Joe Jonas Supports Special Olympics

Joe Jonas Supports Special Olympics

Joe Jonas perfects his sprint as he competes in the iWin 5K Race to support the Special Olympics in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday afternoon (August 13).

The 19-year-old musician’s self-titled fun run will benefit the Jonas Brothers‘ Change for the Children Foundation and Special Olympics Texas, which provides sports training for disabled kids and adults.

Special Olympics Texas PR coordinator Andi Baca Kelly shared, “(Jonas) is a runner, and he wanted to do something that promoted health and got people moving. We’re very excited.”

Joe ran alongside former San Antonio Spurs basketball player Bruce Bowen plus fifteen lucky participants who also won a meet-and-greet with the star.

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Photos: Rob Hoffman/JBE/Getty
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  • nikki

    im not a jb fan, i hated them acually but i can only have one hate on my list and twilight is my hate now, sooo JB is cool :)

    and thats cool that he supports that


    AMAZING Well Done joe !! We Lovee YOU!! <3 Happy Birthday For Tomorrow xxx


  • julia


    Look at his arms… have u been working out a lot, Joe?
    thats HOT!

  • cathee

    i’m proud to be your fan joseph <3
    i’m proud and grateful to be a jonas brothers’s fan


    Mr. Awsomeness :D

  • Juilette

    OMG He is Working out
    I always thought he was kinda scrawny
    Damn Joe
    Deffo The Hot Brother

  • SJS

    That’s just awesome that he chose to use his free time to do an amazing charity event for the Special Olympics. That’s one of the great things about the Jonas Brothers. More so than most stars nowadays, you constantly hear about them being involved in charity and doing good things to support great causes. :)

  • nESSUK

    i LOVE JOSEPH! ;** omg he’s hot n i’m happy for everything he does!
    i love jonas brothers Most of all!

  • nicci


    He look so hot………. his arm are big than i expect it to be. He have been woking out alot. i must give him a 2 tumb up.

  • Gabriela Aroca

    OMG ! Sooooo hot ! *o* :D

    Since yet Happy Birthday Joe ♥


  • Vicki

    I feel like I just bought tickets to the GUN SHOW! :)

  • Danielle

    I was at the run. It was a lot of fun. Joe was so sweet to all the special Olympics athletes. I think he finished in around 20 minutes. I came in a couple minutes after him. I was lucky enough to meet him at the concert that night.

  • the fame

    @nikki: lol at the twilight thing, same here twilight is overrated..

    i was there and joe looked pretty fit

  • nessuk!

    I’, so excited! joe is getting 20 ! :S
    it’s soo awesome . i’, so happy!
    happy birthday joe! his my hero . love him more then enyone !
    You can shine bright but still keep it real!

  • flashdrive

    WOAH!!! sexy much? trace cyrus, do you still think you could beat him? dang joe. and happy early birthday!

  • marisa

    aww i love him it’s nice that he did this!

  • Cals


  • Cals

    haha i like the GUN SHOW comment lol :D

  • Jackie

    happpy birthday joee tomorrow!!!<33
    omgg what a hotttie!

    joe joans is super jacked he can beat up trace easily. stupid trace.

    love ya joe! and joe does things for a GOOD cause not promoting tats and piercings. wow.

  • http://bahrain dalal

    i’m soooooooooo proud to be fan jonas ..

    xoxoxox love …

  • Lauren

    Yeah, Trace thinks they r fake when they r not

  • rock_chic_chick


    most likely it is disney wanting them to do these events, also it adds to their stupid “perfect” lives to look good.

  • Lauren


    u r 100% wrong & stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karina

    OMJJ !! I lovee jonas brotherss more thaan EVERYTHING . I pass all day long talking about theem , I BREATHE JONAS !!!

    joe , the best person everr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madison

    Trace Cyrus says he could probably beat up kevin and joe if they ever lay a hand on him, PSH, joe has guns and muscles and he could beat trace aka anorexic bony punk anyday.

  • Jess

    Awsome Joe!! :D

  • c

    yumm :D

    i loveeee you joe jonass with all my heart♥
    you are the hottestt guy in the whole dammm worldd[[:

  • SJS

    @rock_chic_chick: I’m not gonna claim I know them, but I think you’re wrong. I do charity work too. I also have purple hair & don’t give a shit what other people think of me. Not every celeb who does good is only doing it for their image.

