Selena Gomez's Special: Texas Sized Waffles!

Selena Gomez's Special: Texas Sized Waffles!

Selena Gomez shows off her long legs as she leaves the MTV Studios on Monday morning (August 2) in Times Square, New York City.

The 17-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place actress dished on It’s On With Alexa Chung about her friendship with country princess Taylor Swift. She shared, “Taylor has been my mentor through a lot of aspects in my life. She’s been such a blessing. She’s actually heard all of my music and she’s like, ‘I can’t wait for it to come out and people to hear it!’ She’s like my big sister.”

Selena was also surprised that host Alexa Chung got her a belated birthday present — A Texas Waffle Maker! Sel tweeted, “Alexa Chung was so awesome! She’s so sweet! And she gave me possibly my new cooking obsession!”

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  • Sarah

    Love the outfit!

  • rachel

    gawd….she looks so beautiful!

  • LYnnie

    selena is so pretty i cant wait for her new album to come out!

  • diana

    dang it, shes so pretty!

    does anyone know if she and the cast are going to be at the TCA’s on sunday?

  • rachel

    i’ve loved alexa chung ever since “vanity lair”

  • Zac

    Is it me or do selena have like the best lips ever??? I mean they are so plump and full, just wow, hahaha that was totally off topic, but she looks gorgeous, she have to be the most goregous disney girl right now. seriously. Her legs are also awesome. She is working it girl!

  • iCarly fan 123

    ha! luvv her! she is BEAUTIFUL!

  • jena

    @diana: yeah, selena is going to be there…don’t know about the cast….you can follow teenchoicegirl on twitter to see who else is coming! selena looks gorgeous here….she looks 5 foot 7-ish here!

  • kris

    she looks AWESOME!! love herr

  • Sa5m

    i think tall hear is better on her
    love you <3

  • mersadieez

    wooah mama look at those legs!! lol ^_^ cute shoes

  • leah

    Ughh Selena I wish I had her legs. I also wish I had money to go shopping like she does:( Oh well SEARS for me! Yeah she does have the best lips ever! I’d go lez for those lips!;)

  • Paige

    that waffle maker is cool
    shes ah-mazinggg

  • smile

    Taylor?? What happened to Demi? All I ever hear from her is Taylor.

  • Carol
  • brit


    all demi say is miley,miley,miley, what happened to selena? If demi can whore out miley as her NEW BEFF, the selena can do taylor that way also

  • mersadieez


    LOLOLOL! yea i kinda agree with that.



  • leah

    HMMM Imma save up money for the skirt:)

  • sandy

    she looks great… where are they in NYC? does anyone know what appearances they are making this week?

  • kc

    She is the only actress that actually dresses sexy in a poised and mature way? Other Disney girls dress sexy in a wh0rish way. I’m likin this Selena girl alot.

  • Andrea

    it’s funny how they are talking about her lips and there is an ad about lips up there x)

    LOVE HER! (;

  • ELI

    Selena Gomez war VS NICK JONAS Seventeen – September 2009

    17: Perfect in what way?
    SG:I always dressed nice. I don’t think he ever saw me in sweatpants. I love sweatpants! I own so many! I always tried to be well-dressed and well-mannered and I always tried to please everyone around him. And I’d always go to his places and his favorite restaurants or whatever. And there was a point where i kind of lost myself completely. I didn’t smile as much, I didn’t laugh as much, I wasn’t a goofball. I didn’t get up and dance like a usually do. and when that one ended, it was just horrible. because i didn’t know where i was. but i got that back and i was really happy – and my family was happy to have me back”

    17: Did anyone say “Hey, are you okay? You’re not acting like yourself”?
    SG: Everyone around me hated him. Except maybe one person, who thinks he is an idiot now. Everyone on set, family, friends didn’t like it. But even with everyone sitting me down, telling me it was horrible, I didn’t listen to them. I think a girl has to go through that, because now I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I dare someone to try to change me again. I’ve gotten so strong about that. It would never happen.”

  • LOL

    Love Selena’s outiftt !!
    can’t wait for the album !!!!!!!!!! :)

  • LOL

    Love Selena’s outiftt !!
    can’t wait for the album !!!!!!!!!! :)


    selena gomez looks amazingly fresh and pretty”"”"”"love her outfit,Nick Jonas should count his lucky stars he didn’ stay with selena she looks so magical………….cant wait for the movie and her cd

  • SARAH22

    love her! she looks gorgeous

  • Meaghan

    WOw, she has this 1960′s beauty I’ve never noticed before. She’s no longer just pretty, she’s grown into GORGEOUS. She should seriously do some type of modeling. She’s got the beauty, lips, neck, legs, and stature.

  • ?

    vote for selena pleaaaaaaaaasee for tca she deserves it really

  • hamburglar

    I saw her at The Bridgewater Big Ex in bridgewater nova scotia canada, I am positive it was her. on friday july 31 2009, If it wasn’t her , then she’s got a twin no one knows about,that looks like,dresses like sounds like, and even moves like her!.

  • case

    she’s the most gorgeous girl on disney.
    she has that look. the old hollywood perfect skin, dark hair, nice lips look. not to mention her legs are AWESOME.

  • chuchi

    y is selena so pretty/? ahh! AND I watched the interview on alexa chung in it was hilarious!! ahha love her and cant wait for her albumm!!! lol (: so buying it!

  • emily

    gosh she gorgeous!! and i loveeeeeee her outfit!!!!!

  • michelle

    Beautiful, as always.

  • rawr

    well hello beautiful!

  • kara

    When I saw the pictures, my first reaction was “WOW”.
    She is very beautiful.

  • yessica

    love selena=)=)

  • melena

    vote for selena everyday on tca love u selena abd by the way u look gr8

  • Marylynn

    LOL i totally just bought that waffle maker when I was visiting my aunt in Texas!!! WHICH IS THE BEST STATE EVER BY THE WAY!!

  • tyler bryant

    Selena looks great in that outfit. The dress top she is wearing looked brand new. Her hair is also styled very straightly. It looks very pretty.

  • sabrina

    omg i love her!! and that shirt is from H&M. i saw it there today and bought it!

  • brittany

    she so beautiful like everyday

  • Alex

    If i was Selena and I read that someone would go lez for me… I would never show my lips in a picture again but thats just me lol She is pretty sexii in a non whorish way which is why she is my fav disney character. She doesnt dress like most people in my school. *shivers*

  • SerenA

    Arggh I can’t believe I missed this ep. I hope there’s a rpt. Selena looks adorb and it’s so cute that Alexa got her the waffle maker. I want one!

  • Smiley

    Luvv herrrr!!!!She’s so amazing and gorgeous….I can’t wait to see the movie and listen to the CD!!!