Miley Cyrus: YogurTree is Yummy!

Miley Cyrus: YogurTree is Yummy!

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston take her little Noah for a frozen treat at YogurtTree on Tuesday (May 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet, wearing Wildfox Couture’s “Hawk Feather” tank, just tweeted, “I am so over the stinkin paparazzi it’s not even funny!!!”

Earlier in the day, Miley wrote, “Just saw america farara ahhh! i dont know how to spell her name oopsie :) shes cutttee.” (Miley meant America Ferrera from Ugly Betty.)

15+ pictures inside of YogurTree yummy Miley Cyrus

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Photos: BJJ/WENN
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  • Shelley

    does that loser have a job? it’s gross how involved in her life he is. not to mention his “i’m a christian” thing is so fake. he got his “purity tattoo” (LIE) when he was drunk with friends. his ex said he’s definitely NOT pure.

    he’s going to ruin her career..and probably life

  • Bella

    She looks annoyed. I can understand why she would. They wait outsider her house and follow her.

  • Ani

    She looks so great here.. I love her whole look!

  • Shelley

    why is that jobless moocher always with her? it’s disgusting how involved that fake christian is in a teenage girl’s life.

    (yes, fake. he got his “purity tattoo” when he was drunk. ex said he’s not pure)


    miley i love you!!! your so awesome. haha. im almost 19 years old and bascially obsessed with you… lol dont be scared though :) im not a weirdo.
    i would die and go to heaven if you @replied me on twitter. my thingy is

    please please please PLEASE


  • :))

    Her sister is so cute
    Gotta love them

  • katie

    her boyfriend disgusts me, but she looks really pretty. :) love ya miles, but get rid of the leech, yeah? and YES yogurtree FTW!

  • swe3t23

    yayyy… LOOKin so cute with her sister.

    sisterly love.. i love it

  • Farrah

    Hah, she reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. I dated the most immature 21-year-old I’ve ever met in my life and thought it was love. Seems so stupid looking back and I wish my parents had stopped it, but what can you do? Teenage girls are naive when it comes to attractive older “gentlemen”. ;)

    Anyway, to snap out of reminiscing mode, she looks very pretty. It disturbs me that I have seen her called fat on other sites. She is a completely healthy girl and I love the fact that she does not starve herself in the name of beauty.

  • Desirae

    Miley always looks beautiful.even when she is going for yogurt or to workout.
    this is random…but check out this SUPER CUTE video an artist named Chris Via made for TAYLOR SWIFT.


    hola. i love you miley!

  • kevin

    miley is gorgeous,
    yay the sun burn is leaving !

    @Bella: yeaa i agree, but oh well, she should have seen this coming. she probably just wanted a day all to herself and her sister and bf, but they always haunt her down :(

  • lili

    lol it’s “paparazzi”, miley! and i love her shirt but she really needs to stop wearing rosaries, lol they are NOT meant to be worn like jewelry and that is considered very disrespectful. oh and justin gaston needs to go away. like now.

    buuuuuuuuut anyway (: love miley & noah, hope they enjoyed the froyo despite the paps.

  • =]

    her boyfriend doesn’t really have a life

  • lol

    Justin Gaston’s ex girlfriend speaking out! /25016007@N08/3555404756/

  • bruno

    delicousss, love u smiley miley!

  • victoria

    aww i love her and noah is so cute!
    and god she looks pissed….stupid paps!

  • http://jjj miley

    poor miley! she looks awesome but i feel bad for her….

  • cece

    lol, my little cousin thought noah was miley’s daughter and justin was her husband…gotta love four year olds. but miley looks cute…and justin did too but he needs a haircut. noah’s such a cutie! glad she can have fun out with her little sister.

  • cece

    whoops, meant to say that i’m glad noah can have fun with her big sister… since you know, miley looks a little peeved at the paps

  • amanda

    Wow she actually looks really pretty in these photos..not like she’s not anyways :P
    but yeah she does look pissed :P

  • cola

    cute outfit!!

    love the tank!!

  • Miranda

    lol did anyone read this interview w/ justin yet? from details magazine…

    “The status of his music career? All he’ll disclose is that he’s involved with people who are tinkering with his image. It’s a surprising admission, perhaps, though somewhat less so when you consider what he says he’d choose to be if he weren’t Justin Gaston: ‘One of those little lapdogs that gets petted all day. You know, they wake up, get fed, get attention. I like attention. I’d like to be one of those little dogs.”

    funny stuff. he’s using her but who cares, it’s kinda funny to watch her get used. reminds me of britbrit during the kfed days. hopefully miley doesn’t do the whole mental breakdown thing though, that’d be sad.

    oh and on topic, she looks kinda good here. she’s just not naturally pretty, but her hair is nice at least.

  • lo

    She looks cute. I like the boots but I hate the pants. Acid washed jeans? I wore those when I was around 5 or 6 in the early 90′s. Other sites have said that she is mad at Justin in the pictures but I believe she is mad at the paps. She said so on her twitter. She is over the paps. It’s sad that she can’t go anywhere without cameras in her business at all times. But that is the price you pay for fame.

  • jen

    who cares….i mean really now?? i mean great she went an got ice cream..woopdeedoo ROFL

    like her outfit tho

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Gosh, she sure does look annoyed. I mean–being hated on and followed by paparazzi everyday is a real pain in the butt. I love how she handles everything though, Like, she doesn’t let it all get to her and she still remains strong. I do feel bad for her sometimes, but thats the price of fame. As for Justin – I have no words. Something about him makes me suspicious. I don’t hate him, but I sure don’t like him. He seems like he treats her very well and makes her happy but that’s probably just an act. Anyway, I know Miley is strong enough to handle anything and I will continue supporting her through everything. That’s a cute outfit though and she looks really pretty. :) I love Miley!!