    Have you ever thought that maybe they have this good guys because they ARE good guys? We already know they aren’t perfect & they’ve said that a million times. No need to be negative about them doing good things.

  • kara

    such an awesome thing to support!
    awesome job joe :)

  • sahar

    i luv the girl in pic #3 everyone is sweating and she isn”t and she manages to take a pictur of joe!!!!!!!!!! cutey pattuty!!!

  • ponytail

    People like you who are misinformed and yet judgemental of other
    people’s good deeds are so pathetic. The brothers never once said
    that they have”perfect lives” or that they are perfect. At least Joe is
    doing something good, while you are sitting and typing on your computer bashing someone you don’t even know. Why don’t you volunteer in a soup kitchen to make your life worthwhile or better yet
    ask your parents to teach you some manners.

  • SJS

    @ponytail: *hugs you* I hate it when people who are nothing but selfish bash those who do good things. I’m volunteering with Habitat for Humanity this weekend and seeing Joe do this just made me very happy. People like the Jonas Brothers inspire me and plenty of others to give more. I think it’s awesome.

  • cindy

    lol in one of the pics there is this girl taking a pic of him running
    and she is running too

    its just funny how she is running around joe and she has her phone out to take a pic of him running lol

    gosh girls =]

    anyways i would go up to him and talk to him
    well…if he lets me lol
    even if im like this..

    so( huhuhuh* out of breath*)joe hows( huhuhuh* out of breath*) it ( huhuhuh* out of breath*) going?( huhuhuh* out of breath*)

    ( huhuhuh* out of breath*)oh cool ( huhuhuh* out of breath*) im a big( huhuhuh* out of breath*) oh gosh um…fan lol( huhuhuh* out of breath*) whats your fav song( huhuhuh* out of breath*)

    and so on lol

  • sherydan

    oh joe, your muscle looks so hott and you can kick trace in 5 minutes!

  • Courtney

    Joe is My hero!


  • ponytail

    Hugs to you too,SJS. God Bless You for supporting and volunteering
    with Habitat for Humanity because it is a good cause.The Jonas
    Brothers inspire me too. In my opinion, they are great musicians but more importantly they are good people .I am so happy and proud that
    Joe supported the Special Olympics.And you are right, “it is always better to give than to receive”.

  • jojo

    @flashdrive hahaha! hilarious comment! i agree!

  • jonaslover988979

    omj i wouldve flown there just to do this….too bad im in school…..haha oh well only 2 more summers then i can do it (i hope he’ll still b doing it :P) ahhhhhhh so awesome tho :]]]] and its for a good cause :]]]]

  • Sonia

    Joe Jonas, you are an inspiration!! I am so proud of Joe for taking time out of his busy schedule to do charity work. He had a concert that same night. I love him from the bottom of my heart and god bless the whole Jonas family. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!! I LOVE YOU!!

    Wow his muscles are huge…he can kick Trace’s ass.

  • eldina

    Why is everyone hating
    on this sort of thing
    who cares who made him do it disney or he just decided to either way he did a great thing.
    I hope they continue doing this kind of stuff .

  • leslie

    I love you Joe!!!!!!!

  • urMusic Gigi

    Trace needs a BIG reality check. I can’t wait to see the Jonas Brothers in concert in Ottawa in a couple weeks :) there are still tix available and if you go to you can enter to win a chance to MEET the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!

    Hope to see you there!
    urMusic Gigi

  • katie

    is it just me, or does Joe look extra sexy in this pic! (:

  • david b conway

    dear jared jr, hi my name is david b conway, and my comments to joanas bother the band , i just wish that joanas bother to know about me ,as well i am also one of the special oymlpics kids as well i just did it tell you about me at all just because im so afrad about what you and your band might think about me , i just started of falling in love with your music on the you tube video web site every time before bed just for me i love to listen and here your music and i do have a habit as well i just love to sing along just with your music videos on the you tube video web site just before bed , i do leave with my mother lone just greenfield massachustts, , im sorry to here that your joanas in la was cancell, im sorry about nick separated from selena gomez she was a bad chose for nick , and here is my email address at the , love david b conway