Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Split Confirmed

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Split Confirmed

After much speculation on the internet, Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle have gone their separate ways.

“Yes, it’s true,” Camilla‘s rep tells “[Joe and Camilla] have broken up. There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.”

At the JoBros show in Detroit last night (July 26), Joe was seen shedding some tears.

He also reportedly changed the songs lyrics for “Much Better” from “Get a rep for breakin’ hearts, now I’m done with superstars” to “Get a rep for breakin hearts, now I’m done with movie stars.”

UPDATE: Joe didn’t change the lyrics! Listen here. 40-ish second mark.

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  • emily:)


  • lauren

    lol he is so annoying. when he broke up with Taylor Swift he changed it to ‘Now im done with country stars’. lol i cant stand this guy but i will admit, that camilla belle seemed like such a freakin leech attatched to him to boost her own career.

  • Lauren

    shame..he seemed to like her a lot…

  • lena

    yay joe now find yourself a girl who is worth your charm and good enough for you

  • Maddison

    I hate Camilla
    so this is all ill say


  • Yes

    FINALLY! Camilla can do so much better!!

  • Romiii

    I am SO glad he is done with her.
    not that it is any of my business, but i didn’t like them together!
    I feel bad for Joe that he cried!

  • liz

    I’m not so sure about the friends part.
    it didn’t go too well with tayswift.
    anyways, i love you joe (:
    not as much as nick or frankie. but it’s all good.
    there’s gonna be fan problems with camilla now, just a hunch.

  • Selenafan2

    Awww I really liked them together. Must be hard for our boys to be on tour and keep solid relationships…Miley and Camilla still love ya.

  • sarah

    thats kind of sad. But at least they are still friends :] And he didnt say movie stars he said superstars! just listen to the video you can tell!

  • steff


    its his song he can change the lyrics as much as he wants to. and i agree she was a leech lol too bad it didnt work. to boost your career you have to have a jonas dump you than put on the sorrow act like *cough*taylor*cough*.. but breaking up with a jonas just leads to people hating you

    learn how to play camilla cause you just lost to your own game.

    i <3 you joe. your fans always will <3

  • nessa

    yes! maybe now JEMI can happen haha

  • DemiFan

    He deserves better any how. but I can’t get over how he cried through “gotta Find You” at that concert. I feel really bad about this but at the same time HAPPY. Cause Camilla was ruining his rep any how.

  • Nikki

    Awh, poor Joe. Why would they break up? THey seemed so happy together! I just want to do anything to make him happy again. (: I love you Joe. Not just you, but the whole band :D

  • nettiegirl

    Just fyi…. He has said girls in other shows too. I hate that he is hurting.

  • kourtney

    omg i soo happy YESS

  • Bailee

    Yay, I can’t stand either one of them..and what is up with Joe changing the lyrics to different words when he breaks up with girls?

  • Daphne

    OMG finally!

  • Daphne

    I second thattt xD

  • carolina-jonatica


  • kelly

    im soooo sad! it seems like joe really really liked her.. im sad for him and all of us jonas fans should be too. camilla was the one girl he always talked about dating and now she broke his heart. so joe sing about her all you want and we will be singing right along with you!!!

  • angela

    never liked her.

  • pink sugar

    This was going to happen anyway, she’s 22 and he’s 19. Camilla was too mature for Joe. IMO their relationship basically helped him make that transition to adulthood which is fine. They both knew it wasn’t a long-term thing. At least their breakup was handled better than Taylor Swift


  • Courtney

    I just want Joe, happy!


  • mileyfan

    poor Joe i am really sorry for him he seemed really happy with her :(

  • Nazeefa

    It’s really sad. But as as long as it wasn’t a bad break-up then I guess it fine. Both of them are amazing people.
    I really guess they broke up because they’re both so busy. I mean.. she’s filming new movies and he’s on this tour for a LONG time.
    And I just hope they get through this rough time. Both of them might be hurt and that’s never good.
    Good luck to them for the future. And maybe they can still be friends.

  • Austin

    Camilla Belle is a C-grade actress with a dead career who was just riding on Joe’s coat tails in an desperate bid to retain some notability. I am glad Joe has seen threw this and has kicked her to the curb. Joe – you can do much better! And Camilla – time to go back to the trailer park honey.

  • me

    you people don’t know her, or him for that matter. your opinions are not relevant.
    as for taylor swift, this has nothing to do with her. let’s not make this another joe vs. taylor discussion and just let it go- they already have.

  • gnj

    joe is so cute!
    she doesnt deserve him ¬¬

  • Katelyn

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Emily

    Eh, I’m not much of a Joe Jonas or Camilla fan. (I am a Taylor Swift fan.) I wonder who broke up with who? From the looks, it looks like Camilla broke up with him, and he looks upset about it. But I don’t know. But if that’s true, maybe she had the courteousy to actually break up with him face-to-face, instead of on the phone, for instance? I still feel bad for him, yeah. But now, I’m thinking he may know how Taylor felt. I’m just saying.

