Fashion Faceoff: Collette Dinnagan Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Collette Dinnagan Dress

Taylor Swift sparkled in the spotlight in this Collette Dinnagan black-and-white dress at the 2009 Grammy Salute earlier this year. The 19-year-old musician completed her outfit with Christian Louboutin peep toe heels, a Jimmy Choo clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Australian singer Delta Goodrem stepped out at the Madison Sex, Frocks & Rock’ N ‘Roll dinner in Sydney on Tuesday evening (May 19). The 24-year-old “Believe Again” singer completed her look with black leggings and YSL Trib Two boots.

Who wore Collette Dinnagan best -- TAYLOR SWIFT or DELTA GOODREM?
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Photos: Mike Flokis/Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • SOphie

    FIRRSTT? :) and taylor looks awsome

  • saudia

    Taylor looks really gorgeous .. I prefer her in edgier outfits .. she looks hot :)

  • Sarah

    It’s obvious who’s gonna win in this poll!

  • lalalove

    I have no idea who Delta Goodrem is, but I honestly kinda like the dress with the black leggings better. But, I don’t really like the boots…
    On the other hand, Taylor looks great in it too..
    I don’t know, for me, it would be a tie. I think they both look really good in it. It fits both of them really nicely.

  • cait

    ugh. you can’t do this – these must be the two nicest girls!!! I love them both but i like edginess that delta has gone with. Delta has the voice of an angel, love her :)

  • kate

    they are both wearing so pretty i cant choose

  • liz

    well Taylor is ugly so….

  • loulou

    Delta is such a talented musician and pianist LOVE HER!!!

  • pop86

    Don’t know the other girl but she ruined the look of the dress. Go Taylor!

  • Sarah

    It’s so obvious who will win. I voted for Delta. I like how it looked on her. Sorry Taylor fans!

  • harmonygrace

    I vote Taylor!

  • sue

    Taylor looks better. That Delta wore those ugly tights and ruined the look.

  • Karissa

    what the hack r u guys talkin about???? taylor swift i like her but sorry worst fashion day ever black is not her looks hideous Delta looks so much better i love her look

  • Annabel

    Well, I think the dress is ugly but if I had to choose whom it looks better on, I would have to go with Taylor. It’s better suited to Delta’s body type/overall look in general, but she ruined what was already bad by adding those leggings. Sorry, this isn’t really the most positive comment but I just really, reeeallly dislike that dress…

  • Jasper

    Taylor looks really cute in the outfit and it goes great with peep toes.

    I’ve kind of heard of Delta, but she also looks amazing and the leggings go great with the outfit.

    It is seriously hard to choose, but I voted Delta. Is she a singer?

  • Leah

    Delta, you’re lovely, but… Taylor totally pwned that dress. Not you.

  • Leah


    hahaha… Delta’s only been around on the international music stage for, like, seven years??

  • Martin

    I hope you guys realise that it’s freezing cold here in Australia. I’m glad Delta wore leggings so she doesn’t get sick or something!

  • hugemileyfan



    Occupation: singer

    Started her career: at the age of fifteen

    Albums: Innocent eyes,Mistaken identity and Delta

    First song: I don’t care

    Second biggest fan : me(miley cyrus is first)

    She used to take singing,piano and dance classes whern she was a little girl

    How do I know this: is becaouse I live in australia

  • 4641

    Oh I forgot to mention she was born in Sydney NSW

  • Hugemileyfan

    She was Born in Sydney NSW

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    hmm well i like delta and taylor..both of them sing really well and are both gorgeous..i used to be a huge fan of delta when i was a kid cos ive grown up in australia and shes pretty popular here ..

  • http://jjj miley

    i like taylor better! :)

  • julia

    i love both looks, but theres something really edgy and sexy about how delta’s worn it
    the legins, the boots, the earrings, just gorgeous!!!
    love you delta!!! awesome work!! xxx

  • jordan

    she is amazing and about a zillion times more beautiful & talented than taylor swift.
    For those of you who don’t know who Delta Goodrem is, look her up you do not understand what you’re missing out on.

  • Hugemileyfan


    You’re ABSOLUTELY right! =)
    I’m from austraila too!

  • cat


    delta is an australian singer… really big there shes really good i love her.. love taylor too :D

  • cat

    i really liked them both in it…. but delta wins cuz i like the leggins with it :D

  • julia

    thats not a very good photo of delta to make judgement on!
    sooo many better ones! like this:

    credit to DELTA DAILY

  • faelas

    DELTA OF COURSE! she is beautiful with all outfits! i love the dress much better on her!
    sorry Taylor fans.. but that’s how it goes!

  • oraclebop

    Oh, definitely Taylor the shoes just compliment.

    And that’s coming from a fashionista. :p

  • b_j_d

    I think Delta looks better, but then again she looks great in anything. I was shocked to even see her in this, I had no idea people even knew who she great as she is <3

  • e

    Delta for sure.

  • Nika

    I think Taylor looks better in this dress :-D … but Delta is awesome in this as well :-)

  • Kaityyy

    taylor all the way!!!
    the results speak for themselves!

    delta ruined it!!!

  • jenna

    Delta’s body suits the dress more. It’s too straight up and down on Taylor.

  • Jenny Diffley

    taylor swift all the way!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Delta Goodrem has a much better body shape so she can fill up her dress better. I’m not saying I dont like Taylor I do but she looks better in sun dresses and boots. I was a huge Delta fan when I was 7 and im from New Zealand.

  • deltafan

    Delta goodrem who wore best…she’s amazing singer from australia.if you don’t know her.

  • deltafan

    Delta all the way