Zac Efron & Adam Levine: Lakers Laughs

Zac Efron & Adam Levine: Lakers Laughs

Zac Efron takes his younger brother Dylan, pictured below, to Game Two of the NBA Finals at Staples Center on Sunday (June 7) in Los Angeles.

The Efron brothers watched as the Los Angeles Lakers face off against the Orlando Magic. At halftime, the Lakers led the game, 40-35.

Zac was seen laughing all night with Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5 and Zac‘s idol, Leonardo DiCaprio.

10+ pictures inside of the Efron brothers loving the Lakers…

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Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • zanbells

    first? LOVE THEMMM but they need haircuts

  • kim

    Zac got to see the Lakers play tonight! So glad he was able to go and have some laughs with the guys. Love the beanie look along with his smile! He is adorable :)

    Go Lakers!!

  • jonas efron addicted!

    i love his beanie :D

  • aw

    I love that he took his brother & awww w/Leo.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, omg, he got to hang out with Adam AND Leonardo. OK. I am officially jealous of Zachary. Hmph. ..But either than that, Zachary looks like he’s having one heck of a time !! :D His smile makes me smile. And he’s wearing his beanie hat again !! YAY !!

    ..And wow..Dylan..he has..crrrrazy hair there !!! But its good to see the Efron brothers spending time together. :D Their adorable.

  • Marie

    Zac looks hot and sexy.

  • Lily

    Awesome. Go Lakers.

  • jackie

    woww!!! hot! IS that his Brother next to him?

  • zane

    Go Lakers!!!!

    Zac is having so much fun!

  • jackie

    never mind i saw him cute <3

  • loveLY

    Zac is lookin’ so good. I love when he wears beanies.

  • xoxoxo

    you cant even see his brothers face:(

  • pop86

    Zac is having a great time with his brother, Adam and Leo.

    Good for him.

  • star

    I am really loving him in the beanie!

  • mia

    is that john krasinski next to adam levine?

  • Carol

    Awww brother bond time!!!

  • kay

    He gets to be with around his cute brother, Adam Levine, and Leonardo DiCaprio?! jealous! Zac looks great!

  • jamie

    WOAH!! craaazzzyyy hairr dylan!! xD
    they both look awesome tho!
    glad to kno he’s spending time with his little brother
    dylan’s pretty tall! is he taller than zac?! he’s like 4 years younger that him!

  • mykamicks

    Nice! Brother’s night.. I am freakin out with these gorgeous guys…. Cant help of their smiles… Go lakers….

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Very cute (:

  • perfectisdalE

    Are You Real !! ??

  • kay

    he needs to get rid of the sock on his head, though!

  • tamara


  • zanessa4everr

    i love when the efron brothers are together!!
    theyre both hot!!!

  • athena

    It’s cool to see that Zac and Leo are hanging out again. Glad he’s able to spend time with his brother Dylan…and hanging out with Adam Levine again too.

  • bintk
  • Mandi

    i swear no girl can resisting that smile, or smirk for that matter!

  • Erin

    Wheres Vanessa?

  • Erin

    Oh duh! Shooting Beastly!

  • sony

    that is so gay for me seriosly

  • athena

    Well, I’ve never found basketball to be so exciting. I forgot I was looking to see if I could spot Zac in the crowd. Of course, I’m watching from television. Basketball is such an exciting sport…what teamwork. I can see why it’s one of Americas’ favorite sport. And, I can see why Zac and all the other actors love the game too. High adrenaline, non-stop energy, and what a rush!

  • Cat


    Then don’t look! Simple solution and I think they all look hot to me!

  • Rose!

    they have like that same nose and same smile. so cute!

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    Some brother bonding time!
    Zac’s brother has an intresting hair-do….
    I’m sure he’ll get all the ladies like zac!
    They both look so happy!
    Zac looks happy at a lakers game when he’s with family or vanessa
    when he’s by himself or with a friend or something, he doesn’t seem as happy….

  • kylie

    it was a awesome game! Seeing Zac just made it all the better. Glad to see he is having a good time. oh yeah he is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • VHUD-fan

    damn he is hot

    wtf ?
    is someone brings his brother , you call it gay ?stupid !

  • yets

    Zac is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cat


    Which one is Dylan? The one with tatoo?

  • helen

    OMG!! was anyone else as stressed as me during the game its like 1130 where I am and i live in an apartment and i was jumping around holy crap im sooo happy Lakers won butit was stressful lol
    The only thing that made it better was knowing Zac was there lol

  • Sofia

    @sony: so when your dad goes out with some male friends….he’s gay?
    please, think before write….

  • jo

    woooo! lakers won! exciting game, loved it

  • Sofia

    woah, dylan’s hair surely comes from david, their dad!
    both zac and dylan have lot of hair!^^
    by the way he’s sooo cute, wow, adam levine and leo dicaprio!that’s awesome!

  • jeny

    zac’s family lives in los angeles

    if not living outside of Los Angeles believe that zac going to spend some time with his family this summer that has nothing to do, to know if zac travel to Montreal to see vanessa and they are 2 or 3 months it will be out of los angeles

  • Ann

    Love those smiles. Zac seems so happy being with his brother.


    Who cares.

  • jjjjjjjj

    when the heck did he get all those tats?!

  • jeny

    zac’s parents live in los angeles

  • v-lovaah

    awww. mann dylans hair is sooo messyy! haha

  • lala

    he looks so hot !

  • connie

    is this part of my dream? yummmm.