    OMG I freaking love her dress!!! Its so pretty, she has really good taste for an 11 year old LOL! [ But i'm 12 so I'm just 1 year older than her (: ]

    She looks like a mini Miley Cyrus and they can totally pass as sisters! She looks more like Miley’s sister than Noah Cyrus!

  • miss zanessa

    so young and yet so pretty >_<
    she really has nice features
    beautiful blue eyes, pale skin, dark her and red lips
    cute kid
    and yeah she looks like a mixture between megan fox and miley cyrus :)
    she´ll be gorgeous when she gets older

  • Victória Coppieters

    Ryan is My Best friens !! I LOVE YOU MY BEST FRIEND !

  • http://yahoo lauren

    ok im older than her and i could never b seen wearing that dress in public or id be grounded for years trying to grow up tp fast but she’s is really pretty seriously i have older siblings and they would kick my butt if i wore that kind of dress

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