Taylor Swift Gets A Whiff Of Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift Gets A Whiff Of Joe Jonas

Blast From the Past

Taylor Swift just can’t escape the Jonas Brothers — more specifically, Joe.

The 19-year-old musician tweeted last night (May 28), saying, “In New York City. Just walked past a man wearing prada collogne. Yikes, deja vu. Today show in the morning.”

Guess who wears Prada cologne? Yep, the one and only Joe Jonas. Thanks Popstar!

TELL JJJ: Have you ever had deja vu?

Joe Jonas wears Prada cologne
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  • kara

    i hate the jobros but this b*tch needs to drop it and get over it already, it’s annoying as hell

  • EMMA

    I think it’s cool that the JB’s wear cologne.

    She just needs to get a life ( no ofence )

  • ivanka

    oh taylor get over it! you are too good for him, he left you for a sharpie eyebrows model… you can do better=)

  • abcd

    damn she’s still talking about this bitch needs to get over it

  • fearless -

    oh taylor get over it! you are too good for him, he left you for a sharpie eyebrows model… you can do better=)

    as much as i love JB, I agree<3

  • mariana a. jonas

    please guys… just leave them alone
    we know joe did something kind of not
    good to taylor. i love the jonas brothers and
    i am still loving them after what happened to
    taylor and joe. but please taylor just forgert
    about it and leave joe alone! people are being
    against joe just because of what taylor is saying..


  • riana

    i love taylor
    but i hate the f**kin jonas brothers they r gay and ugly and have no style
    Y does every girl like them

  • alala

    no matter what happened between them, i still love them both.
    but taylor just got no luck with that :D

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    They dated for what…2-3 months, and she’s still talking about it almost a year later. Drop it! What Joe Jonas did to her wasn’t nice, but Taylor is showing that she is immature and vindictive. No wonder she hasn’t found a guy since. They must all be afraid to date her and then break up with her!

  • adriana

    hahaha i love taylor swift!

  • Sarah.

    Ah well, that happens.. something like that happened to me today. She obviously really cared about him.

  • Lauren

    I’m glad joe broke with taylor

    she is sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joe did it in a nice and sweet way

  • ella1170

    @Sarah I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Love JB and Taylor!

  • casey

    taylor i love you but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee GET OVER IT !

  • meg

    awww, that was a little mean for taylor to say!

  • marilina

    the people who don’t like jb ana taylor…why did you write comments…???
    Taylor forget joe jonas…i know it’s a little difficult but you can’t, you’ll found someone better than joe…

  • ummm

    Taylor can do so much better than joe anyway.
    She said ‘deja vu’ nowhere in there did she say “JOE JONAS”
    Don’t assume guys. haha.

    Team Taylor <3
    and i’m glad she has found someone newwww. :]

  • saudia

    lol haha that is actually hilarious !!

  • http://www.myspace.com/luvhsm tamz jonas

    as soon as i saw hear tweet that..joe came into mind!
    haha but seriously love joe AND taylor!

  • Don’tmesswithme

    I bet you she is not talking about Joe Jonas. She CLEARLY moved on, she is dating Lucas TIll and Kissed him on her music video showing you ass people that she moved on. Ok she can do the fu— she wants so stop living in someone else live, let them do what they want

  • flora

    just love them both <3
    (but joe kinda more)
    both rock /
    wish her the best <3

  • maddie

    Exactly just because she said deja vu doesn’t mean joe. Any of her ex-boyfriends could have worn it and TEAM TAYLOR !!

  • Katie

    As much as I LOVE both Taylor and JB, I have to agree with everyone else. We can’t necessarily assume she’s “talking about him” just because she said a guy wearing Prada cologne walked by, deja vu, but they broke up a while ago and even though I was Team Taylor, breaking up over the phone is bogus, she’s been talking about it forever, and I didn’t think it was right of her to try to turn their fans against them. Their personal lives, as juicy as they are ;p, should sometimes just stay personal.

  • ~E

    @chloecat: Actually she have… your just hating on her for no reason… I mean c’mon if YOU were going out with JOE JONAS you would feel the same I mean its JOE JONAS!! its not just any other guy… she actually liked him.! I guess you won’t understand n feel that cause you’ve never been with Joe… Neither have I but I got feelings and I can also feel what other people feels!!

