David Archuleta: Back To American Idol

David Archuleta: Back To American Idol

David Archuleta keeps a big smile on his face as he arrives for the American Idol Season 8 Grand Finale at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (May 20).

The 18-year-old “Touch My Hands” singer recently made a visit to Manila, Phillipines with good pal David Cook. The duo performed back-to-back concerts at the Mall of Asia.

David shared on his YouTube about the trip, saying, “Wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone! Manila show was so great! Thanks everyone for coming to the show!!” Check out YouTube for his performances!

15+ pics inside of David Archuleta

David Archuleta – Thank You Manila!

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Credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN; Photos: JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • steph

    David Archuleta has the best smile

    The Record Life is LOVE

  • JJ

    He is amazing. So cute, and such an great person. LOVE HIM!!

  • kayla

    he was amazing, well i mean they were amazing here in manila! :D:D

  • celeste

    he is so cute… he is still my idol..

  • kara

    David Archuleta – wow, knocked me out looking good!
    I knew he could SANG – but, dawg, he’s getting better looking all the time!

  • Kaiteyq

    David is soooo cute in the Idol pics (well, in all, but esp. the Idol pics.) He is getting better looking and I can’t wait for his summer tour and then his next album.

  • gabby

    i love david soo much!! he is soo awesome!!

  • gloria

    yay u finally post something about david!!
    i love david soo much! he is amazing! i’m seeing him in June 24 with demi :)

  • kelsy

    Wow david is growing up fast! lookin’ Freaking HOT!! his eyes are to die 4 *melts*

  • bella

    Why do you have to post this nonsense?! How am I supposed to get anything done now with that gorgeous face smiling at me? *drools*

  • Lovearchie

    OMGosh David Ö_Ö so cute and HOT ö

    He awesome (*•*)

  • Chickee

    David is such a sweet soul, perfect voice, looks, personality, character, did I leave anything out?

  • sv18

    looking good bb <3

  • hollyre

    David was looking danged handsome last night. Great personality! Amazing voice. He’s touring again this summer! FOD

  • Marylee


  • GMAX4

    david is such a ‘bright spot” in a dreary day!!! He really lite up that red carpet with his super delightful smile and loving spirit!!! Oh yes, by the way…HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE???? Listening to him sing is one big goosebump!!!!!

  • Capri

    David looks AMAZING.. he is looking crazy HOT!! I can’t wait for another album! LOVE him sooo much!!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/05/21/david-archuleta-american-idol/ Erin

    So many vids of David from Manila. Watching, watching and still watching. So much luv for David Archuleta. Be seeing David in concert soon with Demi in Georgia. :) :) OK back to watching. lol

    Thanks awesome writeup.

  • kathy

    He is the nicest, most humble, and talented kid I’ve ever seen!!

  • mimi

    thank you so much.David is really hot and cute!!
    buy his awesome cd. Support the true talent!

  • Trudy

    David Archuleta is the most amazing person to be discovered on American Idol…I just love David and his music! His self-titled album is amazing and his vocals — are just awesome. He is a must see if you get a chance to see him in concert live — I can only say WOW! The energy he emits on stage and that smile of his is infectious. He has an amazing spirit and is so good and appreciative of his fans. I could go on forever…but I’ll just say — David Archuleta is phenomenal!

  • FunnyGirl

    Thanks for the nice write-up about David! He is so awesome and special and talented! His voice live is like nothing you have ever heard. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice and his dad and they both so sweet, humble, and caring. I love David Archuleta!!!! I have been there since his audition on Idol season 7 and will be there for him forever!

  • sasha

    OMG! David just lights up the world! Awesome hot singing talent!!

  • MusicSpeaks

    Thanks for the nice write-up. I watched some videos from the manila performances on youtube and wow! david did phenomenal! can’t wait for his tour this summer

  • Lesssha

    David is amazing!!! He is my american Idol and always will be.

  • http://everythinghudgens.co.cc DianiiZ

    I love my SmileBoy!! xDDD
    So sweet!!

  • prettyinpink

    Holy cow is that l’l David? He looks great! Why didn’t they show him in the audience?

  • rachel

    I heard Zero Gravity will be his next single. I can’t wait to get it! I hope David performs Zero Gravity on the next season of American Idol.

