Miranda Cosgrove is a Hungry Cat

Miranda Cosgrove is a Hungry Cat

Miranda Cosgrove gets engrossed in a text message as she leaves Hungry Cat seafood restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (June 10).

The 16-year-old actress has been busy filming a few new episodes of her Nick series, iCarly. Miranda tweeted before lunch, saying, “We have been rehearsing all morning. I’m on a break so I’m hiding in my dressing room watching tv an eating ritz crackers lol.”

Creator Dan Schneider tweeted about the new episode this weekend. He shared, “New iCarly episode airs this Saturday night! It’s called ‘iTake On Dingo’ – awesome episode. Tell everyone! More details coming soon…”

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Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Diana x3

    she’s so pretty (:

  • Alex

    Miranda looks so pretty!

  • demih8r

    Love miranda!

  • Jose

    aww i love her. shes so cute

  • kassie

    i love miranda so much, i think they definitely need to show her more with selena & demi. :DD

  • Tooty

    Miranda Cosgrove rocks!!! I love her :)

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    i think miranda is gaining weight. i hope she is ok.

  • harper

    Oh right, she must weigh a whole 100 pounds now

  • keN

    . . . ‘Ritz reduced fat’ crackers and salza, 24/7. ‘secret food’
    of the starz. (Miranda is Luv…now, even more than ever…
    one cracker at a time) gOGirF..!

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    love you, mirs.
    and oh pls, miranda is so not fat. your so shallow.
    God bless you, Miranda!

  • saarah

    wat phone is dat?

  • saarah

    seriousley wahat phone does she have?
    it look sooooooooooo cool

  • melissa


  • LILY


  • LOLA


  • LOLA


  • Joan

    i want to kiss her :D Awww i love her ^^

  • sasha lee

    she does have an iphone!!! she said it in an interview and there were so many pictures of her with her iphone. also she tweets from the iphone a lot

  • amy

    She is by far the best tween actress and way beautiful! Her weight is perfect.

  • hardyyfan_54

    quisiera conocerte

  • hardyyfan_54

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    te amo alexia

  • milky

    gag. what an ugly girl. i dont normally hate but shes just so icky. i dont know what it is. i think her mouth is too wide and her eyes are too squinty and how fat she looks in these pics definitely isnt helping. oh and icarly has stupid humor and tries too hard and the way she acts in it is just annoying.

  • cruzery123

    I love miranda so much and everybody who is saying that she is fat needs to shut up! For everybody who says that she is fat stop hiding the fact that ur fat!

  • http://hhtp/google peter rowan

    first of all miley is plain without makeup same as hilary duff to selena gomez does not need makeup she is a beautiful young girl as it is miranda gets picked on in some form ie her face is mushy she has a big head for her size and another said she has a face shaped like a fish I am not picking on miranda others said these I like miranda she is a sweet fun loving girl