Miley Cyrus & Max Azria: New Clothing Line!

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria: New Clothing Line!

Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus and designer Max Azria will create a junior line for Wal-Mart called Miley Cyrus and Max Azria, sources tell WWD.

The line be released as early as August and will include tops, pants, graphic T-shirts and shoes, priced under $20.

During the Grammys and UK premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie, Miley wore Herve Leger for Max Azria.

WOULD YOU BUY Miley and Max-branded clothes — YAY or NAY?

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  • YAY

  • K

    a definite NO! This girl has no sense of style…what is wrong with designers lately?

  • Taryn

    If they’re cute I totally will.

  • pregnancy

    Oh.. dear, she looks so sweet n sexy!!! zzzzz

  • cynthia

    NAY, for now. as I see the above 2 dresses Miley wore.

    but I’m not sure when it comes out

  • Neltzu

    I will run to the wal mart

  • mimi

    1st one NAYYYYYYYYYYY i member when i saw it i thought it was gorgeous butt then i saw the bottom bit, and i was lyk NOOOOO!!
    the seccond 1 YAYYY for sure. its so hot.

  • azalea

    i hope it’ll accept international buyer

  • Saby

    OMG! Totally YAY!

  • mariel

    that’s for sure!!!!!!!! I love the way she dresses.

  • alyssa

    i’d be the first one to buy ‘em.:))

  • Agnes

    Some nay, some yay

  • ‘amyy

    deffinatly buyingg ;)
    Hope they sell them in the UK tooo :)

    Love Yooh Miley.

  • Sav

    Hell YAY!!!!

  • britney

    Awesome! :D Yay!

  • jenny

    im sure the clothes will b for 25-above! Seriously, look at the above two clothes! Sometimes miley thinks she can do anything, whn she CAN’T!!!

  • Miley’s biggest fann!


  • Jen


  • dfksldfkj

    i LOVE!! the silver dress.. if I had moneyyyy :b

  • DemiFan

    I better start choppijn some pounds! Ha ha! I’ll buy anything Miley!

  • DemiFan

    @jenny: If you hate the gril so much, then stop reading her post! No one is forcing you to read them., And you don’t even know what kind of clothes she’ll have. The clothes maybe simalr to clothes like roc-a-wear. Just give the gril a chance!

  • Lina Palmquist

    if I lived in th USA , YAAAY! :)

  • Ariane

    YAY!! MILEY I LOVE U. <3

  • Nadine

    i love the dress Miley wore on the UK Premiere…their collection will be amazing i thik:]

  • cindy

    Great more Miley and can’t wait for her fashion line.

  • christina

    Yay!!!!! Question for the ones who are blue with your name, how do u get to a blue color with your name?

  • Emily

    can’t wait.. yay.yay

  • lola

    no way she dont now how to dress not a fasion lady no way

  • jenny

    @DemiFan: i just spoke my mind…which is what we can do here in this site!!!!

  • pria!

    @christina: u have 2 put in a website’s name!!!! i think! but for me…NAAAA, seriously, this kid can’t even dress appropriately! and her dresses lately r horrible! example….the oscars, i ws gonna throw up!

  • victoria


  • Nina

    i can’t wait to see the clotes
    i just hope it’ll come to my country

  • jo

    Wow congrats to her! Guess this is her announcement and its a great one!!
    She’s been wanting to do this a while. Go miley! Girl works so hard, she deserves it.

  • girl5


  • jo

    People who think it’ll look like the elegant dresses make me laugh. It’ll definitely be A LOT more casual. Its walmart not saks!
    Congrats Miley!

  • lina


  • Alyssa Magnuson

    I can’t wait for Miley’s new line and do a new photo shoot in some of her styles.

  • Elle

    HELL NO.

  • mileyyyyyyyy


  • TammyLeow

    It would be a YAY if they’re going to have outlets in Singapore too! But I doubt they will. :(

  • cody


  • nadeeya

    no way!
    I don’t have enough money to buy designer’s dress!

  • Hannah0

    max azria…YAY…but with miley’s designs and for under $20? he is one of my favorite designers but this is definately a HUGE step down. wal-mart? seriously??

  • Emily

    NO. Because honestly it wouldn’t be anything she’d ever wear or let anyone see her walking in.
    These celebrity’s, esp. Disney ones, design clothes for their clothing lines and they’re hideous.
    They need to keep it in mind that people have and might want to WEAR these to show support for them.
    But it’s a little hard when you look like a clown ready to go trick-or-treating.

  • kim

    definetly i hope it will come to malta and i ‘ll throw away all my clothes and buy theirs and i ‘d look mileylicious

  • MIMI

    OH YEAH! Miley always has new styles and she bring in a confident when she wear her clothers and she always looks put together and she matches. the girls definately has style and good taste better than the other disney stars. i will definately go buy miley brand i bet is going to be great fashion.

  • anna

    yayy !!
    can’t waitt !

  • Megan

    walmart will be my new fave store!!! eeeeppp

  • arkansas girl

    definitely getting them!

  • kimberly

    I think Miley has great style. I love her dresses and shoes and her everyday outfits. But there is no way that I’m buying $20 clothes at Wal-Mart.