    I honestly don’t think either is too good for the other. I think both don’t connect and don’t go well together. They look so much alike, they could be brother & sister, which is a bit creepy. I hope they both find other people that would compliment them and make them happy.

    As for the song lyrics. I think it was low of him to change it to the country star thing, considering he broke up with Taylor. IDK about the movie star thing. The song apparently fits for all of Joe’s girls. ;) Maybe he should date a sports star, a dancer, any other ideas of word changes?

  • ashleytfan

    I was at the show last night, I cried when he did :/

  • joehotty


  • shaked shneider

    Maybe he will finally realize he shouldn’t date someone from the business…

  • Leah

    Aw, I feel so bad for him…it can’t be nice having everybody see you cry after a break up – especially on stage. I know a lot of people thought camilla was a ….well, fame sucking leech….but who really knows the truth to that. They seemed pretty happy together in photo’s I’ve seen…

    But so totally on Joe’s side. And loving how that on Twitter – #We’reHereForYouJoe is a trending topic…as is just Camilla. Lmao :D

  • http://twitter/giguido Giovanna

    LOVE U JOE! you have us, ur fans, to console you!

  • Jenny

    Sometimes Joe Jonas comes across as a player to me but he did seem to be upset by this break up

  • shan

    i’m not going to start saying crap about camilla, even though, i am happy that he’s not with her, as there was just something i didn’t like.
    i may have not known her, but there was a vibe.

    i deeply feel sorry for joe.
    to have had to been brave through that whole show, and then, to cave. i know what haert break feels like, and it doesn’t feel good.
    i hope he feels better soon.
    everyone supports joe :)
    and i hope stupid fans don’t rant on about him being with taylor, or anyone else. give the guy a break!

  • Katie

    yay finally! They were a gross couple. I hate both of them so much!

  • Allison

    i wonder why? i feel kind of bad for him, even though i knew joe could have done better, but i feel bad for him, but i’m also kind of rejoicing because its like, i know everything about them, and then i have got to know everything about their relationship with girls, so on an OJD fan, it gets difficult. hahaha
    but good for him, he derserves a virgin. like me :)

  • JB Fan

    okayy so my opinion is,
    i feel bad for Joe,
    i mean its not easy dealing with a break-up especially since hes on tour.
    But on the bright side you never know,
    i mean it might help him out a little.,
    cause hes with people that love him,
    and all the amazing fans he has,
    i mean i was at a JB Concert when they were here in Chicago.
    and there were sooo mannyyy people that were going crazy for him.
    So being on tour with all the fans every night that love him.,
    it might actually help him.
    but i still feel sorry and bad for him.
    Hes a great guy.
    And just so you guys know,
    now its just a rumor,
    but im thinking it might true.
    and if it is,
    that really is her loss.
    She had a great guy.
    and she lost him.

    i feel soo soo bad for Joe.
    Hopefully he finds someone.


  • Andrea


    I prefered jaylor than jamilla! ( im a jemi fan)


    Poor Joe… I’m so sad because he really seems to love her, he looked so sad at the concert…

  • nicole

    I’m happy they broke up but i can’t stand to see joe hurt. this is a sad day.


    Joe…. he looked so happy when he was with her, I mean look at his eyes… and now he is so sad… I support and love you Joe.
    I’m sure that he’ll find the girl who really is MUCH BETTER for him.. I want to see his smile again…

  • angie

    Some of the fans cried when he did? What freaks….. some people really need to get a life.

  • esztyx

    My first reaction was:What?Really?Yayyy…well,I didn’t like them together…i’m a big Joe/Jonas fan,and I don’t have problems with Camilla,but together…not the best.Of course,if their relationship turned out good,and they married and i dunon,then I’d be still happy,but I’m much more happier now.:D But I hope he’ll find THE girl.
    And seeing him crying…it was heartbreaking.Poor Joe.I wish all the best.

  • Alejandra jordan



  • hl

    What goes around comes around…..

  • Lou

    Thank God!! Joe can do so much better! I mean, they look so weird together-

    1) I know it’s only 3 years difference, but she’s a grown woman and he’s till a teenager!
    2) She’s always going off with other men R-Pratz and that tennis dude.
    3) Joe changed when he got with her- he was all quite and not funny.
    4) She hates us fans- apparently she was kissing him infront of heart-broken teens, but then the feeling’s mutual.
    5) Apparently, she doesn’t like the idea of his “Hollywood” lifestyle. Atleast he doesn’t drink, smoke and do drugs!!

    And, the main reason–

    6) THEY LOOK LIKE BROTHER AND SISTER!! They’re, like, the same height, same hair and THE EYEBROWS?? Omg, if they got married and had kids, it would be a family of clones!!

    I think Joe AND Nick need to find nice, beautiful girls who will respect them. They need to look at Kevin with Danielle- she seems so nice!!

    Don’t get me wrong, Camilla’s gorgeous and is a great actress, but now, I don’t think she’s actually that nice a person tbh.

    Son’t worry Joe, you’ll get a lovely girl, just wait babe!! xxxxx