Jesse McCartney Drinks Chocolate Milk

Jesse McCartney Drinks Chocolate Milk

Jesse McCartney keeps his cool in a black leather jacket as he leaves Stone Rose Bar with girlfriend Jasmine Waltz on Wednesday night (May 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 22-year-old “Body Language” singer recently caught up with MTV to dish about his own prom experience. Jesse shared, “I actually didn’t go to my prom. I went [with] my girlfriend at the time. I went to her prom. They were on the same night, so she came to my graduation, and I went to her prom. [It was] the classic prom. The big stretch limo. Stupid size limo. Ridiculous looking. And good friends. It was a memorable prom, memorable dance.”

His advice to high school seniors going to their own prom this year: “Lots of chocolate milk. Good, clean fun, kids!”

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • yoly

    hes 22 now!

  • christine

    I LOVE YOU !

    go jesse !


  • dana l.

    jesse rules! he’s amazing, and i’m totally addicted to everything about him! he’s a great singer, actor and songwriter! i want to see him in concert sooo badly one day!

  • Toni and Angela :)

    I love Jesse!! He’s an amazing singer and actor, plus he’s sexy! Haha, wow, he’s just amazing! ;]

    P.S. I love “Body language” That is my favorite song right now! In fact, its his best song yet! I love it!! Jesse, you rock! :]

  • Sierra

    Hes amazing, yeah all true jesse fans know what “chocolate milk” is haha. Im never ganna get over Jesse. He is the best singer in the world. and hes hot too.:]

  • girl5

    I love his new song Body Language!!!
    Put more Jesse on here

  • megan

    I dont like Jesse, he is actually really mean in person. It’s kind of sad how he portrays himself TOTALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY different on TV than he actually is in real life…and all the girls believe him

  • Stuart Guthrie

    Wow! That’s so cool that he went to his girlfriend’s prom instead of his own. He seems like such a great bloke.

    Stu :-)

  • christine

    how do you even know he’s mean? & he’s an ACTOR, stupidd, it doesnt even reflect who he is in life

  • Dani

    oh yeah…& megan knows him … yerah right

    i loooove jesssseeee….he’s so hott& sexxyyy …. more jesse here pleaaaaseeee

  • megan

    I do know him, and where he lives, and his number. And so do 3 of my other girlfriends who all live in Hollywood. So yeahhhhh you jealous 12 year olds. But really there is nothing to be jealous of because he is a totol jerk, and so are his best friends.

  • Jen

    yeah, he’s 22. lol

  • Kimberly

    Of course you know him megan, in your dreams. But keep dreaming meg. Because when people know celebs they go talk about it on the net ;]

    Jesse’s still very talented <3

  • Kimberly

    and megan you know where he lives and his number? Wow…stalker much? =p

  • megan

    yep, he lives on Whitley Ave for all you that thing im lying. It is about 2 minutes up the hill from Kress Nighclub. I have pictures inside his house. Soooo to all of you that think I am lying, Im not. His assistants name is Jessica. I have pictures of me sitting on his couch. You guys are the ones that are jealous because you want to know him and meet him. But im trying to tell you that it is not worth it because he is actually really fake and just another typical hollywood guy. I hang out around that scene all the time, and Jesse is farrrrrrrrrrrr from innocent. Im not saying he is not talented, Im just saying he is not as nice as he appears. Thats all.

  • cami

    i lov him so much!!!!
    he’s so hot!!!

  • carol

    you are a jerk megan jesse is a cute boy
    and u do not know him you must have seen a dream!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    meg, I find it beyond pathetic that you actually go on the internet to talk about knowing celebs and how much you hate them;; And then take pictures sitting on thier couches o.0 If we were to believe anyone, it would be jesse, not some random chick who dreams about knowing jesse mccartney, then goes online every day to talk back to “12 year olds” to defend herself. x] lol FAIL

  • Kimberly

    and no one ever said he was innocnet;;we’ve all seen leavin’ we know he’s 22 and a guy ;]

  • megan

    Soo I think it is funny how you guys all think I am lying. I will glady show you a picture of him and I, and pictures of the inside of his house…but you guys keep saying its all “im my dreams” so I will let you believe that. Again, im not trying to bash his talent, I think he seems cool on TV too, but in person he is just not like that at all. And ya the “leavin” video is definitely more like what he is like in person (around girls at least)…3 of my girlfriends have hooked up with him in the past