  • hun98

    I love Archie, but I must confess my fave person on AI ever is Cook. :) I miss last years AI contestants so much.

  • pastel

    David is all grown up! Aww….wish he could have performed last night. That would have been exciting! Glad he was able to enjoy this year’s finale….but I missed last year’s finale including David’s great performances! AI…please invite David back for next year!!!

  • Hoosieranne

    One a David Archuleta fan, always a David Archuleta fan! Looking forward to his summer tour and hearing that perfect voice sing all of his amazing songs…..I just love that guy ♥

  • roxfox

    David’s the real deal!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Nancy

    Oh, how I LOVE David’s music, and everything about him! There’s no one I love more! The show last night was lacking a song from him and one of those megawatt smiles! Glad he got to sit right behind his Idol, Jason Mraz though!

  • free4all

    David looked so happy to be at the finale. I know he will be so popular next year he will be invited to perform on the show again. He is an amazing performer. Can’t wait to see him 2 times this summer on his tour.

  • Kaitlin

    David has come so far since he was first on idol. That shy 16 yr old who auditioned is now an 18 yr old hottie who knows how to work a stage and charm an audience. The voice is even more powerful, and the kid’s got such charisma!! And that SMILE… ohhhh… that SMILE!!!!

  • Lily

    David is one of the best young artists in today’s world of music.
    We have followed David since his success on American Idol, Tour, First personal tour, England, Singapore, Manila etc. During this time he has developed a great stage presence while performing songs with perfect vocals and great feeling. Along with his great talent is a striking personality and generous spirit. David is destined to become a superstar.

  • Lindy

    He is amazing, I love him so muchh !!

  • kumikumi

    I love David Archuleta! He is amazing !

  • Soy

    I wish David Archuleta got to sing yesterday night too!
    Man, he has the brightest smile ever.

  • Mary

    David Archuleta is the complete package. He’s talented beyond belief, good looking (what a handsome young man he’s becoming), lovable, humble, and charismatic.

  • Gramma

    After season 7 and David Archuleta, AI will never be the same again. I find it hard to even get interested. I also hope that we will see much more of David A on TV especially appearances on Idol in the future. I still believe that if there would be a Season 7 revote….David A, not David C, would win. Who would have thought that he could possibly lose after Randy said he was the best singer of Season 7 and Simon claimed it a Knock out for Archie. We didn’t even think we needed to bother voting.

    We’ve now seen David A on his concert tour and he’s even better now than he was on Idol. We’re again seeing him this summer and hope that he’ll be on stage for a nice, LONG performance when
    he tours with Demi Lovato since we only purchased the tickets to see him.

    He even does a better job singing the songs on his album now than he did when he recorded it. We’re looking forward to another album and hope it will include some ballads like the ones he did on Idol (especially on that final night).

  • Katheryn

    Love the photos! They reveal David’s intensity while performing as well as his sunny disposition 24/7. David is fast becoming an international superstar. Everywhere he goes, people fall in love with this fabulous young man. He’s the greatest ambassador for America since Benjamin Franklin!

  • jewett


    i know! they were so great and soo sweet! david have become such a wonderful performer and he keeps his audience entertained all throughout the show.! i was crazy over cheering him on the stage that i lost most of my energy when david cook went on to perform. they were amazing!

  • http://theDavidchronicles angelofdja

    It’s been such a thrill and a pleasure to watch David become the artist he is today. The connection he has with his fans, no matter WHERE he has traveled or performed, cannot be described until you see it for yourself. I can’t wait to see him again…and again…and again!

  • samantha smith

    he is so cute,, i love him, great pictures

  • http://fanblast4davidarchuleta.com sgjudie

    David is exceptional. Everything about him exudes love and happiness. Thanks for the article. You are a dear heart,too.

  • Joicekristine

    SALAMAT DAvid! you’re so incredible and goodluck!!! Hope you can do another concert here in Manila. God bless u always!

  • jenah

    I love David Archuleta since AI
    He’s an AMAZING singer !!! I’m a fan from France and I saw him in UK, he was incredible! I hope he’ll come back to Europe soon
    he wasn’t the American Idol but he’s the World Idol !

  • pascalee

    He has such a light about him! I just adore David! I will be seeing him in concert for the 4th time this summer. It never gets old!

  • hailey

    YOURR HOTT!!!!