  • Isabelle
  • sierra

    miley was probably just having a rough day, like we all do. the paparazzi wait outside her house everyday and basically just stalk her.
    she could have been having a great day though, for all we know! the media choose what we see; they could have just cut all of the pictures where miley was smiling out to get a headline like “miley’s losing it” or some trash like that.
    and for the people saying that justin “has no life” and saying stupid things about him; grow up, seriously! don’t judge people you’ve never met. you don’t know him personally and therefore cannot make assumptions like what you’ve all been saying.
    i love miley with all of my heart and wish her and justin the best for the future =]

  • cam


    there is no proof that that stupid post was real – leave the guy alone. there are so many fake stories out there about Miley & other clebs & now Justin too – you don’t know him – you do no know how they feel about each other & it is not any of her fans’s business who she dates. if the only whay you will be a fan is if you can tell her who to go out with – that is pretty lame. get a life!

  • Lauren

    on one of the pictures it does look like miley and justin are arguing…i don’t like them together they don’t look good together, an they never look happy together…i don’t know

  • Lauren

    oh & she looks really good, i love that looks like something out of topshop – also, them jeans look like the ones out of topshop…but why the boots, isn’t it like a thousand degrees in california right now?
    but she does look good

  • Adam

    Well if they are out and about that seems to eliminate any possible break up which i am hoping for as there have been reports about her gettting together with Gregg Sulkin who is much better for her

    1. because he is the same age as her
    2. they look better together

    oh well hope they break up b4 he ruins miley’s career and hope Griley is the future

  • dina

    it is so diagusting that he is alwasy hanging out with her! I love mily but not her little friend Justin! Noah is cute though! She really needs to stop hanging out with him! He is a fake christian!

  • lizzie

    hahaha, i find it funny how all you guys want to do is hate on justin even though we actually have no idea about him and his life. hahahahahah
    nice one guys, like he cares what you people have to say over an internet sight. nothing will every compare to “niley” for you people. get over it for chrissake

  • billythekid


    I just read where he gave an interview and talked about his life. He says he doesn’t live with Miley, but lives in North Hollywood with two other guys. Has some big religious tattoo just above his backside, and has nightmares over the paps. He also says that if he could have his wish who to be in this world, that he would wish to be a lap dog! Because a lap dog gets petted all day, gets lots of attention and has all it’s needs taken care of. ROFL Miley likes to control her life, and this guy seems like he likes to be controlled. Just a little petting and a little ruffling of his hair every day seems to be the trick :)

  • cam


    you said it – I agree.

  • billythekid


    Sorry Lizzie, but we actually know quite a bit about the lives of these people – more than we need to know! But don’t blame the people who comment on these stories; blame the people who give out the information! In other words, let’s blame Justin. Wasn’t it Justin who decided to enlighten us with his wishes of being a lap dog? One who could lay around all day, get petted and basically not have to worry about life? That seems to be his basic plan for the time being. To be lazy, mooch off Miley and be her lap dog.

  • undiscovered

    vote for miley at the mtv awards and giv ashley a vote too while ur there lol

  • jenny

    ughh…….doesn’t she ever look in the mirror? she HAS to know that she looks like a beast!!! she will never go anywhere bc no one knows who miley cyrus is but they know who HM is….so she’ll never go anywhere big!

  • DemiFan

    @Shelley: You have nor proff of who he has had sex with so you can’t judge him!

  • DemiFan

    @jenny: Sweeheart, they don’t have time to stand in the mirror in perfect themselves for hours. I’m preety sure you don’t walk out of your house looking like a super modle everyday. Ever herd of bad hair days? We all get them.

  • mictropical

    Justin should get a job.
    There isn’t anything wrong with dating an older guy, But when they don’t have a job(and wear the same clothes all the time), yeah..
    I thought they broke up though.

  • balonowa

    lolz. im sorry, its kinda weird, thet she doesnt know America Ferrera.
    I am from Poland(Europe) and I know who she is and how to spell her surname.

  • sean84

    well shes so beautifull butt well hey why is she still dating dat asshole whose using her? she shood date sum1 who relly luvs her 4 who she is, maybe a fan lol instead off dat moron lol

  • billythekid


    Jenny, you are absolutely insane! Your comment is not even easy to follow because it dribbles with such nonsense so as to boggle my mind. You say Miley will never get anywhere because no one knows who she is, but only knows who Hannah Montana is? I hope you aren’t schizophrenic, but the last time I checked Miley Cyrus IS Hannah Montana. And – drum roll – the whole world basically knows Miley Cyrus! I do believe you been sniffing too many paint fumes, or something.

    Man, some people are just too stupid for this world, and I believe Jenny is one of those people. I think she is taking her hatred to such an extent, that she is making up her own little world to fit into her whacked-out thinking.

  • ivanka

    loser, if you dont nknow her name dont write about her! oh aand she is an hypocrite, she talks to the papz even shares smoothies with them and now you hate them? then stop calling them to come and take pics of your loser life!!!
    gosh she is so annoying

  • Hey

    Anybody would be beautiful if they had that much money to spend on clothes and makeup.

  • Sally.

    Yogurt Tree looks ALOT like Pinkberry….