  • Kimberly

    Once again, I find it beyond pathetic that you keep coming back on here defending yourself against “12 year olds” that you know a celeberity. Is it that important to you that we “12 year olds”know that you know him? And even if you did, you are a nobody, why the hell would we EVER believe you when you say he’s a jerk. If anyone, we believe jesse is a nice guy. If he’s such a jerk, then your friends are idiots for hooking up with a jerk just becuase he has money. And yeah around girls he has sex…so what? hes 22…what 22 year old guys dont have sex?? Whats important is that hes better then all other celebs, not causing trouble, not causing crap to get into tabloids, he just works and creates amazing art. And in public he conducts himself polietely and has good manners.What he does privatley is none of our buisness. No other celebs, interviewers, etc have ever called him a jerk or rude, in fact they call him the nicest kid, so you go on hating on him, but still taking pictures in his house o.0. The rest of us love him. BTW idk why you take pics and sit in his house if hes such a jerk, makes you seem like a golddigger.

  • Kimberly

    And maybe hes jsut rude to you and your friends cuz he doesnt like you stalkers hanging around his house ;] . If you know how he is with all girls then your creepy and should stop following the guy around.

  • carey

    I want to see the pics. Post them to photobucket or something and let us see them if ou’re telling the truth

  • Kimberly


    caey, she could EASILY photoshop the pictures, putting her face on someone else’s body. Putting jesse in a pic with her. You really want believe anything these days with all the technology. Who are you gonna believe carey? Some random person on the internet? Or Jesse, who has never been called rude by anyone, who is uber talented, and has always treated fans and others witht he utmost respect? Seriosuly now, if he was what she says he is, dont you think that wouldve gotten out by now?

  • heny

    jesse…i love youuuuuu!!!!!
    and i love your songs!!!!!
    and i know that you love italy !!!see you vey soon in italy!!
    bye bye my love!!!

  • gio93

    @megan: we’re not interested in your opinion about jesse!
    if you have any problem with him, don’t write them on the websites, tell him face to face!

  • gio93

    i totally agree with you, kimberly!
    i’m sure jesse isn’t rude, i don’t need your pics, megan!
    i’ve met jesse once, and he’s been very sweet!

  • http://morroco hajar

    i love you so mush jesse mcCartney ,im crazy of you my baby jesse,and you my hero……………………….i love i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • http://morroco hajar

    i love you sush jesse mcCartneyim crazy of you…………….

  • carey

    i just knew she didn’t have the pics notice how she hasn’t been back since she was called out

  • Courtney

    @Kimberly: You crack me up! Haha, Alot of people on youtube have said O he’s a jerk. Im just thinking not everyone can be happy everyday.

    People are so retarded. I don’t kno why that girl is lying and supposedly ‘hanging in his house.’ WOW!

    We know whats up. Lol

  • Nika

    OH GOD! Megan you’re sooo rediciulous, we all love Jesse, if you think he’s such a “jerk” so why you’re commenting him? and why do you make *cough* pictures with him? Sitting on his couch, omg, yes and I was on his party when the cops came lol^^ haha, you don’t know how pathetic you are. I actually don’t know what to say, Kimberly said everything which’s on my mind lol, Kimmy you’re a true fan ;)) to defend Jesse :) YAP, and the mother of a “7″ year old girl said, “thank you Jesse, I have never seen my daughter so happy since she met you” because Jesse was so nice to her. He’s not that type of Hollywood guy, okay? Megan, go home and have a life or such things as Hobbies ;)

    *sry for any mistakes, I’m from Germany, I don’t speak english perfect
    Ps: Jesse I LOVE YOU!


    hi megan my name is Roberta and I live in Italy and I have read you’re comments and you know what?I’m absolutly with you say that the way he appears on tv isn’t what he’s like in real life ………I meen you can see that from a mile off actually,and to tell you the truth I can stand his video leavin it’s too obvious and you can see that the jerk who was behind the making of it has no immagination whatsoever and to all of you girls that are convinced that he is a greek god well…….I think that you should come out into reality and see him for what he is,I meen nothing against his music or films he’s done but if he’s so great can someone tell me why he hasn’t had so much success all over the world apart from America??????????????