Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone are Congo Cute

Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone are Congo Cute

Selena Gomez snuggles up to BFF costar Jennifer Stone as they arrive at the Raise Hope for the Congo event held at Jane’s House in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (June 29).

The Raise Hope for the Congo event raised awareness about about the crisis of sexual violence against women and girls and the solutions that are necessary to end the conflict.

Jennifer, 16, tweeted at the event, “You should check out It truly is amazing how much we think we have problems, but we have no clue.”

15+ pics inside of Jennifer and Selena

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty Images
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  • CT

    there both awesome,
    love em’

  • ashleytfan

    Aw! Cute :D

  • blooppp

    dannggg girll look at those shoes im loving it <3
    she’s so much prettier with long hair but it
    still good selena my babby girll <3 ilh :]

  • dee

    wow… selena’s dress is short. but cute! :)

  • rumi

    ohh i love selenaa {}

  • Laura

    that looks like my grandma’s curtain NO JOKE!!

  • smiley

    i love selena’s outfit, especially her shoes. they’re really cute. i love jennifer’s outfit too. the both of them are awesome.
    i love them as friends :)

  • Lucy

    i never seem 2 like the dresses selena wears, but wen she goes out casual she always luks nice. these dresses just luk lyk she’s trying 2 act hard 2 be grown up. sori if u dnt agree its just my opinion xx ;D

  • tea

    I think Selena is 2 skinny

  • lilly

    and i dont
    rly think her dress is short but w.e
    whos that guy ??? hes kinda cute

  • zac

    her legs are amazing
    for real id bang her shes hott

  • jbr

    sel looks great and her shoes are amazing !

  • http://hhy peace95

    they both look great! pretty girls! :)

  • Lauren

    they both look really cute….and as usual selena looks rather perfect but i just don’t like the dress…but she does look perfect..shes gorgeous

  • Cujo22

    Selena’s feet look so hot.

  • :)

    Selena’s dress is so ugly. She always try to hard to look older. Jennifer look amazing.

  • sweetnessa

    selena is so sweet !!
    i love her hair

  • http://justjared phoebe

    selena nand jennifer both look amazing! <3 selena

  • Kyles

    Jennifer Stone looks stunnning, so simple but stunning!

  • Sarah

    Love the dress and the shoes Selena’s wearing.
    But not really a fan of Jennifer’s shoes.. but I do think Jennifer looks prettier by day.I think it’s the haircolour, I love it!



  • Anna

    I hate selena’s dress !
    It’s so ugly, like a sheer towel wrapped around you.
    I like it when she’s casual, this looks like she’s trying way to hard.
    Jennifer looks soo pretty !! :)


    selena u r my role model… i think u r the best of all celebs i hope we meet someday………!!!!

  • saudia

    pretty . .love these girls

  • http://TOPCELEBS sel’sfan

    selena u r my role model.. i think u r totally cool and u and demi can bring miley down no ofense to miley though ,i mean i know u and demi pretend to be friends with miley wich is not working cuz the paparatzi says alot of things about yall
    anyway i like u r fashion but the dress that u wore at the raise congo event wasn’t lyk ofense though,but i lyk ur hair………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://TOPCELEBS selena

    i think u r awesome selena

  • http://TOPCELEBS selena

    u r awesome

  • http://TOPCELEBS selena

    i think u r pretty…and awesome!

  • meee

    haha let her be.. selena looks awesome and IS awesome :D

  • andrea

    OMG i LOVE her shoes!!!(selena’s) … where did she get them..? anyways i think she looks gorgeous love the dress too
    selena rocks..

  • leah

    I’ve never wanted shoes more in my life! Ok Selena looks sexy like a model!!!:) I love Selena!:)<3 ALSO AMEN finally pictures of Selena!OMG this girl is a fashionista in her own rights if I had one chance to raid a closet and get some stuf I would chose her for sure! HEY! though we get to dress like Alex Russo when it comes out @ mcys OMG!

  • jbabesss

    selena is cute
    but jennifer is beautiful!

  • none

    They are both beautiful. Jenn marry me.

  • Suzie


    its ben (aka ken baumann) from the tv series: “the secret life of an american teenager”,

  • kris

    I just love selenaaa :D

  • yessica

    aww selena(L)(l)

  • Blah

    I think Selena and Jen look awesome:)

  • Blah

    @lilly: He plays ben on secret life of the american teenager.


    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! i love themm!!!!!!! jennifer lost a lot of weight! im so proud lol(: God bless u guyss ilyy selena and jen!!!

  • hellohello

    Ummm Jennifer Stone is fricking gorgeous! someone has to tell her how pretty she is… NOW. she has a certain glow & i love it.
    but i don’t like selena. she’s too much. excessive and all over the place. i have to say, she annoys me. she’s not that classy and elegant. jennifer, however, totally is :]

  • aw

    Sweet picture.

  • Jon

    @hellohello: I think you mixed Jennifer up with Selena when you said “excessive” lol.

  • nina

    selena looks pretty !! i love u selenaaaaa !!
    U ROCK !!

  • Alemalvis

    I love Selena’s hair and her shoes, the dress not tha much, but she still looking pretty Jeniffer also, she had lost tons og weight.

  • nikki

    she’s by fay the PRETTIEST AND MOST TALENTED on disney.

  • Denisey

    @hellohello: ummm thats cool you like jen and everything but it was totally unnecessary to put selena down to make jen better.

  • Amanda

    selenas soooooo gorgeous.

  • rozza

    omg have ive seen one photo from this event where it looks like she and jenner are kissing its kinda gross >


    amazingly hot chick like always selena rocks


    can someone please tell me where can i get selena shoes. a designer name or shoe boutique PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!