Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Taylor Lautner

Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Taylor Lautner

Rumors have been swirling that Selena Gomez and beefed up Twilight star Taylor Lautner are dating, but as expected, Sel says not to believe the romance hype!

The 16-year-old Disney starlet told Extra at yesterday’s A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival, “He’s one of my good friends. I’m single. Definitely single.”

Additionally, Sel told Popstar! mag that fans should “focus on my work, not my love life.”

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Sara

    First! …Yeah, sure.

  • aida

    aww it’s sad, they would be REALLY a great couple.. soo cute.. & lots more…
    But I still hope that they will come together.. (:

    Never give up.. ;)

    right.. ?!


  • Niña

    Does she wear hair exstensions cause on day her hair is short but the next day it’s long.

  • EMMA

    Yeah right…

  • BaRBIe__Bitch


    i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zv

    ahhh seriuosly disappointed i love TAYLENA they wer sooo cute i hope they are actually going out!!
    love selena shes soooo gorgeous any guys lucky to go out with her whetHer its TAYLOR OR NICK!!!!!!

    hate niley eugh!!puke!!! selena rules!!!

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!

  • blair

    ok im sorry but normally she (like she did with nick) would just say ohhh maybe! i dont know were just hanging out well see what happens but here with taylor she just said definitley single then the odds are shes definitley single. it would be flat out lying if she said that and theyre actually dating…..whats so hard about being friends with a guy. regular people do it every day so why cant celebs?
    thats all im saying

  • jenny

    usually any celeb would deny who they’re dating at first! look at zac and vanessa…they denied it at first…and now look at them! But the way she tells it, it sounds true! i just hope taylor and selena ARE DATING!

  • katie

    i think theyre adorable but ill take her word for it. its possible to be just friends with a guy. so if she says theyre just friends i believe her. but they still would be an adorable couple.



    they used to, but since they went different way’s they broke up.

    she said it yesterday that she’s single. She’s telling the truth, because she IS single.
    She’s just not telling the full story, on how she is JUST single.

  • keN

    . . . Sel, you always make such good sense,
    ‘Punch thru’ these goofy,trying, sometimes
    unbelievable times we work and play in and
    ‘Stay forever around us’…. luvya’alwayz

  • miranda

    LOL taylena fans, there you have it.. they were only friends all the time

  • Rosalie Belle

    i’m so happy!
    i hate selena.. but now she said the truth!
    this i like in her! hahahahhaha

    i love taylor s2

  • LILY

    UH-HUH! OOOOKKKKK lol. Gomez & Lautner :)

  • Leah

    No:( This makes me sad!! Taylena is the perfect couple<3..

  • vanessa

    @Niña: she just recently cut it lik yeaterday!

  • Jess

    THEY ARE SOOO SOOO GOING OUT every single celebrity are always like no they are just a friend ex: rihanna said chris brown was like her brother and last time i checked u dont make out with your bro…. and shes been on like multiple dates so they ARE GOING OUT celebrities lie about their relationships

  • Katharina


    that one with taylor is an old picture, she actually cut her hair. (:

  • Raquel

    Yeah right! Just like Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus said for two whole years they’re weren’t dating and they were single. Don’t get me wrong; I love Selena! She is such a wonderful girl and I love her show! But I don’t believe they’re not dating!

  • Kelly

    it’s not that big of a deal. If she really is dating him, then she’s lying to all the fans. If she is dating but doesnt want anyone to know, she should just said “No comment”

  • rawr

    That’s a relief. x]

  • chloe

    of course their not dating! i dont get why people just assume that celebrities automatically date the person they’re seen having dinner with.

  • wooo

    hmm, she said outright that she’s single.
    whereas with nick, she always danced around the topic.
    it really does seem as if they only think of each other as friends.
    better friends than have him break her heart like nick did, right?

  • Lauren

    i think they were dating…but i think they split up, i think they are just good friends now..because they were all over eachother in vancouver but since coming back from La there has only been one set of photos which have surfaced of them together an they just looked like friends hanging out…but, does it really matter…love her an i love him..there great people individually or together….i cant wait for princess protection programme

  • Libsss

    yeah sureeeee, its its like Selena wont say “Yes, i’m dating Taylor Lautner”. Of course not! they are absoulutly dating


  • nileyfan4ever123

    i want her to PLEASE go out with taylor so she can leave nick alone!!!