    Anyways. Goo Taylor!!You rock!!:)
    Love you!!

  • Emma

    the best part of the whole thing is that taylor can not let it go meanwhile joe is off minding his own buisness with camilla. I really wish taylor would shut the !@#$ up.

  • nathalia

    i love jb and taylor but she needs to get over it!

  • katie

    love em both soooooo much but really taylor!? youre still talking about it!? ugh. it gets old.

  • trish

    LOL. go taylor. i luff you. (;

  • Sarah Jonas

    she’s not even talking about it! We’re the only ones who are still talking about it. I find it so funny that they are off minding their own buisness and yet some of us are still talking smack about them(especially joe) Their both nice people LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIVES

  • gsfgsfgs

    knows EXACTLY how she felt :(

  • hayleybabeyo

    @ivanka: hahha, true.

  • katie

    for god sakes taylor get over it already!!!.. what is going on with this jonas dudes that any girl can get over them? (miley..she still mention freaking nick jonas).. it’s pathetic..

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    @chloecat: Exactly I agree with you.

    @riana: You’re stupid the Jonas Brothers are awsome Taylor is just wanting people to feel sorry for her. DUH!


  • Karina

    I don’t know what Joe did to Taylor, I think that this probably wasn’t good for her , but we’re not thinking what Taylor could did something bad to Joe too .
    I think they are a perfect couple, the most perfect in this world , but if they aren’t happy together , I’m happy them broke up.

    I love Joe more than EVERETHING in this world, he is the MOST PERFECT person ….

    I also love Taylorr , she’s the best singer ever !! SO BEAUTIFUL !

    *I don’t care what happen with them , I ‘ ll love them forever and always , aushuahsuah *

  • josephine m

    omg taylor stfu already love joe more just because she is a crazy grudge holding bitch she cant sing either fizzy hair giant

  • alex

    i was wondering if anyone else would pick that up haha
    seriously, let it go taylor.

  • http://www.atwilightkiss.com/ ATwilightKiss

    Taylor, I hope a guy will soon appear in your life that will have you whiffing a totally new scent that just makes you swoon. ;-)

  • PauPauwy

    lol she’s like miley… can’t get over nick… but i loveeee TAYLOR!!!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    @josephine m: OMJ sooo true. Boy obsessed, untalented, frizzy head freak! :P
    Make total sense! Lol.

  • Kenia

    OKay guys shutup with all these negative remarks on Taylor. Of course she is going to make fun of him b/c he broke her heart he cheated on her. Thats not easy. Maybe Joe was her first love and she really got hurt. You know us girls when we get our hearts broken we dont get over it fast; its a LONG process.So stop with this Taylor is so blah blah blah. Taylor Swift is awesome & i love her.
    I mean i like the Jonas Brothers well i love them but i understand what Taylor is going through and how she is feeling. Come on we all human we get hurt!

  • Desirae

    A cute music video a guy wrote about Taylor Swift.


  • ponytail

    @Sarah Jonas:
    Are you kidding me? She doesn’t even have to mention it in her twitter
    if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Clearly she is not over Joe. And don’t say that Joe is not the only one wearing Prada cologne,the fact
    that she said “deja vu” gave it away. She’d better be careful if she is really dating Lucas Till, no guy wanted a girl who can’t shut up about an ex-boyfriend.

  • http://idawn.com zanessa13

    i hate the jobros there so annoying!!! u go taylor swift

  • alala

    i liked jaylor more than jomilla, ’cause with camilla we can’t see joe’s cute immature side that much anymore and that’s sad :(

  • Masirissa jane

    @Emma: why don’t you shut the @~#! up your heartless bitch

  • jessa

    i love u taylor …and i hope can move on w/ joe jonas

  • jessa

    i love u both…

  • Masirissa jane

    I have her twitter and i think this is just made by another idiot who tries to ruin the lives of people they don’t know
    becuase she does not have that on her twitter]
    go see for yourselves

  • http://fsa sdd

    the youngest Nick seems to be a little full of him self. …. they all do but that Nick kid thinks he is the $#%#$. With his curly hair give him 2 years then it will be over

  • RTT’s


    You think it’s so easy getting over a boy? -.-
    Anyway, it’s her business and not yours so stop saying that she needs to get over it. Seriously guys. Stop bashing Taylor.