Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves: Ponyo Pals

Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves: Ponyo Pals

BFFs Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves keep close together as they attend the industry screening of Ponyo held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday evening (July 27).

Does everyone love Noah‘s darker do? Big sis Miley Cyrus dyed it for her earlier last week. Miley tweeted, “Tonight I’ve colored my hair, Braison‘s hair and Noah got jealous so now I am coloring hers =] I think I’ve found my new profession.”

Ponyo tells the sea-bound tale of a goldfish princess who wants to be human and gets her wish, befriending a 5 year-old boy on the journey. The animated adventure hits theaters on Friday, August 14th.

25+ pics inside of Ponyo pretty Noah Cyrus

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Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images
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  • MissVan

    Oh,Noah is so cute!!!!
    And Miley too !haha

  • Nina

    yeah,i like the new colour
    she look more like miley(althought i don’t know if that’s a good thing)

  • nileylover

    aww so cute!

  • 7878090

    Aww! Thier soo cute!!

  • rawya

    awwwwwwww niley 2.0
    noah is sooo cute
    but frankie is wearing PJs

  • Geral

    Aww Noie looks amazing! and I love her new color of hair :D
    Ems looks so sweet! and Frankiee! too muchh cutee!
    I Love Froah! ♥

  • sharni

    top 10?
    i dont like them haha
    i think they are full of themselves

  • daniela

    i love frankie jonas!
    frankie and noha! its a new niley version!
    its cute :)

  • lisa

    too cute but hopefully he doesn’t break her heart

  • atomic

    noah its so….let’s say uncute…but maybe she will change just like can make anyone look good

  • hayley

    agree with atomic. soo uncute!

  • the fame

    all the cyrus look the same, they are ugly

  • 123

    Noah is so not cute…what an unfortunate looking child…. =/

  • alison

    Ugly as her sister…

  • lalle

    let’s look at demi sister if you want see an ugly little girl!!!!!!!!
    i like demi but her sister is ….uncute….
    noah is a cute girl and she will change in positive like her sister but not for the money ’cause she has got that yet but ’cause she will had 10 11 12 ect……..


  • Des

    I think she looks cute. And you all do know ur bashing a little 9 yr old right? I mean that’s like going to the park, grabing a little a gril and telling her she’s ugly like her sister. Well do you feel mature now?

    I mean, no, is she beyond goregous, but she is adorable in my case..No can you guys focuse on the postive things rather than trying to find something wrong with every little thing about her. I love her dress it’s so cute.

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Future Whores

  • niley

    anyone noticed they’re holding hands?

  • joana


  • emily

    wow why did miley have to dye her hair brown she was cuter with blonde!!!!!

  • emily

    @lalle: wow, ur sooo freaking mean demis sister is not ugly nor mileys sister their both cute but in different ways idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cam

    @the fame:

    wow that is harsh.

    I think the kids are all adorable.

  • cam

    @Charlie JohnSon:

    you are disgusting!

  • Shawna

    My friend met Miley and Noah was with her and my friend told me that Miley was a sweetheart and was polite and nice, but Noah….. they said that little girl is bitchy and snobby. IDK. I can’t judge, but the only thing I would say is that I hope Noah’s teeth are baby teeth. If they aren’t she is gonna need braces. Other then that ,I guess she’s ok.


    EVEN IF it doesn’t look like, so, she is really a poor girl- trying not to be remembered as MC’s little sis, which she will always be….
    And trying to be all grown up on the “red carpet”
    …LOL & hiding her ugliness LOL…

  • Courtney



  • miley

    i like her hear
    love you miley ….

  • Megan

    frankie and noah are too cute!!! i love them abnd im really excited for ponyo!

  • flashmob

    If there is a better celebrity news blog than this one on the planet, I have yet to find it. Does everyone love Noahs darker do? Yes, because Miley is a glamour genius. I read her Twitter page religiously and saw the quoted tweet. In fact, I read their mom’s tweets too.

    Keep up the great work you do!

  • cassy

    ho’s in training

  • Katie G!

    all three are adorable.

  • Lou

    i’m sorry, but that’s a bit sick dying your little sister’s hair- she only 9! No offence if anyone dyed their hair at that age, but I think it’s a bit young, it’s just like trying to make your appearance better, she does’t need to she’s only 9.

    Btw, her friend Emily Grace is The Cutest Little Girl ever! She’s gorgeous! Aw bless xx

  • LG

    So it’s like the Little Mermaid?

  • *_*

    Why dye an 8(7?) year olds hair period! Why kind of parent allows that?!

  • Poplockanddrop

    Frankie!!!!!! Love JB

  • me

    How old are they?!!! They look 6 years old…way too young to be getting their hair DYED!!

  • Marie

    Why did a 9-year old (or how old she is – I don’t care) get her hair died?
    It’s not healthy, let alone normal.

  • Kanani

    @Lou, I was thinking the exact same thing. At that age, you’re still too young to be dying your hair. Thats my opinion. And besides, I think people that have their natural hair look better than people who dye their hair. I mean its your natural color.

    And to those of you who have been saying that they’re(including Demi’s little sister and Miley) ugly and future whores, that’s just wrong. You guys need to grow up.

  • riofru

    Noah and Emily are cute, but also look like those little pageant girls from Little Miss Sunshine. Just don’t look like normal and natural little girls their age.

  • joanne

    the pics of noah & frankie ..
    HOW CUTE IS THAT ?! :D aww

  • sean84

    well i wish miley wood die my hair lol nd well noah nd emily r so cutes bye the way lol

  • mg

    @lalle: what’s wrong with you? demi’s and miley’s sisters are both adorable…

  • Katie G!

    Seriously people?

    if her nine year old sister wants her hair dyed and her parents say its okay does it really matter! sheesh its hair itll grow back!!!!!

    and seriously, “future whores” youve got to be kidding me.
    Nine year olds vs. Teenage girls or older
    wow you have class.

  • lala


  • http://hotmail alexandra

    i get you noah!

  • Christina

    Hey Noah I`m Mileys number 1 fan EVER tell hello!

  • vanessa


  • http://nahmanbro sunny

    im not saying you CANT, but you SHOULDNT dye kids hair at that age. not becuase its hoe-ish or anything, but becuase its going to damage her hair.


    that blonde devil creeps me out!!