  • jess

    @Niña: she does wear extensions like many other “stars”. it was short but she just recently cut it even shorter. when you have the money you can play with hair lengths liek that.

  • Jen

    lol at taylena fans :P people see what they want to see. the girl said she’s single, so just relax and let it be!

  • chuchi

    yy???? ahh they were a gud couple :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i thought they were but if she says they’re not i beleive her! :):) i’m sure she will eventually find her perfect guy!

  • Caroline


    yes she does =]

  • Taycob fan

    Well, she says she is single, DEFINATELY single, this comes after it was reported that Summit told Taylor to dump her.

  • Juliet

    Haha! I was praying like hell that they would broke up.. but they never have been together at all!!! This just made me crack up!! I hate Selena! Taylor is great! (But I don’t love him) He deserves someone MUUCH better!!!

    PS: Zanessa for ever!!

  • kyralovesgosling182

    Yeah right, I did not believe a word that came out of her mouth. I agree with #25. She isn’t going to say they’re dating.

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    young tv stars never tell the real truth about theirs dating status. i do believe they’re dating and there were so pics of them being cozy.

  • selteamnicky

    OMG – WHAT WORK? FOCUS ON WHAT? Sorry Sel, I was a fan but I have come to realize that you are a fake. You are a wanna be and I just can’t support you n e more :( Get your own personality and stop copying others. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SING, for your own career don’t do it unless you hire someone to sing for you and lip sync it k. Grrrrr u r not a singer you suck.

  • lol

    maybe it is because of all the garbage like the comments above that she & others always claim to be single. I applaud Selena – It is better than what Miley pulls – dragging justin around by the arm until he finally gets a little comfortable in public & then she announces that he is her boyfriend only to abruptly call him her BFF right after she goes out publically with her ex who she calims to be bffs with also & then she throws herself at the ex bf in public & texts him constantly & then apparently drops Justin & tweets that “you will smile again we will smile again” – what an insincere person she is – perfect for hollywood & acting. I hope Justin finds a nice sweet girl – let Miley take a flying leap!

  • Alyssa

    Well right then and there she says shes single definitely single
    so what im thinking is that her and taylor broke up cuz if i recall the pics from back idk when but they were all over eachother and now theres only one set of pics of them hanging out since they’ve been in L.A soo shes prolly single now
    but when she said she wasnt dating nick.her and nick both danced around that topic like saying well she/he is a great guy anyone would be lucky to date her/him so right then and there i was guessing they were dating

  • Tin

    wow #36….you probably weren’t a fan in the first place. Do you understand that she wants her fans to not focus on her personal life but what she does as an entertainer? All of these Disney stars are not just actresses or actors, they can do what ever they want to do in Hollywood. Hollywood is basically a place where you can entertain people in many ways. Even though Selena may not be a strong singer at least she is trying her best. Everyone out there has a different voice. I think she’s a good singer but she has time for improvement just like the rest of the Disney channel stars who are also in her case. SO STOP HARASSING HER…..and guys also don’t compare selena and miley, do you really want to start something

  • nicknisti

    Yaaaay!!! I love Selena being single! (;

  • Chantel V.

    @Niña: Yup, just like almost all the celebrities do. I think it’s pretty dumb though, whatever.


    hopefully they’re not…
    I MISS NELENA!!!!!!!

  • RebecaLOVESROB

    i hate her. always have since the first time i saw her. sorry dudes. =D

  • linnyb

    oh selena! this is alll that comes with being a celebrity… jsyk

  • Lola


  • Camille

    Soooo Dating ! ! !

  • kathleen marie

    Yeah, right Selena! like we’re going to believe that.

    I still think they are dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rozza

    hmm im gonna beleive her unti i see other pics of the two and then ill question her single comment but hey im glad she cleared it up for her fans taylor will probably do the same thing for his they are just teenagers afterall its good shes good friends with taylor who is One hottie i must say

  • candycrazy

    ok ok ok. but i still think they look cute. :)

  • shante

    yeah ok just like her n nick was “really good friends” (thats sugarcooted as in yeah i go with him) aint nobody dumb u knw how many celebs said that then wound up admitting that their together come on!