Zac Efron Wins Choice Comedy Actor

Zac Efron Wins Choice Comedy Actor

Zac Efron keeps close to main squeeze Vanessa Hudgens right before he’s called up on stage to accept his surfboard award for Choice Movie Actor: Comedy at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actor won for his role as Mike O’Donnell/Mark Gold in 17 Again. Congrats, Zac!

Also pictured below: Corbin Bleu and his sister Hunter, Ashley Tisdale, Hayden Panettiere and Megan Fox.

FYI: Corbin wore a navy sweater vest, white shirt, grey distressed jeans, navy tie and grey sneakers all by D&G.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/TCA 2009/WireImage, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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  • tamara


  • tamara


  • heather

    AHHHH!! YES I KNEW IT!! i love you zac!!

  • kiara

    congrats …..i cant belive i voted zac effron lol

    i liked the movie

  • i love vanessa

    GO ZACCC!!!
    i just love that picure,
    yess im so happy!
    everyone follow
    she updating everything :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    YES, YES, YES !! Zachary is the best !! :D And AWWWW !!! They look ADORABLE. They ARE adorable together. YAY !!

  • becky

    OMG that pic with ash is cooo cuteee!!!

  • Doom

    Did Before The Storm win? I’m hearing different things. x__x

  • aw

    Zac& Van look cute.

  • M

    Corbin looking :D

  • abigail

    woooo…congrats zac…

    love it zanessa!

  • the fame

    wow, vanessa and megan, the hottest are together

  • kiara

    why does megan look like she ready to kill…..

  • Katty

    Megan looks high….
    I hate that when they do the teen choice awards, they have like fifty awards to give, and if you win one they are like, you win for Comedy Actor, and something else, and something else, but they don’t give you that many surf boards for it.
    They don’t do choice hottie ’til like the end. I hope V and Zac win. That would be cute!

  • emily

    hayden panetierre and megan fox look GORGEOUS!!! cant wait to see them tomorrow!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    CONGRATS ZAC! He and Vanessa are SO hot together. LOve them and they look cute in blue

  • katie

    omfg i hate that pout she does! and umm jared maybe u culd not post the winners in the title? some of us would like to be surprised tomorrow. mmkay.

  • ella

    megan foxx looks RREEAALLLL thrilled to be taking a picture with vanessa hudgens…

  • Eugenia

    Awwww vanessa and zac lokes beautifull!

  • kiara

    srry but megan and rob won hottie….

  • peber

    OMG! i knew it Zac congrats you deserve!:D
    i loveu

  • Lorna

    Congrats Zac :) You and Vanessa both look great!

  • zanessa fan!!!

    Aww!!! Finally Zanessa pics!!! I’m so happy that they are together again and that Zac won!! Congrats Zac!!! I hope Vanessa wins to!!!

  • daisy


  • liz

    they look so cute (:
    i love how everyone is gonna know who wins already this yr (:

  • diana

    aww, zanessa. (:
    haha, i remember them at the 2006 TCA’s.

  • i love vanessa
  • Samantha

    because she want’s Zac efron. lmfaoo

  • justme

    Smile Megan Fox dont frown!

  • Katty


    Megan was seen out with Brian Austin Green not even two days ago holding hands with him. She looks just plain bored, and high, and like she doesn’t want to be there. I hope she doesn;t win Choice Hottie, she doesn’t deserve it.
    I want more ZV pix!!!!! Hopefully there will be a lot of on screen things tomorrow when it airs. Why in the Hell didn’t they just do this live? I don’t want to wait until tomorrow! I want to see who won. And that twitter chick is just saying who won, not for what. it’s annoying me./

  • mykamicks

    What a couple! I love the way Zac wrap her arms on Vanessa’ body. Gesture of a secured and healthy relationship they have… I am living them more…

    By the way, I really like this couple the way they dressed up usually the colors they wear complementing each other… Love their stylist working for both of them…. Zac congrats you deserved it…

  • Bradley Bobst

    Way to go Zac.

  • musicgurl


  • Katty

    Megan and Rob got choice hotties…. UGH

  • Elena Clayton

    Zac looked absolutely perfect that whole night!

  • Elena Clayton

    And I’m sorry, but how can Vanessa stand next to Megan Fox and not scratch her eyes out? That girl has been undermining Z&V’s relationship for ages!

  • Eleanore


  • Marie

    Zanessa’s over thank god.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Zanessa Rocks :)

  • Katty


    Oh, yeah, Zanessa’s over. It’s not like they are sitting next to each other, with Zac’s arm around her, or Vanessa isn’t wearing their ring or anything.
    God, people, get over it. They are together. They are happy. Zac won.
    Megan is just a $lut.

  • Samantha

    I know.. I’m totally a vanessa and zac supporter, but she’s said in interviews herself, that she likes Zac.. so yeah.

  • Eleanore


    I agree. Their stylists must communicate… A LOT! They always look like they belong together.

    Although I must say I really dont like how V tries to do a ‘sexy’ pout that just makes her look conniving and evil. She’s got the best smile and should stick with that because it makes her absolutely beautiful.

  • Amelia

    Is that Corbin’s date? What on earth is she wearing?

  • becky

    twilight won the liplock

  • i love vanessa

    HSM3 didnt win best liplock :(
    twilight won again UGGHHH!!!

  • http://justjaredjr zanessalover45

    awww zanessa they are way too cute!!!

    congratulations to zac and i cant believe megan and rob won

  • zane

    congrats Zac!!


    I’m waiting for Karen or Zac’s #1 Fan to come on. I would reply to Marie’s comment, but I completely suck at reasoning. I’ll let Karen or Zac’s #1 Fan Handle that. ;P (It is Karen and Zac’s #1 Fan who handles these things right? Wow…I suck at this…..)

  • Mia .

    still haven’t seen any ashnessa pictures which totally sucks :(